September 2017
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Important Guidelines Choosing Life Insurance

Life insurance is an insurance program that provides protection against the risk on the soul of someone who becomes the insured. The benefits of life protection is the guarantee of assurance against the insured and the family in the face of various life risks.

When at risk, the benefits of insurance will still provide all the benefits of education funds, pension funds and compensation for the planned death without having to continue the payment of premiums. This certainty is stated in detail in the policy that has the power and legal legal basis.

How To Choose Life Insurance Products?
Choosing a life insurance program with the best quality trusted and required precision and caution, considering today many financial institutions that offer this life insurance products. Starting from insurance companies that offer directly, but there are also conventional banks that offer these life insurance products. Why now many companies or financial institutions offer this life insurance? This is because the soul of a person is very valuable, and many people who want to protect themselves personally and also the family in a container called life insurance. 

Tips on Choosing Life Insurance Products
With the growing business of insurance in Indonesia, it will increasingly the desire of the prospective insurance customers to choose life insurance products which is a distinct advantage. We can choose and choose an insurance company that offers the best life insurance products that offer a variety of product features.

In order for us not to choose the insurance company, here are some tips we need to consider:
1. Understand the importance of life insurance.
If we want to buy insurance products, that is life insurance to know what insurance is most needed. It may be that you need Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Education Insurance or insurance that also functions for investment (unitlink), and Asuransi Syariah. A lot of discussion about insurance both in online and offline media that can help you understand the fund understand the importance of following a life insurance program. 

2. Choosing And Compare Insurance Companies.
Insurance companies that offer life insurance products already many, it will be easier for Abda in choosing which insurance company is a good fund suitable for you. Try to dig up as much information and compare between one insurance company with another company. 

3. Choose the appropriate type of Life Insurance Product.
In life insurance products, many options or features can be chosen according to you. Usually this life insurance feature offers life insurance programs for personal and life insurance for the whole family. So choosing this type of product from life insurance will make it easier for you in an effort to meet the needs for you and the whole family.

4. Learn Life Insurance Programs and Illustrations.
As mentioned above, that to learn a lot of life insurance products to find out by using the media both online and offline. This will make it easier for you to understand overall about life insurance products to be selected. Well, usually the illustration of this life insurance program will be given by an insurance agent at the time of meeting and explain all about this life insurance. Notice in terms of insurance premium that you will pay every month, if higher please to be asked to the life insurance agent.

5. Rate of Life Insurance Premium.
Do not just be hooked by the cheap premium rates. Compare with the benchmark price of other life insurance companies. If competitive enough (reasonable), can be used as a measure in choosing a life insurance company because because it could be with a premium that is too cheap, the company wants to dredge as much as possible, while the insurance benefits provided has been narrowed.

6. Choosing an Insurance Agent.

An insurance agent is not all able to provide product explanations correctly and completely. Sometimes just to hunt for sales targets Individual life insurance agents offer life insurance products by using sweet seduction. For professional insurance agents, they have passed the test stages as professional agents and registered officially and have membership number AAJI (Association of Life InsuranceIndonesia). Choose a trustworthy agent so that if you have a problem with your policy, the existence of an agent can be known and the insurance company is responsible. Remember that you are buying life insurance products for the long term. Make sure the service you will get for life insurance is the best. Hope this helps you in choosing life insurance products.
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Insurance Agent Need Base Approach vs Commision Base Approach

How can we distinguish that a process of interaction between the prospect or the customer with an insurance agent has been referring to the NBA or is it still very strong CBA practice?

There are a few practical guidelines below that can help you decide whether to continue the interaction or not up to the transaction stage. When the insurance agent is commercially oriented, the following points will be easy to read:
1. Product first, assessment later. In various talks always put the promotion and the ins and outs of the product. In fact, even worse if from the beginning had been very intent to sell one particular product. Roughly, when you find your name in yellow pages too he has set you will be offered a certain product.

Of course there is no priority at all to know what you actually need is not it? Especially to understand your character in conducting financial product transactions, as well as your plans in the life that underlies your actions to buy insurance policies.

2. If there are several products offered , you will always be encouraged to buy the product with the highest commission rate, and or the easiest to acquire. There is no short-term insurance product. Even if there is a product such as Term Life with an annual term, the underlying financial planning horizon is a long span of time.

On the other hand, there are products that have investments and are very popular these days: Unit Link. In addition to being easily acquired because the illustrations are made very interesting, this product commission also doubled. If your personal needs and characteristics are ignored, and for any questions the answer is a particular product, then the agent is definitely a realtor's mentality. He does not think you are important. His commission is important.

3. In explaining the benefits of products and features , the answer is brief, solid, straightforward and convincing: always refers to the yield (profit rate / growth) and refers to the ease of premium payments (both quantity and frequency). Referring always to the quantitative aspect should be suspected as a reference to the value of the commission to be obtained.

There is a rigid insurance product, inflexible payment, and a conservative growth rate. But that is the way products are made for different purposes and characteristics of different customers' needs. Generalizing the needs of customers with only one product that is said to be "superior" and answering all customers' needs, is definitely a big lie. There is no cure for all diseases.

4. In promotions , with language that is again short, solid, straightforward and sure to say the insurance company is number one or the best, without being able to explain the basic statement, it is certain to cover something that is not right on how to sell, or problems in the company insurance, or shortcomings in response to customer needs.

Even if you want to promote the benefits of his company, as an insurance company, there is a standard measure to determine the level of health. You can ask the agent to provide an overview of the company's financial statements and explain critical points by point.

Among others: Risk Based Capital, Claim Ratio, Paid Capital, Market Share, and many more more legitimate financial scale used as a basis to declare an insurance company is indeed strong and superior.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side, when an insurance agent practices a customer's needs and satisfaction approach, the following points will also be easy to read:
1. Assessment first, scheme later; the needs of prospective customers and the characteristics of prospective customers into the initial discussion and assessment (needs assessment). Then a basic description of your needs, your life cycle, the points of your financial planning and your family, and your characteristics in relation to financial products will be obtained. It will then be proposed a scheme (not a product!)

That can answer your needs. From the scheme then the agent will provide product recommendations in accordance with the scheme agreed earlier. So, offering the product is at the very back of a series of interactions between agents and prospects.

2. Can provide a concise, easy to understand and simple description of three things: the need for protection, client life cycle, and basic financial planning. Then, succinctly and simply can summarize the correlations of those three things, and guide you as a prospect to understand your own needs, align your financial planning with your life cycle, and direct you to the appropriate scheme.

The whole process requires the agent to act as a consultant. Thus, there is no talk of products, premiums, features, medical checks, illustrations and so on. The discussion's orientation is to provide an understanding ground for prospects why insurance is needed in the context of financial planning.

3. In explaining the product profile and illustration of the product (if it has arrived at this stage), the insurance agent emphasizes the product design that emphasizes the product philosophy and relates reasonably to the discussion of customer needs and financial planning.

Common references such as yields, premium payment flexibility and quantitative quantities, are not the focus because the ones discussed are insurance products, not investments, focus should be on how product and product design can address specific customer needs. When providing information about insurance companies, there is a tendency to be reluctant to promote, but provide the due diligence information on the insurance company.

Good agents and customer-oriented satisfaction will be reluctant to say the insurance company is number one especially if it is unable to provide the basis of the statement. It will tend to help you by providing financial information and insurance measures of insurance, then explaining in depth and succinct the purpose of the measurement and how to interpret it. Not the same not between realtor with advisor? What about your insurance agent?
Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
7 Common Insurance Mistakes In Society

Unwittingly, advances in information technology and information disclosure have prompted the public to become financially literate in Indonesia. Information on the products, services, distribution and profiles of financial service providers is also increasingly easy to obtain and more transparent to the public. Especially about the insurance industry, both life insurance and general insurance, this becomes a blessing in itself.

The confidence in insurance and professional products involved in the industry has increased dramatically, and there has been a significant increase in sales in the last 10 years. It can be said that this is a positive impact of the increased awareness in the community about the need for insurance and the success of regulators and industries to increase insurance minded in the community. Unfortunately, with the characteristics of Indonesian society is very communal and tend to be conventional, there are some misperception and wrong decision making that already used as a foundation when buying insurance products.

Not infrequently this becomes a commotion to the realm of law in the future. Of course not expected this continues in the future, is not it? For that it's good we recognize any errors in insurance in the community.

1. Buying unnecessary Quite a few insurance products, primarily life insurance, offered on a friendship or social basis. With psychological pressure or not, and consciously or unconsciously, it often leads to an unneeded or unnecessary purchase.

I once encountered a case where an elderly person but bought Unit Linked products with an aggressively stock-dominated fund simply because the offer was his relative. Or a bachelor who happily purchases endowment education fund insurance product because the offer is ex colleague in the old office. Sooner or later it will be realized, that it has done "wrong buy" and expectations are not achieved.

Then it ends with dissatisfaction and fuss .... The key: just buy the needed and do not tolerate a bit because insurance is a long-term contract. If the product does not meet our needs, then set a heart to reject it. If you want to help friends or relatives, use other media that will not bind each other for long.

2. Not buying required This is similar to the above points, and often comes together or complementary. A seller of insurance products has a code of ethics and is trained to be able to conduct consultative sales. This means that sales are only done if it suits the needs of the prospect. Unfortunately the various products offered provide different commission rates of sales. And for unethical sellers, it is quite common where only offering and exposing products that provide a large sales incentive is not necessarily required by the prospect.

As a result there are two mistakes at once: which do not need to be purchased, while the necessary even not bought because it is not offered .... The key: discipline with the seller of insurance products. You must have a financial plan if you will meet with an insurance sales agent or better to reject an appointment to meet. If you meet, you must discipline yourself first. Only allow the agent to offer the product you mentioned earlier as your requirement.

3. Does not match the value of protection needs Often mistakes actually start from yourself as a buyer. You pay, and you have to decide what you need. Every individual is unique and it is not appropriate that you stack your financial plan on an illustration or an insurance agent sales presentation.

You have to know what type of product you need, for how long, and for what protection needs. The job of an insurance agent is to capture the information, then locate the appropriate product and the appropriate protection scheme. You are in complete control, not them.

4. Not adjust the financial capability A number of insurance products are packed in such a way both actuarially and in marketing with very interesting. And this is fine. But you have to remember that everything is not free.

Forget the fun that comes from offering "No Claim Bonus", or "Loyalty Bonus", or "Active Payor Bonus". It all comes from your own money. The money you pay regularly as a premium, and certainly only a fraction of the profit that appears on the insurance contract that will be returned to the buyer. Apesnya, because it is dark eyes, many prospects who play a hit and decide to buy.

On the other hand, he does not take into account whether he will be able to pay as scheduled premiums set. Indeed, to avoid the policy into lapse (cancel) the insurer often provide premium loan facility (certainly with high interest), and this often abort clause to get a "bonus". Forget about this bonus. You better focus on how much your financial ability and adjust to the needs of protection you have.

5. Not proactive and self-engaging Indonesian people in all walks have a tendency to be bossy and happy to be served, even for even small-time customers. And service providers and sellers, are often happy to provide extra super services. Make no mistake, this could be bad for you !! The more you are not proactive in taking care of your own insurance, the more you are in the realm of your insurance management.

There are two disadvantages. First, you are increasingly dependent on your insurance agent, while they are not always there. Besides they often provide extra services that do not exist in the company's SOP, consequently when you are served by others, you will be inflamed because it feels "the service is down !!!" The second disadvantage, you do not know well how the reality of your insurance product is managed, even it could be anything your rights and obligations you do not know well.

Almost always encountered policyholders only know about the "contents of the insurance application form", "receive the book policy", "pay premium", and "there insurance benefit". Though often insurance products, especially life insurance, is packed with very creative and profitable for its critical customers.

6. Do not read carefully the insurance policy and contracts Because buying from trusted people (friends or relatives), then feel that the value of the policy is small, or feel limited to "help", consequently the policyholder often does not read carefully the contents of the contract insurance, including suitability with anything ever presented in the illustration and oral explanation of the agent. Predictably, later tensions will arise when discontent is felt because of the difference between what is understood and what is contained in the contract.

Rigorous reading also provides an opportunity for policyholders to understand their contingent rights (the latter right when a clause occurs), which is bound to arise in the future. Or if there is an unknown term or understanding, can be identified earlier if this contract document is read carefully.

7. Not paying attention to free look period facility This is a grace period facility where if at this time you feel wrong buying, not satisfied with the policy received, or not satisfied with the service or product purchased, then you can cancel this purchase and get a premium return already paid. Related to the point no 6 above, often because it does not care about the correct purchasing process, the policyholder does not know or ignore this grace period. As a result when it appears disappointment and intend to cancel the policy already purchased, feel aggrieved because it did not get a premium return.

SO HOW TO OVERCOME THE MISTAKES? Easy. Just the following three steps:
1. Create a thorough and comprehensive financial plan . So you know exactly what is needed, how much and for when.

2. Self-discipline to run the process of purchasing and decision making is good and right. Do not be affected by agents, or promotional strategies. Focus on your own needs and your ability to pay premiums consistently. Do not fall asleep with various offers of bonuses, discounts or gifts, because all of it will use your own money you know.

3. Read the insurance contract carefully , so you know exactly your rights and obligations as well as the various benefits and consequences of those things. Congratulations Insurance is good and right!
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Currently a lot of personal health insurance products circulating in the market. Well sometimes make us as a prospective customer confused in choosing it.

How to choose it:
• Check your insurance policy related to your health protection including your health insurance coverage from your current employer

• Determine Your Purpose to have this insurance Is for pure protection or you plan as well as plan for investment, if You are aiming just to be protected to buy a pure health insurance product without any investment element or savings.

Similarly vice versa when aiming at the same time select an investment life insurance program with adequate health insurance Rider. What are the advantages and advantages of buying both types of insurance products. can be seen here

• Choose the type of health insurance reimbursement you need Type of replacement Lum sum or better known as daily hospital charge assistance is the way of replacement only with daily allowance of the ceiling taken or type of replacement by replacing a number of maintenance costs that appear, meaning the amount replacement can be large or small is not absolute but with maximum limit per treatment or limit per year specified from the limit limit table you take If you do not have health insurance protection at all, I suggest to choose a more complete protection, including facilities which is more adequate with Cashless system means you do not need to spend money first to pay for hospital fees but simply by showing your insurance card membership.

All can be done in the hospital your insurance partner. Do not be tempted by an insurance offer that requires you to immediately make a decision to buy it if you do not understand the exact contents of the warranty you get by doing autodebet on your credit card.

Make sure you understand the true guarantee What you will get. Congratulations on choosing a personal health insurance that suits your needs.
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Profession of Insurance Agents

Maybe you're looking for what's the most promising profession in Indonesia? Or maybe you are looking for additional income amid your busy work, married, college or entrepreneurship. What else can we explore ourselves, the opportunities around us, and turn them into financial assets for us?
Perhaps the insurance agent profession is one of the answers.
But, why should be an Insurance Agent? Are not we (in Indonesia) people still "anti" and inflamed "tilt" against insurance?
From my glasses, precisely from any "unfavorable conditions" we can get "very profitable opportunities" from there. Recall the experience of the monetary crisis of 1998, many successful people actually start his business during a critical period. The Insurance Industry in my view is like a sleeping giant, with tremendous turnover potential in placing its assets. Naturally, as the potential of 240 million Indonesians make envy and become an important market destination for insurance companies in the world.
Then how can we take advantage of this opportunity? Yes, the opportunity, because it is still approximately less than 10% of Indonesia's population that has an individual policy, Compare with other countries that reach above 80%. Do we want to be silent to see such a big cake and miss the opportunity pass before us without a penny into our pockets? No it's not! Well, it's time you glance at this promising profession.
As an insurance agent, maybe I can give you an idea how exactly the insurance agent profession is interesting to consider:
As a matter of fact, the profession of Insurance Agencies provides flexibility in time and space and unlimited income opportunities. While this involves a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and self-development that can not be valued as a major success.
You do not have to depend on the office hours routine. Some colleagues who join this business can even do this work while taking care of children, "ngrumpi" with friends, or while vacationing with family though. The more you get along, the more community, the thicker your wallet is. For the employee, you can do it without having to quit the job. There is nothing wrong to try, while the opportunity still exists.
For the self-employed, you can utilize the business network to be more productive as a new asset to you. You are free to work anytime, anywhere, and with whom you work. No boss will scold you, you are the boss for yourself. No check-lock system & no target system. You alone determine your targets.You yourself have to commit to building the future with your own hands.
Insurance companies also provide facilities, training and Systems that enable you to achieve success and all at no cost.
The system works very uniquely, with a variety of free honors / awards allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable experience.
Insurance companies also have an open and transparent career path for anyone who wants to achieve it with unlimited income potential.
Well, wait no more, Seize the opportunity while you can!

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Definition of Life Insurance Unit Link

Everyone would want to increase his income. Many people who have worked for years but have a steady income. If a salary increase is not much. If the calculated increase in salary / income we are often not as fast or as big as the price increase our goods needs in the future.

For those who have enough capital and have the ability to do business it is easy for them to try to increase their income by trading or channeling it with other investment options. But to be able to do business is also not easy for the owners of capital, because there is a risk in it. Risk of loss or bankruptcy , so the capital has the potential to disappear in the future. Not to mention the risks faced by businesses such as accidents, illness or death that causes the expected development of investment value will be disrupted development.

Then what about ordinary people who do not or do not have enough capital, whether they can not invest like people who have capital? What about regular employees who do not have a large income and want to raise capital and want to have their own business in the future, whether they can invest as well? Of course for most people will think, especially the workers who are still working in the company, to try to increase their income by working harder. Even if they can have more jobs to have enough savings to be used as venture capital in the future. Is this effort enough? What about the risks mentioned above that always accompany in each step we as potential investors?

Is there a solution of the above problem? To meet the needs of everyone who wants to invest and want to grow their income in the future. The Insurance Company has a Regular Link Unit Life Product (Regular Premium) . This product in addition to being an attractive option to invest also provides protection to investors / policyholders against the risk of accidents, illness or death. And the premium payment system is also easy.

Policy Holder is saving (paying premium) regularly or regularly in long term. So in a nutshell, in addition to the policyholder saving they also at once get protection against themselves and their families that will protect the value of future investments. Products like this of course we will not get if we save as usual at the Bank . The choice of a long-term saving way with this protection for most people provides a sense of security for investing.

Conclusion :
Life Insurance Regular Link Unit (Periodic Premium) is also a long-term investment, in which the policy is regulated the payment method, which is done regularly or regularly. Units are purchased once premiums are received.

Suitable to have a Regular Unit Life Insurance product (Premium Period) is a prospective policyholder who prefers to play in protection, prospective policyholder who likes to play in investment but still want to be protected and prospective policyholders who are still working and want to prepare savings. 
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How to Sell Insurance and Cultivate Clients

The asruansi agent shall endeavor to obtain personal data of the prospective customer. Such as place and date of birth, home address, number of family members and work. Very special if you can get also personal information, such as hobbies, leisure activities, or social activities. The data can be obtained from people closest, such as friends, drivers, helpers, subordinates to his secretary.

The importance of collecting prospect data as much as possible is indeed taught by the insurance manager. Even the agent must also know the needs and problems that are facing prospects. And as much as possible to give suggestions or solutions to these problems. Typically, prospects tend to hesitate in making decisions. So give them moral support to make sure the choice is really good and right.

Oh yes, before meeting prospects, it is highly recommended to collect information about the characters in question. There are people who do not like to be criticized, do not like his opinion is opposed, do not even like to argue. Make it a reference to behave. Be careful also with various personal identities. Many people like to be called by their first names. But if it is wrong, it can be offensive.

Mental is ready, attitude and technical stock already in hand. Then? There is still one more theory, namely the preparation of interviews or presentations. The first 30-60 seconds of a conversation with a prospect is a critical moment, involving the agent's "life die". Many believe, that's when the prospect of making a decision, want to stop or continue to hear the chatter of his opponent.

So crucial is the meeting with prospects, forcing agents to speak efficiently, while remaining communicative. But if a potential customer begins to show signs of disinterest, the presentation should not be continued. Waste of energy. In other words, do not force yourself if the prospect looks unprofitable.

If you get here practiced properly and properly, it should be successful to reap a number of closing sales. Closing insurance refers to the situation when the prospect decides to buy a product or a policy. Formalitasnya done by filling and completing the application or application form letter of insurance (SPA), as well as paying the premium. Get it right? True, on the one hand, because the customer has been bound by contract for a certain period.

However, for the agent, precisely a more enjoyable journey begins. Similar car sellers, insurance companies have after-sales service. Agencies must maintain a personal relationship that has been established. For example, by sending a greeting card on the moments of birthday, Lebaran, Christmas, or New Year. Now maybe via social media Facebook and Twitter or email. You see, the size of the income depends on the smooth-not the contract and the payment of customer premiums.

Theories received by insurance agents anywhere resemble each other. The main thing is consistency and discipline. Here are two keys to success to continue to exist in the insurance world.
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Who Need Insurance of Life

Have you ever received an offer to buy a life insurance policy from an insurance agent? 99% of the people I asked ever received a similar offer. However, unfortunately there are still many people who refuse to buy a policy or have a policy that Sum Insured under the needs (underinsured).

Hard fact: We buy a product that we hope never to wear.
The end result, more than 50% decided not to have a life insurance policy. Sounds familiar? Actually anyone who needs life insurance?

Life insurance
Life Insurance is an insurance policy that pays the benefit of death to the beneficiaries if the insured dies. This product is established to provide protection to your financial dependent family.

If you experience death or permanent disability that leads to loss of income, life insurance policies can help to cover some, if not all, of your income. However, of course how the policy can help depends on the type of protection you buy.

That's why buying a life insurance policy is like buying a product that we hope never to wear. Because of course we hope the death does not happen and it is very taboo to estimate when the death will come.

Do I need to buy a policy?
Life insurance needs are highly dependent on the individual situation. For many people, life insurance becomes a very important part of financial planning.

If you are married or have a person who becomes your dependents, then almost certainly you need to buy a policy. Especially when your income is very significant and is used to support the cost of daily living, paying credits or regular bills, and paying tuition.

If you do not have dependents or your income is not so significant contribution to the family finances, you may not need to buy a policy.

Alright , now let's take a look at the following guidelines to find out if you really need to buy a life insurance policy.

Single young age
If you currently regularly provide assistance to parents or other families, then you need a policy to protect the people closest to whom you want to still get the help. In addition, you also need protection to cover medical expenses if you are exposed to serious illnesses before death, funeral expenses, or if you still have delinquent credit and other debts. If you feel you do not need to continue the routine help given to the family, then you do not need to buy a policy.

Young couple
You must buy a policy now especially if you plan to have a child. The current premium cost of course is still cheaper than if you just bought the policy a few more years.

Family young and established
If you have dependents that depend heavily on your income, then you must buy the policy. You certainly do not want families to be displaced in the event of loss of income from major contributors. The amount of sum insured you have to pay depends on the estimated cost of living the dependents left behind. In addition, the income of the couple is also very decisive.

Couples work without children
You should discuss with your partner whether each is comfortable with own income when someday left by the couple. If each partner has an equal contribution to family finances, then chances are you do not need to buy a policy. Because if your spouse dies, the cost of your life is reduced by the same amount. However, if one partner has a larger contribution and wants to leave his partner later with established finances, then you need to buy a policy.

Family of retirement age
If your children are independent and have been able to support their own lives and no one else is a dependent, then at this stage you do not need to buy a new policy. However, if you still have dependents, then you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new policy. The premium cost in the 50s will be quite expensive. Thus, you need to consider whether you have any assets that can be sold by an abandoned family without affecting the current conditions. For example you have 2 plots of land and 1 house that is not occupied for life, then this treasure will later become a kind of surrogate sum insured from the policy.

So now I hope you can find out if you need to buy a life insurance policy. However, the thing to remember is that paying a premium is a secondary requirement after primary primary living costs such as meals, utility costs, and other key costs. So, never buy an insurance policy if you have not been able to do it.

Where do you find out if you can afford it or not? Try doing a financial check-up using the Cash Flow Table in Let's Plan planning tools and discuss this with your financial consultant.

May be useful.
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Policy Insurance Housing Others

Tenants   insurance
Insurance you owner no includes property personal a tenant. If You a renters,  You must buy own tenant insurance for cover goods You, give yourself with obligations protection, and for pay cost additional life if You need for while move because Fire or danger other insured .

Condo insurance same with renters insurance, but too includes damage repair, addition and change to units condo .

Townhouse will insured by Policy individual House owner othey can protected by policy master Association. If a townhouses owner-occupied and Association townhouses no have Policy that master, You need for buy Policy insurance House owner You alone .

Mobile Homes
Mobile homes without wheels or in base permanent qualify for qualified homeowners Policy with way that exactly same home ordinary . However , mostly   home   mobile   insured by owner mobile Policy that really is   Policy auto. Policy this offer very range limited .

Agriculture and farms owner
Policy owner agriculture and farms ensure home outside limit city in used land for agriculture and farms .

Types your insurance maybe need?
Insurance flood
Policy   insurance   House owner   no includes   flood   damage . If   You   stay   in zone   special   flood   is , You will requested   for   buy   policy   insurance   flood   from National   flood   insurance Program (NFIP) given   by   Federal   Emergency   Management   Agency . Check it out .

Storm and windstorm insurance
If   You stay   in   area   that   prone to typhoons , You maybe need   insurance   this .   In   Texas , for example , Texas   through it   insurance   Association (TWIA)   is Insurers   Union last .   TWIA   provide   coverage   wind   and   hail   when   company   insurance   other   deny   homeowners .   When   storm   enter Bay   Mexico ,   You   can not   buy   coverage   winds .

Insurance earthquake
Only stand up for   reason   that   You   no   need   buy   coverage   additional   this except   You   stay   in   the place that   experience   earthquake .

Property additional coverage
There is some   type coverage property additional   You could   add   for   policy   insurance   home   You   basic . Some   Policy   insurance   House owner could provide coverage   for   cost   as   removal of debris (broken   tree and bushes) , cost   service extinguisher fire ,   property   deletion   collapse   building   and   glass   damage caused   by danger   insured .

If You have asset that You want more protection for or You want provide protection more responsibility   of the policy insurance House owner standard , You could buy personal umbrella Liability Insurance.
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Prudential Insurance Policy is Considered Deceptive

Sorry the initial CRYSTAL CRAFTS STADIUM was first in Panin life (smart crisis cover), following in AIA, AXA (CI platinum), & Commonwealth

Ok plan A the cost of various treatments RS 3.9jt max. per disease. Which is my question what if the doctor asked for various hospital costs (medicine, infusion, blood, etc.) of 80jt? This year 2012 you know, know the inflation rate hospital costs above 10% / yr. 10 yrs again how many RS costs are currently 80jt. There are some expensive drugs for non-critical illnesses such as late-stage Diabetes, hepatitis, severe accidents (my friend's 70-meter surgical accident, miscellaneous RS 60jt costs). Then the solution how to make the customers do not drag so much?

Then how does the cost of Angioplasty (put heart ring) of 300jt on 100% cover? which Crisis cover in the mba company only covers 10% special angioplasty

So even if the father slippero take plan A if sick RS ask for the cost of 30jt RS (eg hepatitis illness) still father slippero 26. 1jt

So choose the appropriate insurance bill from Acelife
With the id thestrong idly give the explanation openly as follows:

thanks for your response sir / bu Go5000 ...
Every insurance company policy must be different in issuing the product, and all of that there must be its own calculations about the benefits bs given.

Referring to the basic notion of Prudence in the economic sense, that "Prudence means the careful nature of safeguarding assets and performing careful and precise calculations against risks." then that basic principle is what Prudential owns.

Prudential has accurate and effective calculations in providing risk service services for death, health, accident and others that are closely related to the premiums received from customers (premium income).

The purpose is to ensure that the insurance coverage provided by the insurance company to the customer does not impose excessive corporate liability, which may result in losses to the company that may impact the strength of the company in the future, BUT KEEP COMMITTED TO GIVE THE VALUE OF THE MAXIMUM BENEFITS TO THE CUSTOMER AND ALSO STOP PROTECT CUSTOMERS FOR A LONG TERM TIME.

Principles that can make PRUDENTIAL become the strongest life insurance company. Currently Prudential is one of the strongest life insurers in the world with its existence since 1848, has survived for 160 th up until now !!!!

The question of how if the cost of various hospitalizations far exceeds the limit of the PLAN, I will answer is TOTAL BENEFITS CAN STAY DICLAIM ONLY ABOUT PLAN YG HAVE.

If we want to be protected more, then you should take the PLAN high by adjusting the premium pay is also greater.

Regarding the coverage of ring pairs (angioplasty), it is standard policy from Prudential that dicover is only 10% of the amount of critical illness benefits owned in the customer policy. but beyond that, 100% dicover.

Now it's your time to explain about your product that is insurance that pays ALL COST OF TREATMENT BASED ON BILLING.
question I want to ask:
1. What is the premium to be paid in order to get a FULL refund treatment facility for any kind of illness?

2. Is there a difference to the amount of premiums paid? if there is, what is the difference between the benefits gained between a small premium payment with a large premium payment? because logically if indeed every bill is paid in accordance with the BILLS then I assume that the premium regardless of what we pay then whatever amount of our bills will remain dicover entirely. If so mending take a small premium only, anyway still be paid a number of bills is not it?

3. Little is my idea of ​​a claim payment that covers the amount of the bill, is it adequate with the premium revenue received by the company? if the principle is no matter how much the bill will be covered while the premium paid is small, can not it result in losses on the company because the burden of claims is always overlimit compared to premium income received?

4. What is the condition of the company's financial statements that you are running now? whether profit or even loss? What I do know per year book 2010, the insurance company where you work loses about 60 billion CMIIW (correct me if i'm wrong). Is the loss caused by the company's claims burden too large while the premium received is not large?

5. How can you convince potential customers with the condition of your company that is currently losing but still safe insured in your company? while to participate in an insurance company required kemapanan up to the next tens of years to ensure the future of the customers2? Remember, the insurance is an investment that takes a very long and practically lifetime of its customers.

Please be given the explanation as clearly as possible, so that we can all get the information as completely as possible.

Prudential Insurance Policy is Considered Deceptive

For your information only, Prudential's net profit after tax for the 2010 financial year is Rp 2.3 trillion !!!! So many awards are achieved PRUDENTIAL that I can not describe here because too much, just convince the reader that what I say is the REALITY of SUCCESS from PRUDENTIAL. To see what awards have been obtained PRUDENTIAL, Click the Link below:
Awards and achievements PRUDENTIAL !!!!

To know the condition of Prudential Financial Report and its performance for 2011,
Click on the following link -----> Prudential 2011 Financial Report & Corporate Performance during 2011

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Thus the article Insurance Policy Prudential, Hope can add insight you about insurance, especially Prudential Insurance is considered deceptive.

By: Maya Sari