How To Work and Reasons To Buy Auto Insurance?
Although the price of most auto insurance packages can be very expensive, there are many options for you, depending on the type and extension of coverage you are looking for. Auto insurance is a form of security provided by insurance companies for vehicle owners all sorts of claims for damages and / or loss caused by such vehicles when used on the road.

The basic structure of the model car insurance works is this: when you pay a premium to an insurance company, the premium and other premium fonts, go into the "massive" funds established by insurers. Insurance companies manage such funds and money funds will be used to compensate policy holders who are unhappy accident.

Why buy a car insurance?
Motorists in Indonesia under Law 34 of 1964 must have accident insurance - at least third party insurance. Another type of coverage (fire, theft, or global) is a driver or car owner option.

Although most of us think that driving carefully to ensure the safety of self and others, data from the Indonesian National Police otherwise. According to these data, the number of traffic accidents involving motor vehicles has not diminished in recent years.

Many people ignore the cost of potential damage may be dependent on them and do not take into account the role of car insurance to protect against this unfortunate incident. Having car insurance can help ease the financial burden due to an accident or loss of your vehicle. More importantly, this insurance can prevent you from becoming victims of dangerous drivers.

Comparing auto insurance
Although most of the cost of car insurance program can be very expensive, there are many options for you, depending on the type and extension of coverage you are looking for. In Indonesian, upscale automobile and determining the basis for calculating premiums set by the insurance company, so the numbers will be different in each company rates.

The consequence of this is that when you compare auto insurance companies, you not only have to compare the factor premium rates, but other factors also exist.
Some of the factors we have identified are:
- The value-added services (eg rental car or reimbursement of certain transportation while your car in the garage)
- Ease of updating your insurance (eg via the Internet)
- The complexity of the process of settlement of claims
- The number and location of the partners of the workshop
- Consumer Services

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