Definition of Life Insurance Unit Link

Definition of Life Insurance Unit Link

Everyone would want to increase his income. Many people who have worked for years but have a steady income. If a salary increase is not much. If the calculated increase in salary / income we are often not as fast or as big as the price increase our goods needs in the future.

For those who have enough capital and have the ability to do business it is easy for them to try to increase their income by trading or channeling it with other investment options. But to be able to do business is also not easy for the owners of capital, because there is a risk in it. Risk of loss or bankruptcy , so the capital has the potential to disappear in the future. Not to mention the risks faced by businesses such as accidents, illness or death that causes the expected development of investment value will be disrupted development.

Then what about ordinary people who do not or do not have enough capital, whether they can not invest like people who have capital? What about regular employees who do not have a large income and want to raise capital and want to have their own business in the future, whether they can invest as well? Of course for most people will think, especially the workers who are still working in the company, to try to increase their income by working harder. Even if they can have more jobs to have enough savings to be used as venture capital in the future. Is this effort enough? What about the risks mentioned above that always accompany in each step we as potential investors?

Is there a solution of the above problem? To meet the needs of everyone who wants to invest and want to grow their income in the future. The Insurance Company has a Regular Link Unit Life Product (Regular Premium) . This product in addition to being an attractive option to invest also provides protection to investors / policyholders against the risk of accidents, illness or death. And the premium payment system is also easy.

Policy Holder is saving (paying premium) regularly or regularly in long term. So in a nutshell, in addition to the policyholder saving they also at once get protection against themselves and their families that will protect the value of future investments. Products like this of course we will not get if we save as usual at the Bank . The choice of a long-term saving way with this protection for most people provides a sense of security for investing.

Conclusion :
Life Insurance Regular Link Unit (Periodic Premium) is also a long-term investment, in which the policy is regulated the payment method, which is done regularly or regularly. Units are purchased once premiums are received.

Suitable to have a Regular Unit Life Insurance product (Premium Period) is a prospective policyholder who prefers to play in protection, prospective policyholder who likes to play in investment but still want to be protected and prospective policyholders who are still working and want to prepare savings. 

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