October 2014
Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
We'll share all sorts of insurance, so that you will be a little aware of the several types of insurance that exist .
In the insurance world , there are various types of insurance .Obviously with the workings and requirements are different .So here I will give information Types of Insurance for you, so you will know and understand more of each type of insurance .
Various Kinds of Insurance and The Insight
Here she Various Kinds of Insurance You Need to Know
1. Business Insurance
Business insurance is insurance where the insurer insurance separately with the recipient . The insurer has an agreement with the receiving party insurance in lieu of a fixed installment . That is by way of an agreement with the majority of people who are often faced with things that are dangerous .

By agreement the insurance company will give them a certain amount of cash as compensation for each member affected by hazards that have been entered in the list that has been insured . Between the donor and recipient insurance in this case , there is in one party .

If no number is more than the amount of premiums that have been paid to the insurer , the insurer so their owners , the insurance company to bear alone .

2. Collective Insurance
Collective insurance is commonly called as well as a reciprocal insurer or an insurance co-operative .A kind of insurance where the insurer with the insurance service recipient is in one hand as an insurance manager .
The way is to enter into an agreement with a number of people who used to facing dangerous things with commitment will give them some cash as a form of compensation for each member affected by hazards that have been entered into the list of insurance coverage .The donor and recipient insurance in this case is in one party .

If the amount of premiums paid to the insurance company at more than the amount that must be deposited, then the excess will be given to the recipients of the other insurance services . And if it is less , they all will be required to cover it .They did not seek to gain advantage through business insurance , even sometimes to relieve losses in their nature, the cooperation will be played by the hand of its members .

3. Social Insurance
Sometimes it can also be a social insurance .That is usually done by the government with the aim to provide insurance for the future of its people .That is by cutting the salaries of the majority of employees and workers .And at the end of their service , they will be given a fixed monthly pension .

If he had an accident because of work , he was also given the cost of treatment in addition to adequate compensation .

Well , that's a little info Types of Insurance and the insight I can give , may be helpful  know info on how to claim medical insurance here .
Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
This time we want to share a little bit of accident insurance .In the accident, there are some specific points that must be fulfilled in order to claim accident insurance is legitimate.Usually, insurers have a definition of their responsibility to be an accident .Definition of " ACCIDENT " in the Personal Accident Insurance , must meet the nine (9 ) factors presented below :
Definition of Accident on Accident Insurance

1. That the arrival of accident happens to be the source of a sudden , even though its probably due to emerging / feels / occur some time after the accident occurred .Usually in the policy conditions have been set waiting period or Waiting Period for 12 months , so if the onset of Death or Permanent Invalidity Accidental guaranteed that the new policy occur or occur within 12 months after the accident , it is still covered by the insurance.

2. Source of accidents must come from outside
It aims to be able to distinguish the causes of accidents that come from within man , for example disease .

3. Arrival of the source must be violent accident
That is the source of the accident must be accompanied by any element of force, whether it be violence or violent chemical poisoning physik such as in the form of the collision .

4. Arrival source of accidents should be visible
It aims to be able to distinguish between the causes that come are fictitious , such as inflicted Shaman or Witchcraft / witchcraft and so forth .

5. Arrival of the source of accidents should direct and sole
Jump directly within the meaning of the human body The only meaning is not affected by other factors that may cause / effect occurs enlarge .This means that the consequences that occur should be the result of a direct cause and sole .

6. The arrival of a source of accidents should not desired / planned / intentional
In because things are desired / planned or accidental , it is certain that the result will occur .This is certainly contrary to the notion of insurance under Article 246 of the Law of Commercial code , which does not necessarily guarantee that the risk of that happening.

7. As a result of the accident should be a physical wound .That wound on the human body 

8. The physical wounds should be in the autopsy by the Medical Sciences .In what sense must be medically proven 

9. The relationship between cause and effect should not be interrupted 
This means that between the cause and effect there should be no Shelah that makes them disconnected .

Well , that's 9 points important in personal accident insurance which can be recognized .Hopefully this article on the definition of accident insurance can add insight about insurance and all its problems .