Choosing The Right Cashless Health Insurance

Choosing The Right Cashless Health Insurance

" Cashless health insurance " is a health insurance that provides facilities for Hospital Partners (Provider) for the participants so that if the participant must be treated in one of the hospital partner then the participants will be treated in Class room in accordance with the plan taken and no need to bother (which is usually quite burdensome to you especially during times of emergency) plus the cost of doctors, medicines, surgery and other costs borne by "cashless health insurance" until the patient out of the hospital, as a participant of health insurance Your cashless will be given a member card,, which is sufficiently shown to the Partner Hospital.

So the next question is whether all the existing health insurance card means is a cashless health insurance? of course not so, there are some health insurance companies that give the card to its customers but if the sick customer still have to pay all the hospital costs and then reimburge to the insurance company, for that you as a potential customer must be careful and careful before buying, make sure to your agent that is offered is a cashless health insurance .

In cashless health insurance there are still some benefits facilities and insurance coverage components that we need to know, because as your customers deserve to get the best, for the following we will give some tips to buy cashless health insurance:
1. Look for "cashless health insurance" with long coverage period (up to age above or over 70 years) because your condition is more vulnerable and requires relatively high cost for health care when you get older.

2. Find a cashless health insurance whose minimum hospitalization requirement takes less than 24 hours

3. Find the appropriate cost of the drug according to the bill, it is necessary to remember every year inflation health costs are relatively high

4. Find who is covered by the cost of general practitioners and specialists who fit the bill

5. Find who is responsible for surgery costs and surgical actions that fit the bill

6. Make sure the cost of medical consultations, medicines before and after hospitalization appropriate bills for regular costs before and after hospitalization is large and burdensome you later

7. Look for "cashless health insurance" with its many provider hospitals and spread all over Indonesia

8. Ensure that your membership in cashless health insurance can be extended no matter what your health condition is, meaning there is a written agreement in the policy stating that your membership in cashless health insurance can be extended

9. Buy health insurance in accordance with lifestyle, if you prefer good room treatment facilities, it is advisable to buy products with high benefits of the room

10. If you prefer to go abroad for hospital treatment, buy the highest-profit product, taking into account the high cost of care abroad

11. To avoid overcharging the cost of maintenance use the room in accordance with the classroom that is borne by the product you have

12. Choose health insurance that provides benefits of hospitalization abroad including America, Canada and Japan

So some tips on buying " cashless health insurance" this time, may help you who are still confused choosing a cashless health insurance that is suitable for you and your beloved family.

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