Prudential Insurance Policy is Considered Deceptive

Prudential Insurance Policy is Considered Deceptive

Sorry the initial CRYSTAL CRAFTS STADIUM was first in Panin life (smart crisis cover), following in AIA, AXA (CI platinum), & Commonwealth

Ok plan A the cost of various treatments RS 3.9jt max. per disease. Which is my question what if the doctor asked for various hospital costs (medicine, infusion, blood, etc.) of 80jt? This year 2012 you know, know the inflation rate hospital costs above 10% / yr. 10 yrs again how many RS costs are currently 80jt. There are some expensive drugs for non-critical illnesses such as late-stage Diabetes, hepatitis, severe accidents (my friend's 70-meter surgical accident, miscellaneous RS 60jt costs). Then the solution how to make the customers do not drag so much?

Then how does the cost of Angioplasty (put heart ring) of 300jt on 100% cover? which Crisis cover in the mba company only covers 10% special angioplasty

So even if the father slippero take plan A if sick RS ask for the cost of 30jt RS (eg hepatitis illness) still father slippero 26. 1jt

So choose the appropriate insurance bill from Acelife
With the id thestrong idly give the explanation openly as follows:

thanks for your response sir / bu Go5000 ...
Every insurance company policy must be different in issuing the product, and all of that there must be its own calculations about the benefits bs given.

Referring to the basic notion of Prudence in the economic sense, that "Prudence means the careful nature of safeguarding assets and performing careful and precise calculations against risks." then that basic principle is what Prudential owns.

Prudential has accurate and effective calculations in providing risk service services for death, health, accident and others that are closely related to the premiums received from customers (premium income).

The purpose is to ensure that the insurance coverage provided by the insurance company to the customer does not impose excessive corporate liability, which may result in losses to the company that may impact the strength of the company in the future, BUT KEEP COMMITTED TO GIVE THE VALUE OF THE MAXIMUM BENEFITS TO THE CUSTOMER AND ALSO STOP PROTECT CUSTOMERS FOR A LONG TERM TIME.

Principles that can make PRUDENTIAL become the strongest life insurance company. Currently Prudential is one of the strongest life insurers in the world with its existence since 1848, has survived for 160 th up until now !!!!

The question of how if the cost of various hospitalizations far exceeds the limit of the PLAN, I will answer is TOTAL BENEFITS CAN STAY DICLAIM ONLY ABOUT PLAN YG HAVE.

If we want to be protected more, then you should take the PLAN high by adjusting the premium pay is also greater.

Regarding the coverage of ring pairs (angioplasty), it is standard policy from Prudential that dicover is only 10% of the amount of critical illness benefits owned in the customer policy. but beyond that, 100% dicover.

Now it's your time to explain about your product that is insurance that pays ALL COST OF TREATMENT BASED ON BILLING.
question I want to ask:
1. What is the premium to be paid in order to get a FULL refund treatment facility for any kind of illness?

2. Is there a difference to the amount of premiums paid? if there is, what is the difference between the benefits gained between a small premium payment with a large premium payment? because logically if indeed every bill is paid in accordance with the BILLS then I assume that the premium regardless of what we pay then whatever amount of our bills will remain dicover entirely. If so mending take a small premium only, anyway still be paid a number of bills is not it?

3. Little is my idea of ​​a claim payment that covers the amount of the bill, is it adequate with the premium revenue received by the company? if the principle is no matter how much the bill will be covered while the premium paid is small, can not it result in losses on the company because the burden of claims is always overlimit compared to premium income received?

4. What is the condition of the company's financial statements that you are running now? whether profit or even loss? What I do know per year book 2010, the insurance company where you work loses about 60 billion CMIIW (correct me if i'm wrong). Is the loss caused by the company's claims burden too large while the premium received is not large?

5. How can you convince potential customers with the condition of your company that is currently losing but still safe insured in your company? while to participate in an insurance company required kemapanan up to the next tens of years to ensure the future of the customers2? Remember, the insurance is an investment that takes a very long and practically lifetime of its customers.

Please be given the explanation as clearly as possible, so that we can all get the information as completely as possible.

Prudential Insurance Policy is Considered Deceptive

For your information only, Prudential's net profit after tax for the 2010 financial year is Rp 2.3 trillion !!!! So many awards are achieved PRUDENTIAL that I can not describe here because too much, just convince the reader that what I say is the REALITY of SUCCESS from PRUDENTIAL. To see what awards have been obtained PRUDENTIAL, Click the Link below:
Awards and achievements PRUDENTIAL !!!!

To know the condition of Prudential Financial Report and its performance for 2011,
Click on the following link -----> Prudential 2011 Financial Report & Corporate Performance during 2011

I am a Prudential agent that is licensed exclusively for UNITLINK type products namely PRULINK. You can Contact me to find out more information about Prudential products especially PRULINK at: email: telp: 081319618668 / 021-33326888 I am ready to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND your needs so you can give solution of financial plan front in your family. Do not feel hesitate to ask, I am happy to answer without requiring you to buy Prudential products, because any decision remains in your hands. CHOOSE EXCEPT NICE PRODUCTS BUT ALSO GOOD COMPANIES !!!!

Thus the article Insurance Policy Prudential, Hope can add insight you about insurance, especially Prudential Insurance is considered deceptive.

By: Maya Sari

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