July 2013
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Insurance Policy

Each insurance company is almost certainly the issue of insurance.

The insurance policy is a document that contains all agreements between the parties, insurance companies with insurance participants.

The content of this insurance of all risks associated with going into the half-line police.

Or in other words, this insurance is evidence of a closure agreement of insurance products.

The content of this insurance policy as participants in the completeness of data from the name of the ter liability insurance, the total insured amount, the object must be insured, register additional clause, the current period or a period of insurance
and the calculation of the insurance premium.

We already know that the insurance companies offer insurance products as a protection for you and your family.

claims process is just as we know that if the responsibility of tar in the policy that led to the unfortunate recent death of the beneficiary will receive the benefits provided by the insurance contract is a
type of insurance contract.

But achieving these
benefits, one of the main requirements is met and certainly the insurance company is required by the insurance policy include the original documents.

However, many families do not know when the head of the family joined the insurance program.

Well, to keep the policy in order to get a few tips on how to keep the insurance policy:

• Opening.
It must be a family trait.

Due to the nature of both parents and children can sit together to share a variety of problems.

In terms of political economy of insurance must be open.

Is to provide information that the insurance policy and the insurance is very useful for a better life in the future.

So when things happen suddenly against the owner of the insurance policy, other family members can easily find and use it.

• Store in a safe deposit box at the bank.
This could also be an option to save the policy.

But keep in mind, if you choose to save the insurance policy with a bank vault has the disadvantage that the policy-making procedures.

• Monocoque with other important documents.
Most safely store this insurance policy is an insurance contract union with other important documents or letters.

Save this insurance can use a special bag or folder.

For more
easy to find, there is a good insurance policy in his shop where the whole family can easily find and also all family members know.

Similarly, brief tips on saving the
insurance policy, which can be beneficial for you.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Car Insurance
There are several factors that affect the price of your car insurance, factors such as place of residence, age and marital status.

In this article I will give you 4 tips to get car insurance.
1. Decide how much coverage you need
While it is dangerous to be underinsured, having too much insurance can be a costly mistake as well.
Without insurance, your property is at risk in an accident that is your fault.
The minimum amount of insurance required in your state is quite rare.

State law may require liability insurance for as little as $ 15 000 per person, $ 30,000 per accident and $ 5,000 property damage.
About half of the states require $ 25,000 per person and $ 50,000 per accident.

After all, $ 10,000 for property damage may not be enough if you hit a $ 100,000 Mercedes-Benz.
The more assets and income you have, the more insurance you need.
Most insurers recommend liability insurance of at least $ 100,000 per person, $ 300,000 per accident, and $ 50,000 of equipment if you have assets to protect, such as home damage.

Some insurance companies also recommend a policy of "personal responsibility framework", published under a blanket of owners 1 million.
Like buying a car, there is no single best solution when it comes to buying insurance.

2. You know the type coverage
If you buy an insurance policy for a specific vehicle, it will form the final cost, the cost is:
- Bodily Injury: Covers injury or death, and the cost of punishment, if your car one day to hurt or kill someone.
- Damage to property: Covers others who damage your car in an accident.
Because liability coverage to protect the other party shall, except in three states.
- Medical expenses: Make hurt you and passengers in your car if it exists.

- Protection against uninsured motorists: Covers damage to you.
- Collision Coverage: Covers damage to your car.
- Physical damage: Covers damage to your car from non-accidental causes, such as theft.

3. That affect your premium
Factors that you can least control may have the greatest impact on your insurance costs.
Age, sex and driving record are key factors that affect your insurance premiums.

Statistics show they are involved in the most accidents, so insurance companies charge young men higher premiums than women of the same age.Married men, who statistically have fewer accidents, pay less than men singles.

A number of states do not allow rates based on sex or age, but the ban is likely to result in higher rates for women, not lower rates for men.
If you are convicted of traffic violations in motion or has an accident, your premium will probably go up, regardless of your age.

The high cost countries such as Florida, Massachusetts and New York are associated with the development of fraud and theft.

In most states, too, insurers set rates by zip code.
If you live in a big city like Chicago or Los Angeles, you will probably pay more than if you lived in a nearby suburb.

4. Vehicle affect your premium
It is necessary for you to consider first.
You may want a sports car or a luxury car, but your insurance company may charge more to protect you while you drive.

Insurance premiums are based in part on the price of the vehicle, the cost of repairing the vehicle, the cost of replacement in case of theft and the cost of the frequency of accidents.
In addition, surcharges may apply to vehicles that are stolen or involved in an accident.

If you want a sports car, you will probably pay dearly.
Thanks to ensure high performance cars will be charged two or three times the insurance for regular models.
Another reason fancy luxury car insurance is one of the most frequently stolen vehicles, and they are more expensive than most cars.

However, insurance companies set rates based on their own experiences.
If company A has a better claim on the theft of certain vehicles of company B, then A will pay more for the same coverage.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Sell life insurance
Easy way sell life insurance and overcome deduction. Each life insurance agent it is of course expect in bargaining its product kan always walk smoothly without experiencing of objection nor deduction of candidate of nasabah. With other word sell its product easily. But in in reality we have to confess that selling life insurance do not as easy as selling real product, looked to be form and its form.

Selling life insurance product is the same as by selling promise to in realize long within can 10 year forwards, 20 year or even for a lifetime. Therefore in requiring ability which enough in selling life insurance. Hence as life insurance agent we have to continue to learn to mount kan ability of us in selling.

Here I will shar some tip sell life insurance product easily and deduction minimization. Non to learn you, but just for sharing.
1. Your Candidate client selection better, labouring candidate you is prospect to is reference of brother, close friend or consanquinity of is the client candidate you to prospect. Matter is important to lessen to deduction to you.

2. Candidate client telephone you to meet, to make promise meet, determining time and place, so that client candidate of time for the arrival of you.

3. Avoid to narrate product when you make promise meet in telephone, remember the target of you phone is to get promise meet non to sell.

4. Preparing x'self ripely when will visit your client candidate, including knowledge of insurance product you to offer, drawing up to bounce good, appearance also of course, because you is mirror of company.

 5. Optimism, and is positive thinking, come to client candidate doubtlessly, remember when you sure / optimism hence you have succeeded 50%. Positive  that what you of is matter which good to them. Client candidate will like with your product, just only is they not yet known, so this your duty lah, to explain better so that client candidate can understand intact se him.

6. Do approach better and is heartfelt, per recognizing kan yourself, giving visiting card, your license, please introduce that you deputize your company. Successful key you sell on how do you do approach. Because of product which you sell is promise, hence making your to be trusted competent. Business life insurance is trust business, client candidate you will never buy when they not yet trusted to you. Showing your caring to client candidate so that they feel you is good Joe, which is is competent to be trusted.

7. Getting as many as possible data about client candidate, including, age, work, family member, etc.. This matter earn you do by enquiring / and telling a story to client candidate, do this matter calmly and don't impress like interrogation. Client candidate will like to narrate about x'self when have feel balmy with you. Don't forget to give praise to client candidate if there is matter which competent (it) is true to in apresiasi.

8. Dig requirement of your client candidate better, what becoming its requirement of present moment, short-range, long-range and middle meter, matter is important so that you is not wrong in presenting product when will start sale.

9. After contiguity with client candidate intertwin better, hence you ready for strarting sale of your product. Usually if client candidate have feel balmyly, hence step sell even also will smoothly. process sale better, clearly, do not in a hurry, so that client candidate can comprehend clearly your intention, and benefits they to get if buying from you.

10. In the case of explaining product , don't impress very is selling , but positioning yourself as good partner, exist in your client candidate party. So that they will be balmy enquire furthermore regarding your product.

11. After you explain product compactly, giving time to client candidate to comprehend and enquire to regarding your product. Later try to close sales.

12. Usually client candidate will lay open its objections, you don't worry, calm to be really listen objection of client candidate, because with objection appearance of client candidate, that of its meaning that them take a fancy for to buy, and your step sell to remain se do step again.

13. Avoiding to argue directly of matter matter becoming objection of client candidate, but calm be really and listen better all objection of your client candidate. Remember one client candidate matter express its objection because enthusiastic them to buying him.

14. After listening all objections of client candidate hence its moment of you to handle the objection. Usually objection which emerge, less sure, have no money, think to think ahead / do not hunt to hunt.

If objection which emerge is having no money, or think to think ahead / do not in a hurry, hence as real correct as you have succeeded to sell, succeeding to make your product in requiring by client candidate, remain the problem of just time, and a few/little approach hence client candidate will decide to buy from you. Remain to lah take care of good relation, might possibly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you'd in contacting by client candidate.

But if objection which emerge is do not or is unconvinced, hence you better need to come again process sale of goods you multiply there is less clear matter so that client candidate feel do not require, and is competent of yourself to in trust. Approach have to in improving again until they really trust to you.

If all sale stages you have put across, maximally, and heartfelt hence praying and be confidence its result deliver at God, because in fact we are as human being only making the best of, result business is Its business. Each effort both for serious and really really Surely its result even also will be pleasant and good.

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Benefit Insurance

Evaluated from its time hence this requirement can be divided to become 2 shares:
- Requirement a period of now that is : food, beverage, clothes, our living cost now and others.
- Requirement a period of to come : including here is requirement to the expense of schoolchild, expense of child continue to ladder education of superordinate like study, expense of health if in a moment we have to be taken care of at home pain, expense of for the pension of (because do not forever we can work like this time).

Let us contemplate deeperly, during the time we strive, we try as maximum, we struggle in have business, struggling to reach higher level career. Which requirement is which we is fulfill?. Have of course long-range requirement non?.

Because what us enjoy this time is result of from struggle of past. How situation of us this time is result of than decision of past us.

Because of condition of us now is result of from past, now question?. Will how us wait a period of to come?.
Let us decide present moment. Agree You?.

Who is among we able to categorically know a period of to come?. Of course there no, each and everyone nothing that can know categorically how condition of a period of to come. Our which can do is to : planning and fighting for for the shake of better future from now.

We realize that this life do not miss from which is its name of Life risk. Risk live this is possibility the happening of ugly matter which we do not expect happened, or is also conceived of by accident, like pain, critical ill, total handicap, accident even till close age.

Yes. We make proper grateful that our present moment is given by health, so that we earn and can work, and money which we get we will utilize to fulfill all requirement of life and it is of course the rest we will save for the future the including to fulfill all dream a period of to come.

But is us conscious, that money which we is save is money which we is cast aside do not peaceful of its condition, because at any times risk might possibly be ugly happened at the (time) of which we have never expect and we have do not be anticipated, to finish our saving at once. Saving which we save during through years might possibly ludes at once because of risk live that happened.

By dozens one who sell owned asset it to pay for operating expenses at home pain. By dozens housewife selling its asset is including its house, to fulfill requirement of life because the maintenace pancari close age.
If this risk happened, hence what is going on with our saving?. Can used up, then how with your dream and your future?. Future where age have progressively, and of is spirit of working also have is downhill.

What will happened with a period of your pension wait?. Do you have to drape life to your children wait?. Yes. We hope our children later have got well established life.

Otherwise?. How your pension?. Do you still have to remain to work to continue until old age.
So here especial benefit of life insurance. Where one of the target of insurance is to draw up Pension Fund.
Any Risk that happened to one who have life insurance, hence company of insurance to account him, all loss that happened because of risk live this accounted by company of insurance. So that secure and prosperous retired plan is you will remain.

Account life insurance is account giving compensation replacement of expense if happened caused by loss is accident or risk, and its invesment fund will expand for fund a period of pension wait.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Types insurance

Types life insurance, do you know life insurance types, or in this time you is searching information to the effect that. Peace, this I will advise to you any kind of life insurance types which possibly will good for you which is wishing to make life insurance upon which consideration.

Before studying insurance types let us know ahead what that life insurance?. Life insurance is important requirement to guarantee life of beloved family in future. In general, life insurance consist of 3 kinds of type.
Converse to regarding life insurance, that of its meaning of us is conversing future, a period of to come.
Future which we intend here is short-range 1 year to the fore from middle now, middle meter 3-5 year and long-range 5 year until for a lifetime.

Later if us converse future, can ten years to the fore, five year to the fore, one year one months, next week or even tomorrow even also this have the including into a period of to come.

Types life insurance:
- Life insurance expect ( insurance life term).
Insurance this type of meaning only going into effect certain within ( for example: 5 year, 10 year, or 20 year). During duration, the insured side will get responsibility / decent with amount of pursuant to agreement which have been determined.

- Life insurance for a lifetime ( insurance life whole).
As according to its name, life insurance this means protection of finansial for a lifetime the insured side. A number of cash representing premium which have been paid can be taken by moment pass away and even during a period to contract.

- Double use Insurance ( insurance endowment).
This is insurance type which at most enthused because its benefit which do not only getting responsibility during a period to contract, but also return of fund after the insured pass away.

A lot think everybody do not require life insurance. Though, target of life insurance is to give protection of finance or finansial to one who become our responsibility

First for us times wish to chosen life insurance possibly will a few muzziness with policy and terms exist in life insurance. But, in fact there are some matter which must be paid attention before chosening life insurance.

So, among third life insurance types above, which you to choose?. Ascertaining to consider many matter beforehand: estimate the amount of family member, amount of the expense of responsibility, and Your age in this time.

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Insurance Indonesia

Hello, this is I will comment about insurance exist in Indonesia, this article entitle " 8 Category Company of Insurance In Indonesia", any kind of 8 the category let us correct reading hereunder.

Pursuant to survey of Institute of Marketing and Social of Research Markplus Insight specify 8 category the passed to a number of industrial perpetrator of insurance exist in Indonesia that is Most Popular Brand Health Insurance of, Best Costumer Choice Health Insurance of, Most Popular Brand Unit of of Link Insurance, Best Costumer Choice Unit of of Link Insurance, Most Popular Brand Car Insurance,Best Costumer Choice Car Insurance of of, Most Popular Brand Life Insurance of, Best Constumer Choice Life Insurance of and.

As for famous and existing industry in Indonesia amount to 9 industry that is Prudential, Manulife Indonesia, Self-Supporting Axa of Financial Service, AIA Financial, Garda Pinafore / insurance of Astra Nature, Autocilin/ Adira Insurance, Sinarmas / Simas, Native people, Jiwasraya and.

Survey which is Markplus Insight dilakuan with method of random applied sampling at all owner phone house in Indonesia ( pages white) totally a success responder netted in this survey amount to 600 people.
Following is complete list of company of chosen insurance result of survey of Markplus:

Most Popular Brand of Health Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Manulife Indonesia
3. Axa Mandiri Financial Service

Best Costumer Choice of Health Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Axa Mandiri Mandiri Financial Service
3. AIA Financial

Most Popular Brand of Unit Link Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Axa Mandiri Financial Service
3. Manulife Indonesia

Best Costumer Choice of Unit Link Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Axa Mandiri Financial Service
3. AIA Financial

Most Popular Brand of Car Insurance
1, Garda Oto/Asuransi Astra Buana
2. Autocilin/ Adira Insurance
3. Sinarmas/Simas

Best Costumer Choice of Car Insurance
1. Garda Oto
2. Sinarmas
3. Autocilin

Most Popular Brand of Life Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Bumiputera
3. Jiwasraya

Best Constumer Choice of Life Insurance
1. Prudential
2. Axa Mandiri Financial Service
3. Bumiputera.(Yas/Shd)

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