August 2013
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Insurance is actually very important for our lives, because of the importance of insurance, so on this occasion. Supplier or the insurance company so, too, so it is sometimes difficult to choose the supplier or the insurance company is the best.

The thing to keep in mind that the choice of a private insurance company, then it should be considered in general are three factors:
1. Financial strength (security).
2. Service (Service).
3. Costs.

In the article there is an explanation that the financial strength of insurance of insurance related to the financial capacity of the company to fulfill its promise, if the situation requires. It is important to know, because not a few insurance companies that look good on the outside. For example a building floor, good delivery vehicles. But when there are claims of customers, the company is unable to pay.

In assessing the financial strength of these two criteria that must be addressed:
1. Assets and liabilities.
It can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet is published in a magazine or newspaper. See also, if planted in the current investment or long-term. Of liability (ability to repay liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts of reinsurers, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so on.
Indicators of net liabilities include equity (equity) divided by net premiums (net premiums) of at least 50%. Capital divided by gross premiums (gross premiums) of at least 20%. Limit the level of solvency, as seen from its own divided by net premiums capital of at least 10% and investment funds technical reserves divided by at least 100%.

2. Underwriting policy.
In the balance sheet and annual report will be seen as insurance is always a profit, or earnings growth. This means that the company underwiting good policy.

Its underwriters. insurance has qualified or not personal. It is known by the company profile which includes subscribers him.

For this, there are many types of insurance that you can choose and consider. Do not be too confident with seduction and an explanation of insurance agents, but how can you get advice or guidance on-menereus agents about your insurance.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Education Insurance
Greetings loyal friend Insurance Tipsand Tricks, hopefully in good health always. This time we will discuss about the insurance education program for children.

Different types of investments to prepare for the education of children, it is to choose the type of investment to buy a property as an investment for the cost of a college kid, who bought land there, there are also an investment by buying precious metals and so on.

But there are also people who choose to buy insurance for the education of children.

While this goal is for the future when the child needs to go to college expenses, the funds are available.
Well this time, we will discuss the insurance training.
This assurance of children's education can provide tuition at the university.

For the cost, you must pay the amount of the premium can be determined according to your wishes.
Reduce the amount that you want, plus the cost of premiums to be paid. This type of insurance can be liquid (cash) per quarter. To illustrate: the sum insured (UP) of $ 100 million and the premium payable per year is approximately $ 8 million.

An insurance company will pay the insurance education every child goes to school with the following conditions: SD 10 percent of UP or $ 10 million, 15 percent of SMP UP or 15 million, ADM 25 UP percent or $ 25 million, the University 50 percent of the UP or Rp 50 million.

Once the contract is completed normally when the child was 21 to 100 percent cash out funds dr UP or $ 100 million.
Total costs that can be obtained is 250 percent of the UP.

The excess of the insurance education include:
* The premiums are paid only for 10 years. After the free gift, but children still receive education costs at completion.
* You can get the cost per cycle of schooling.
* When parents affected such total disability, whether caused by illness or accident, of course, was not able to work as usual, when only pay premiums for three years, then the next free while the premium paid for the insurance will go ahead.

Another advantage is the cost of providing health care for the elderly backbone maintenace. Start fundraising available upon admission to the hospital, the cost of the insurance money if it is exposed to a risk of serious illness, the cost of the insurance money if it is at risk of total disability up to the age limit.

These are the things that become surplus or profits to save the education of children through insurance, which is not owned by investment in other areas, although in deposit.

Thus, saving money to buy insurance education of the child, it means that you have a guaranteed for the son and daughters beloved supply cost, no matter what happens to parents breadwinner.

Training goals or aspirations of parents provide time significant costs later, when the child goes to college.
By having this child education insurance for later, when the child goes to college, you just say children... Now you have to choose, would go to college where?. Singapore, United States, Great Britain or Indonesian?. We as parents are ready with costs.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Life Insurance

Life insurance is a written promise to the insurance policy by the insurer or the insurance company insured to provide financial compensation in the event of accident or injury to the insured.

Insurer (insurance company) offers a range of products that meet the needs of the insured or prospective clients. 

Life insurance consists of several products, each product has a different advantage to serve a variety of needs and abilities of clients. 

Here are different types of life insurance by AAJI: 
Traditional life insurance

1. Term life insurance (term) 
This feature is maximum protection with relatively low premiums. 
Therefore, this kind of attractive to potential policyholders who have large insurance needs, however, limited purchasing power. 

Who is registering for this policy? 
• Prospective investors who want to protect the future of their children. 
• Prospective purchasers new career. 

2. Life insurance (whole life)
Characteristic of this insurance is the basic type of permanent life insurance offers protection life insurance.
Who is this? 
• Prospective investors who want the privacy and funds to generate savings that can be used for emergency needs.
• Prospective purchasers who need permanent income protection (hospital bills).
• Prospective investors who want to get some investment capital growth.

3. Endowment life insurance (Endowment) 
Characteristic of this insurance is the protection afforded by the sum insured if the insured dies within a specified period, and provide the entire sum insured if he was still alive at the end of the coverage period.
Because it offers two advantages, this insurance is called Dwiguna.

This product is useful for prospective policyholders who want to be protected against the financial impact due to premature death.
• Prospective purchasers who need funds for the education of children.
• Prospective investors who want money for future needs.
• Prospective investors who wish to have a pension fund.

Unit Linked Life Insurance
a). Single Unit Linked Life Insurance (single premium)
Characteristic of the unit linked life insurance (Single Premium) is the premium paid in a lump sum or a lump sum.
Typically, a single premium desired by prospective purchasers who wish to invest long term.
• Prospective investors who like to invest for the long term.
• Potential subscribers who have excess money (money off) and intends to increase its wealth.

b). Unit linked life insurance Regular (Regular Premium)
Characteristic of the life insurance unit linked regular (Regular Premium) is also a long-term investment, where the method of lines of the payment policy, which is periodically or regularly.
The unit was purchased for the premium received.
Which is suitable for this product:
• Potential subscribers who prefer to play in protecting.
• Prospective purchasers who likes to play in investment, but still want to be protected.
• Prospective investors who are still working and want to build up savings.

Similarly, some types of life insurance, each has its advantages and disadvantages.
And this is a kind of good fit with your needs and the ability to buy insurance themselves.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance

Understanding Insurance

The primary function of insurance is a risk transfer mechanism (risk transfer mechanism), which can transfer one party (the insured) to another party (the insurer).  Risk aversion is by no means eliminates the possibility of evil, but the insurer for financial security (financial security) and peace (peace of mind) to the insured. In return, the insured pays the premium in a very small number compared to the potential losses that may be suffered (Morton, 1999).

Basically, an insurance policy is a contract that is a valid contract between the insurer (in this case, the insurance company) with the insured, the insurer was willing to bear losses that may occur in the future payment (premium) an insured individual.

According to the law no. 2 of 1992, which refers to the insurance or coverage is an agreement between two or more parties in which the parties are committed to the insured, by accepting the insurance premiums for the reimbursement to the insured in case of loss, damage or loss of anticipated profits, or legal obligation third parties which may be suffered by the insured arising out of uncertain events or to provide based on the life or death of an insured person payment.

For a potential loss (which can happen) can be assured (insured) then it must have the following characteristics:
1. Loss of uncertainty,
2. The losses should be limited,
3. Loss must be meaningful,
4. The loss ratio can be predictable and
5. The loss is not catastrophic (catastrophe) for the insurer.

The question is, death is a sure thing, why be insured ?.
Even if it's something that contains certainty, but when exactly when someone's death is beyond the control of that person. So that when the time of death actually contain uncertainty is what causes insurable.

There are two forms of contract in determining the amount of the payment at maturity of insurance, namely: Value of the contract (contract value) and the compensation contract (contract of indemnity).
1. Value of the contract is an agreement by which the payment amount has been determined in advance. For example, the value of the sum insured (UP) in life insurance.
2. Contract of indemnity is based on the amount of help number of actual financial loss agreement. For example, the cost of hospital care.

In the case of insurance companies trying to remove the possibility of loss / fatal wide, so it can transfer the risk to another insurance company. This is called reinsurance companies that accept reinsurers appointed.

In addition to the five characteristics above, before it can be insured, the insurance company must take account of insurable interest and anti-selection. Insurable interest in the relationship between the insured and the beneficiary of compensation / benefits - in terms of potential loss. Thus, the insurance company will not sell fire insurance policy to parties other than the owner of the building is provided.

Insurable interest in this example is the property of an eye something that is insured. Similarly, family relationships, financial ties are unjustified, is also a form of insurable interest. The definition of anti-selection (against the selection) refers to the existence of a greater tendency to take insurance because it has a higher level of average risk. Example, people who have a record of poor health risk dangerous jobs or tend to want to buy insurance.

To reduce adverse selection effect, the insurance company should be able to identify and classify risks and potential losses. The identification and classification of the level of risk process is called underwriting or risk selection. But that does not mean anti-selection led to the filing of insurance was denied, because the risk of loss to the insured than the average premiums may be (special bonus) subtype due to sub-standard risk (specific) risk unless the risk of loss is much higher, perhaps the insurance proposal was rejected.

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Insurance Indonesia

Insurance company in Indonesia to the Dutch colonial era and country at that time called the Dutch East Indies. The existence of insurance in country following the success of the Dutch in the plantation sector and trade in the colonies.

To ensure its survival, insurance is absolutely necessary. Thus, the insurance industry in Indonesia can be divided into two periods, the colonial period until 1942 and the period after World War II, or the time of independence.

At the time of the Japanese occupation army for three years and a half, almost no history of developments.

Insurance in the Dutch East Indies during the colonial era companies, it is:
- Companies created by the Dutch.
- Companies that are branch of an insurance headquartered in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and in other countries business.

With a system of monopoly term in the Dutch East Indies, the development of insurance in the Netherlands is the Indian trade is limited to the activities and interests of the Dutch, the British and other European nations. And the role of insurance benefits have not been recognized by the public, especially by indigenous communities.

This type of insurance was introduced in the Dutch East Indies at the time was very limited and consists primarily of fire insurance and freight.

Car insurance continue to play a role, as the number of vehicles is still very little and only owned by the Dutch and other foreign nation. In colonial times not recorded a single insurance company.

During the activities of the Second World War insurance in Indonesia practically stalled, mainly because of Dutch insurance companies belonging to the closure and the United Kingdom.

Independence era of insurance. After the First World War ended, the Dutch companies and the United Kingdom back in operation in the country that has this freedom. Until 1964, the market for the insurance industry in Indonesia is still dominated by foreign companies, especially the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

At the beginning of its operations in Indonesia set up a body called the " Bataviasche Verzekerings Unie " (BVU) in 1946, leading group insurance. Thus, from each end, each member of the BVU gained some share. How this is done in the circumstances at the time and was not organized labor is still too little insurance.

In 1950, the company has established a first loss insurance, the NV. Maskapai Asuransi Indonesia and in early 2004 became a PT MAI PARK.At that time, as a pioneer of national insurance company, then the company is competing with foreign insurance companies who excel in the capital and the factor of technical knowledge.

With the creation of national insurance companies, national courage encouraged entrepreneurs to create insurance companies. Courage is also supported by government regulation that all imported goods must be insured in Indonesia. This provision aims to respond to the use of foreign currencies to pay for foreign insurance premiums.

In 1953, created a national private company also engaged in the Dutch and British reinsurance Indonesia, the use of foreign currency to pay reinsurance premiums abroad remain as daunting. To cope with this, in 1954, founded a professional reinsurance company, the "PT. Reinsurance.UMUM INDONESIA"which received the support of public banks.

The measures taken by the government in this case give the desired results. PT activities. General Reinsurance Indonesia in 1963 extended the life reinsurance business.

When PT. General Reinsurance Indonesia was established, many insurance companies have emerged at national level, but its development is still facing strong competition from foreign private insurance companies.
At the time of the fight back West Irian of the Republic of Indonesia, the government nationalized the Dutch society. British companies were nationalized in the confrontation.

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Insurance Claim

Experience that I often encounter when listening to their needs and opinions, many of whom were asked about the claims process and their concerns with the existing paradigm of the problems will be there at the time of the claim.

In fact, there are some general explanations that can cause problems or even reject the application at the time. Include the following:

1. The provisions of the policy.
Cases, the cause is the client does not understand the benefits they get, so each agent must explain in detail the client hello to the benefits they receive.

The most common example is the allocation or inpatient.
Clients assume they will automatically allocating a hospital, but was not found in the hospital of runner political quotas.

2. The existence of unilateral cancellation.
The most common example is when a customer is unable to make payments and otherwise expire and occurs when the customer has a period of claim.

It is therefore necessary to explain and emphasize the agency regarding the limits of the grace period or grace period if the client can not pay again and also bonuses.

3.The basic information that is not valid and relevant.
Totally rejected the request could be due to the information requested at the time of initial enrollment is not true, the most fatal of all the information that is essential is dishonesty to report information of hereditary disease.

Another example is smoking or non-smoking and types of information work, all risks associated with the rating results that may affect the extent of the value of benefits to be received by the customer in the future.

4. Agents are not disciplined and informative.
Agents are not disciplined and informative in explaining - the nature of the explanation of basic necessities such as the filing of applications for more than 90 days or not contact the office of insurance services in the time to get the benefits of hospitalization.

5. Suicide.
When the insured dies by suicide, while remaining within a period kontestabel (one or two years since the policy was issued), the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay the sum insured.

6. You hurt.
In accidental death insurance (accidental death), there is usually a clause that excludes damage caused by the act of "self-mutilation".

The insurance company may refuse any fatalities are caused by speeding on the highway, on the grounds that the act of speed is "self-mutilation".

7. Misrepresentation.
Misrepresentation is an honest statement issued at the time of filing of the application process (pricing), the insurance company rejected the insured and policy issue.
Misrepresentation may be a lie revelation about their health history, age, occupation, hobbies of the prospective insured.

As with suicide, misrepresentation can not be used as a reason for rejecting the claim occurred kontestabel if and only if the face of death. For example, if the insured has not declared a dangerous pastime at the time of application, but apparently died later in making a hobby associated with dangerous pastime.

If all this was knowledgeable, certainly will not have problems - difficulties in making claims first case of rejection of applications. The key is informative and discipline.

Important Notes:
For patients with serious illnesses potentially be the cause of death such as heart and lung cancer - Lung and participants have a chance of an accident or at high risk should take the time to read the provisions - the provisions contained in the policy.

If there is not clear, do not hesitate to contact your sales force or agent please.

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Choose Car Insurance

Insurance is used as a means to minimize losses, but public awareness of insurance recently became the only thing that should be considered. A type of insurance in the context of the time this example is vehicle insurance.

Many people who feel a dilemma when they choose what they will use insurance.

Competition in the insurance today, causing confusion for some people in the insurance choice. Over this time almost every insurance company offers auto insurance products.
Therefore, customers are basically just vehicles will menentukanasuransi it good or okay to use. Under these conditions, I believe information from several sources about the insurance criteria to give you some consideration before making a decision in choosing a car insurance.

1. Check the network of insurance companies concerned.
Each insurance company is now generally several branches in different regions. But do not forget to look for information on the back of the partner workshop in your city. This is in anticipation of the event you have to ask, you will not be too long to wait until the vehicle repair or missing.

2. Discover facilities acquired earlier.
Before making a decision, it is better sooner you will find information about the facilities and the added value that you get on insurance. Additional services such as the existence of a replacement vehicle, telephone complaints (service hot line), car towing, mechanical services, etc..

3. Insurance program offered.
Such a guarantee of how much flexibility. Because of this magnitude must be adapted by the expectations and abilities of clients.

4. Do not be tempted to cheap premium.
Competition is increasingly competitive against insurance products today could be one of the factors insurance companies to slam the price, it offers cheap insurance premiums. Although you can not necessarily get the assurance that the services you are supposed to do.

5. Do not forget to check the bona fides of the profile or society.
In addition to being a key factor in a decision, it is also to anticipate unwanted things when processing claims. You definitely do not want when you make a claim, it turns out that you use the insurance does not have a partner in the workshop.

Although in general, which became the basis for the selection of points of insurance finance, services and expenses (premiums), but at least five criteria above insurance can help you determine which one would you choose insurance.

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