Plus Minus Insurance Education vs Savings Education

Education insurance
Find the best education insurance for beloved baby.
Child education is a top priority for every parent. The next option can use Education Insurance and Education Savings , because the program can provide a guarantee of continuity of education for our children beloved.

Education Insurance Differences Vs Savings Education:
• Educational insurance is an investment program and Insurance managed by an insurance company, where investment returns are generally higher than education savings (Because fund management may use some more progressive investment instruments ). Insurance programs also exist that can be used for insurance needs or other financial plans.
• Education Savings is a Savings program administered by Banks by providing insurance coverage in it. The customer funds will be managed in the Savings and Deposits system, resulting in higher returns than regular savings.

In this case, we provide the option for Education Insurance by using the program:
• Pure (Traditional) Insurance as an educational insurance with the benefit of contract insurance is certain with the calculation of investment return approaching deposits.
• Unit Link as an educational insurance with a very complete insurance benefits, a very flexible treatment and can have a return on investment that is much higher than deposits.

Pure (traditional) education insurance with contract benefits must be used only for children's education period (completion of policy education will be close). If there is a risk to the parents will be out of the sum assured and the obligation to pay it to stop, but the benefits of the stages of education funds remain on the acquisition until the end. If there is no risk then received a number of stages of education funds until the end.

Insurance education with unit link can make the parents as the insured who then we call the insurance fund education , because the insured is the need for total education funds into the MONEY BASED DEVELOPMENT base (UP base).
• If there is a risk of death in the elderly then the policy is close and will out benefit a sum of sum insured which then can be used to fulfill all education fund .
• If there is a risk of critical illness or Total Permanent Disability in the elderly and / or spouse will be out of stop benefit and continued payment by insurance until the age of 65 yr olds.
• If there is no risk to parents in the education period then the balance of investment funds can be used to meet the stages of education funds and finish the education period, then the policy can be continued to other financial plans such as: pension funds, tourism funds to inheritance.

Insurance education with unit Link can make the child as the insured who then called the insurance plan education, because the insured is the plan to save with the benefits of PAYOR.
• If there is a risk of death in children then the policy is close and will out the benefits of a sum of money for the family.
• If there is a risk of death or a critical illness or total permanent disability in the elderly, a stop benefit will be paid and a savings account proceeds until it is as if the parents are 65 years old.
• If there is no risk to the parent then the balance of investment funds can be used to meet the stages of education funding of children and completed the period of education, then the policy can be inherited to the child for his future financial plan.

Excellence Educational insurance with defined (traditional) contract benefits:
• Provide stages of education funds of 240% of the amount of sum assured in a certain and gradual.
• provide life insurance protection to parents of 150% of the sum insured.
• If a parent is at risk (dead), the family does not need to continue paying the premium and the benefits of the education fund stages are still acceptable until after the contract.
• Parents and families become very secure and comfortable because of the benefits of sure contract programs, even with small returns (close to deposits).

Advantages Education insurance with flexible benefits (Unit Link):
• Unit link program can be used for various financial planning in the future. So that finished education, the program can still be continued for other financial plans until the age of 100 years.
• There are various types of insurance protection that are very superior and can be included or eliminated every anniversary of the policy.
• Customers can choose different types of preferred investments or switch to other types of investments to get maximum return on investment.
• Customers can make this an investment alternative with facilities that can add or withdraw funds at any time.
• Flexible payments as desired. In the event of a Financial emergency, after the second year the customer may postpone the deposit or after the fifth year may cease to pay until the balance is sufficient to meet its monthly fees.
• A large sum assured against the allocated premium paid.
• Option for education fund insurance will make the parent as the insured, where the total of education fund need will be guaranteed through Sum Insured and benefit paid when the parent is at risk and through the balance of investment if the parent is not in risk.
• Option for insurance education plan will make the child as the insured, where the insured is a plan of saving with benefits paid when parents are at risk and through the balance of investment if parents are not at risk.
• Various other benefits of insurance benefits and investment benefits can be found in unit link.

Whatever the choice, make sure it is the best for your family and do with a professional and committed insurance agent. So the benefits of educational insurance programs can be received in the future with a safe and comfortable.

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