Plus Minus Pure Health Insurance vs Health Insurance Plus Investment

Plus Minus Pure Health Insurance vs Health Insurance Plus Investment

Well, if asked to choose whether to buy pure health insurance or health insurance in combine with investment programs. You can consider the plus minus as follows:

Pure Health Insurance
Period of policy or guarantee is only annual and extended for the following year. So you can have the freedom to extend for the next year or you can stop and switch to other health insurance products, meaning you have a chance to see how the service and other factors before you continue to extend the insurance.
Premiums are lower than insurance plus investment because you only pay the insurance fee does not include saving elements or savings therein. Read: 4 Big Mistake The Customer When Buying Life Insurance

Since your policy period is annual and vice versa, the Insurance Company also reserves the right not to renew your health insurance policy for some reasons, for example, if you are suddenly suffering from prolonged chronic illness and a higher risk of disease. It could happen your policy is not approved to be extended by the Insurance where you buy it or at least your premium goes up for the next policy period

Health Insurance plus investment
Health insurance programs are usually long-term in line with your life insurance protection in this product. Due to its additional nature or Rider. This advantage is very useful when we no longer get health insurance facilities from where we work when the next pesiun, health insurance protection in this product will continue to run.
Obtain long-term health protection as well as saving and investing for old age

Premiums can be higher than with pure health insurance
Insurance premiums continue to run and automatically renewed because these guarantees are inherent as an added guarantee of your core insurance policy ( life insurance )

So what is your choice?

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