March 2014
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Work Life Insurance
Life insurance often get negative or bad news because over payments / claims. Most people do not see the actual operation of life insurance.

Most people are more interested in the facilities, incentives can voucher discounts, good hotel / resort in particular, gifts, or anything else. It may be because they believe that all insurance companies are the same.
Life insurance is that we have an umbrella. When it rains, the umbrella is very useful if not ... yahh did not like how? umbrella in our assets would be very useful, because we do not know when the rain will fall .. at least we had taken the precaution (essentially an umbrella when it rains, it is available).

Someone offers to buy a life insurance policy while attending the funeral of his friend, he saw how useful, the benefits of providing life insurance check. What if his friend did not take politics ... How future wife and young children lose their source of income .. especially because there are so many payments to fill, the woman cried twice, the first and the second time of death arbitrarily when the dream vanished / is lost because it is no longer a source of income.

Praise through careful planning, the deceased had taken out sufficient insurance to ensure the well-being of her children to adulthood, and his wife a decent life in retirement.

At the funeral, the debt collector will wait online payment, but managed to convince his wife that everything will be reimbursed because it was planned. Life insurance policies are among family and creditors in mourning, while others take all the property of the family, the life insurance policy coming to an asset protection, wealth and future of the family.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
How To Work Life and Health Insurance
During the financial planning for the future, he should get the part of the insurance is as important as investing needs. If the investment is intended to increase the value of your property in the future, insurance is a way to protect assets and wealth you build. With insurance, you have at least tried to transfer some of the risk of unpleasant things that might happen to you in the future.

Public benefits and health insurance
If you include people who are allergic to insurance, even found to have the same assurance that there are other people waiting for you hurt, discard the thought. The function of insurance is actually a noble, because it is also used to protect assets and wealth you get up effortlessly, insurance can also be used to maintain the survival of your wife / husband, your children and other family members without suffering a shortage of equipment, just in case First let the world.

In my personal point of view, there are two types of insurance are most urgently needed. The first is that life insurance provides protection against death and the other is the cost of insurance as a health guarantee. If I am not mistaken, no man since the days of Adam who have never experienced the pain, let alone live up lasting for centuries.

How to work life and health insurance
After experiencing the benefits of life insurance and general health, the next question you should know the answer is how life and health insurance you choose.

Loh why bother to find?
The answer is simple, because insurers spend, and not vice versa, so as to maximize insurance coverage with the least cost is a must.

The wheels of life and health insurance on the other, in general we can say the same thing. Whenever there is a new communication policy, the insurance company will make the process of assessing whether the insurance applicant is eligible to be insured. This process is known as underwriting. As an applicant, you must provide a description franchise when interviewed related to your medical history in the past. If deemed necessary, by a third party insurance company will also conduct a thorough review of the health status of the applicant.

Each insurance policy has always included one or more provisions governing the rights and obligations of the insurance company by policyholders. There are many provisions are made to protect insurance companies the possibility of an application that is not supposed to happen. So never negligent in providing information to the insurance company, or you have applied will not be honored. Worse, you could be sued if it is proven cheating fraud.

Each insurance operating in Indonesia, to both local and foreign company should be strictly validated by the regulatory authorities, in this case the government, so it does not need to be a case of "hard claim" same "does not claim". If you get insurance quotes that highlight the ease of claim as an advantage, just ignore it, because the ease of claims is as it should be a level of service that must be met by a company of insurance.

When choosing Life Insurance / Health
Insurance companies are always active attention to what the customer needs, in this case, the policyholders. Do not serve you at the time of submission of the single policy. Ask how many awards that have been made in the affairs of the relevant insurance company or customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction price. Also, consider the major insurance companies name, age, the insurance company, as a result of its total assets.

Finally, one thing you should always remember when choosing insurance, the greater motivation every insurance company might pursue profit. So do not be surprised if at any time you find an insurance agent (especially those who are beginners) more ardent merchandise offer to listen carefully to the needs of the potential client. Remain critical and studied in detail all the offers that are given to you, it is really necessary or not. Also, examine the workings of life and health insurance this time.

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Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
How To Work and Reasons To Buy Auto Insurance?
Although the price of most auto insurance packages can be very expensive, there are many options for you, depending on the type and extension of coverage you are looking for. Auto insurance is a form of security provided by insurance companies for vehicle owners all sorts of claims for damages and / or loss caused by such vehicles when used on the road.

The basic structure of the model car insurance works is this: when you pay a premium to an insurance company, the premium and other premium fonts, go into the "massive" funds established by insurers. Insurance companies manage such funds and money funds will be used to compensate policy holders who are unhappy accident.

Why buy a car insurance?
Motorists in Indonesia under Law 34 of 1964 must have accident insurance - at least third party insurance. Another type of coverage (fire, theft, or global) is a driver or car owner option.

Although most of us think that driving carefully to ensure the safety of self and others, data from the Indonesian National Police otherwise. According to these data, the number of traffic accidents involving motor vehicles has not diminished in recent years.

Many people ignore the cost of potential damage may be dependent on them and do not take into account the role of car insurance to protect against this unfortunate incident. Having car insurance can help ease the financial burden due to an accident or loss of your vehicle. More importantly, this insurance can prevent you from becoming victims of dangerous drivers.

Comparing auto insurance
Although most of the cost of car insurance program can be very expensive, there are many options for you, depending on the type and extension of coverage you are looking for. In Indonesian, upscale automobile and determining the basis for calculating premiums set by the insurance company, so the numbers will be different in each company rates.

The consequence of this is that when you compare auto insurance companies, you not only have to compare the factor premium rates, but other factors also exist.
Some of the factors we have identified are:
- The value-added services (eg rental car or reimbursement of certain transportation while your car in the garage)
- Ease of updating your insurance (eg via the Internet)
- The complexity of the process of settlement of claims
- The number and location of the partners of the workshop
- Consumer Services

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Save Money With Insurance Coverage For Car Accidents
Often take the number one spot for the most expensive is a single piece of protection on collision car insurance policy, insurance can sometimes be associated with a love hate relationship. For example, additional spending hundreds of dollars every month for two years and do not get into an accident basically means that 20-400 dollars given to an automobile insurance company

On the other hand, in twenty-five people who get into a big accident which caused their vehicle to retain more than 10 thousand dollars in damage. Fortunately, because the owner of the automobile insurance policy decides to invest in collision coverage, they must protect and save vehicles then they should not overemphasize the overall situation of the incident.

With a variety of auto insurance companies local to national media giants, finding a perfect choice can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, with the innovation of the Internet allows the ability to examine and obtain auto insurance quotes online, the whole process has become much easier than it was a few years ago. Instead of looking through the world in every corner trying to find a list of car insurance companies to find everyday, try searching Google ten five list to get some ideas.

Many motorists do not really appreciate the beauty of the Internet include, but they can get instant car insurance quotes has been made possible and this can make instant comparisons and instant results. When you fill in the information and forms for this quote, try different levels of coverage with different franchises and see what works best, highest deductible will always wear low monthly fee though. 

Overall, while collision coverage can be very expensive in terms of cost of car insurance, do your research and understand the importance of coverage can really make for a satisfying experience.

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