September 2013
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Car Insurance
Choosing car insurance is not easy. Especially in the midst of fierce competition today. Almost all insurance companies offer vehicle insurance products. Stay prospective customers to choose which one decent take.

Therefore, we present below some criteria so that no one chooses:
1. Potential customers do not dwell on the cheap premium rates.
Therefore, today's competition, many insurance companies slam prices, offers cheap premium rates. Although not necessarily a guarantee of service.

2. See the insurance package offered.
For example, how many extended warranties. Therefore, a large guarantee must be adjusted with the desire and capacity to potential customers.

3. See also the network of insurance companies concerned.
For example, how many have a branch or how many partners have a garage, so no claim did not wait long to fix the vehicles or missing.

4. It might be asked first ease, facility or what added value can be obtained when purchasing the company policy.
For example, is there a tow truck, replacement car or hotline services, mechanical services and ambulances. And last but not least, it's easy to make changes, as well as ease to ask.

5. Also consider Bonafides insurance company.
 Do not be so there is a demand, the workshop has no partner. Therefore, many insurance companies claim they are the best. As the financial situation was very severe.

In addition to the above, there are several factors that should be considered in the selection process of an insurance company, including product selection. The thing to keep in mind that the choice of a private insurance company, then it should be considered in general are three factors.

First, the financial strength (security). Second, the service (service). And thirdly, costs or expenses. The financial strength of insurance related to the financial capacity of the company to fulfill its promise, if the situation requires. It is important to know, because a lot of insurance companies are looking outside flashy. For example a building floor, good delivery vehicles. But when there are claims of customers, the company is unable to pay.

In assessing the financial strength of these there are several criteria that must be considered.
a. Assets and liabilities.
It can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See also, if planted in the current investment or long-term. Of liability (ability to repay liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts of reinsurers, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so on.

Indicators of net liabilities include equity (equity) divided by net premiums `` (net premiums) of at least 50%. Equity divided by gross premiums (gross premiums) of at least 20%. Limit the level of solvency, as seen from its own divided by net premiums capital of at least 10% and investment funds technical reserves divided by at least 100%.
b. Underwriting policy.
In the balance sheet and annual report will be seen as insurance is always a profit, or earnings growth. This means that policy underwiting good.

c. Its underwriters.
Insurance has qualified or not personal. It is known by the company profile which includes subscribers him.
Services (service) is a reflection of the importance of human resources skilled in business or not. In addition, the insurance company is selling a service, so excellent service is the key. For example, the extent to which the speed of service to both the question of the particular policy in the payment of compensation or claim.
In addition, the service can actually be felt by the client. Is the insurance company was absolutely the best services for its customers.

In this context it is also worth asking if the reinsurance security class insurance company. It can be seen in the annual report. It is important to note, because if the company is not backed up by reinsurance, the company is likely to be speculative to receive bonuses.

The problem is how the costs incurred by the insurance operating companies. If it is greater than the cost of entry, it is clear that the company is not effective. If this is not effective, it will end up losing money. And if you lose constantly, and certainly not healthy.

In this regard could also see the price premiums. Compare prices of insurance premiums with other insurance. When the quality is really good.

Today, the government has set a benchmark for health insurance (not alone) is mekanime RBC (Risk Base CAITAL). If RBC number was high, it means that the company is valued in good condition. But we should not be obsessed only with numbers of RBC. Therefore, it could be a great company that makes such a massive expansion of open many branches and its RBC numbers would be low.

Instead, there is a small insurance company, never to grow, the RBC number was probably much higher.
Thus, the number of RBC can not be used as the only measure, if the insurance company is healthy or not.
In this case, as remarkable is the performance of the company in the last two or three years. What is the magnitude of the profits every year, how gross premiums they receive each year, how much additional capital assets each year.

And last but not least, this is how the behavior of the leadership of the company over the years. Is there a management company of this broken promise? A company that experienced management and other defects.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Tips On Buying Insurance Education
Education insurance is supposed to be included in one of the main needs and financial planning to ensure the future education of the child. In this case, of course, you want to choose a good insurance education, right?. 

Therefore consider the following three important tips in buying insurance education:
• Identify providers of insurance companies. Before you decide to buy an education insurance, make sure you tell a lot about an agent who will work with you. Ask a friend or discover for yourself on the Internet to find an insurance agent who is experienced and qualified.

• Consider the cost of premiums and account details of education funding. Premium is required funds you pay annually or monthly to insurance companies. Be sure to estimate in advance how you are able to pay and whether it will be sufficient for the cost of educating children in the future will continue and continue to grow.

• Know the procedures and how the withdrawal of insurance funds. It is also important that you know how and under what conditions to attract the education of children insurance funds. If the child can be taken another step on the stage of education?

So those are the three tips in buying insurance education. Can be useful if you could buy the right insurance education.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Life Insurance

On my previous post, we learned how important it is for each individual life insurance, now we'll see how life insurance can provide benefits to the community as a whole.

Here is how the public can benefit from life insurance:

• Life insurance is a substitute for net programs government social security.
Some governments in the world to offer a program of social safety net or welfare to address the problem of unemployment, the elderly and refugees.

If the majority of the population in the country has a life insurance program, the issue of social protection in the country will be reduced.

This allows the government to use part of the funds to be allocated to improve the well-being of the community as well.

• Life insurance and stability of society.
As we all saw in the previous section, namely life insurance can reduce anxiety individuals against financial problems in the future, the possibility of a financial loss in the event of risk. Of course, this can increase the stability of the economy.

A life insurance therefore certainly improve safety, the possibility of an economic collapse, if the accident occurs or a bad risk.

• Life insurance as a funding source.
Life insurance companies offer financing for new businesses, they also channel funds to the government to finance the construction of housing, agricultural implements, roads and other insfratuktur long term.

So, in addition, in addition to the guarantee of the amount of funds, the companies also offer loans. This can stress you when you try to sell life insurance to your potential customers.

• Life Insurance and jobs.
Life insurance is a company that combines many skills as an insurance agent, broker, underwriter (insurer), accountants, auditors and investment analysts. 

So this job openings to thousands of residents in the country.

• Life insurance and savings.
Recognized or not is difficult to prepare for the long-term funds or savings is if we save money in a very easy to withdraw funds.

Well for it, life insurance is a way of saving for future needs. Life insurance is a way to save money.
By encouraging people to buy a life insurance policy, the insurer or indirectly insurance companies, encouraging them to be disciplined to prepare for their financing needs in the long term.
Insurance companies also contribute to channel savings to finance domestic investment.

• Life insurance for people's happiness.
A happy society will form a happy person, and vice versa. Life insurance is trying to create.
By providing financial compensation if the risk of an individual experiencing financial problems due to the risk of bankruptcy can be resolved.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
Benefit Of Insurance and Investment
Reading the story below you can conclude firsthand the benefits of insurance and investment:
"Today, the 70-year-old father right. Age is long enough. Dad rarely cried. To my knowledge, only twice. First, when they want to marry her youngest child.

Father cry. He felt guilty because he did not have money for wedding expenses of her younger daughter. Degenerate and are forced to sell his business.

This could be because none of his son wants to proceed. In collaboration with the older brother, I explained that it was a marriage of financing our collective responsibility.

The second time, when he had lung surgery. Although not smoke, he often slept late, which was not good for his lungs.

He cried stress is not a disease. But, as you might guess, because unfortunately, can not be financed.
Operation went well. The health of the father continues to improve. Sometimes, he asked how much we spend on operating costs in advance. We are never told. Just ask him to continue to pray for us, children and grandchildren.

I would like the story is often encountered.
Parents probably related, there is good news and there's bad news. The good news, they have a longer life. It is thanks to the support of nutrition, improving the environment and health. My in-laws, for example, 83-year-old. Stay healthy. But there are bad news. Most of them do not have the support of the health insurance and pension funds.

I'm sure the group will be much. Because baby boomers have also experienced the phenomenon. Namely, births peak after the end of World War II. In the United States, it is estimated boomer group comprises 21% of the population. Many have already begun to enter the retirement age.

Unexplained bear the cost of these pensions will actually worsen businesses, state and federal government. Remember automaker GM to be supported by the government. Not only because of competition from Japanese and Korean manufacturers. But because pension law. Also known by the State of California that carry the burden of pension funds.

My mom including baby boomers, born in 1945. He had reached the retirement age a few years ago. It was fortunate, as a retired civil servant who had pension funds and health insurance.

Learn from the experience of older people, husband and wife, we are committed to better prepare for retirement. We must have health insurance programs.

Presumably awareness and prepare the pension insurance is concerned as many people who now run the family.

Awareness is also formed when investment funds saw the need for education of children continues to rise. My father has always instilled the belief that education is an important factor to change the destiny. Thanks to the prayers of parents and hard work, I got a scholarship to the user interface and the National University of Singapore.

Observe the fierce global competition, we expect to be married that our children are studying abroad. To be more open horizons, develop relationships, learn practical skills, including foreign languages, more autonomy. Indeed, education is not enough, must have the courage to live. From the beginning we teach entrepreneurship to children.

Career opportunities in the field of insurance and financial managers clearly open. In addition, there are many "underlying", from government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks and mutual funds was. All these groups of assets could potentially replace the role of deposit whose profits tend to be less competitive.

As fund managers, we also benefit from this phenomenon. Because the partners of the insurance trust fund management company, the potential based on the individual is enormous. But behave as institutional investors with a long investment horizon. Now let's be systematic. We will define the market as persons roommates has the willingness and ability to buy.

People obviously refers to the demographic potential, particularly productive group that wants to maintain the purchasing power and spending habits when they already do not want to or can not work.
Will shaped by traumatic experiences, in particular, that a person prepare for negative life events.

Capacity, the potential is enormous. In addition to its economic growth, individuals have the potential purchasing power in the form of a very large deposit. Desire to diversify its financial enormous. Study routine performed by a broker indicating the population outside Java will spend more and save more.

Increased prosperity encourage habits of basic needs to the needs of higher education. People want to buy insurance because they have more money. There is a saying: There was no insurance purchased, but which can be sold.

Now different. With market potential above, I am very confident to sell insurance and investment would be easier, for example, ten years ago.

What must be done is to educate current investment. We must lead the public to invest adequately appropriate and cost effective.

Initially, in addition to buying a health insurance policy could also purchase a related unit is a combination of insurance and investment.

As always, I always do what the old one. Since the beginning of 2012, my wife Adelina open consciousness to become an insurance agent.

Adelina, the survivors struggle to provide the best insurance and investment solutions for many people who want to remain successful in the future. "

Thus, the benefits of investment and insurance, we hope that you can take at the conclusion of the story above.

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