November 2017
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The cause of death was denied life insurance - Life insurance is a financial program that is widely used in the community, in particular the head of the family, to guarantee his family's finances. These insurance funds will be given to the beneficiary when insurance participants experienced an accident that caused his death or total permanent disability so that it can no longer earn a living for their family members.
The Cause of Death Was Not Borne of Life Insurance

The amount of the sum assured is paid by the insurance company are not the same, all depends on the amount of premiums paid by participants of insurance as well as a few other things. This is very useful to have insurance, especially for beneficiaries who are financially dependent entirely on participants of the insurance.

On any insurance products including life insurance, all the terms and conditions will be stated in the insurance policy. This policy is typically composed of various important documents, and contains extensive information that binds the parties (participants and insurance company) to comply with all regulations set forth in the policy. One of the things that are set in the policy that is the leading cause of death in the end make the insurance policy was rejected and the insurance companies no longer have the obligation to pay the sum assured, among other things:

Disease including pre-existing condition
If the participant is already in the diagnosis or have symptoms of a disease and occurs before the validity period of the policy, then the rest of these diseases will be included in the conditions of the pre-existing condition. If at any time the participant died due to this disease, then declared void, insurance policy or insurance company has no obligation to pay the sum assured on heirs left.

The death penalty
If insurance participants died of a death sentence being dropped by the courts on the participants of the insurance.

Insurance participants who died of suicide or suffered permanent disability total due to attempted suicide will not be entitled to sum assured.

Do the crime
Participants who experience the total permanent disability or death while doing criminal acts in any form and against anyone indirectly will be disenfranchised got sum assured company.

Participants involved in the activities of the military official, or a variety of other war crimes such as riot, civil war, riots, and other similar actions will cancel the insurance policy.

Plane crash
Participants who died from a plane crash in addition to commercial aircraft (such as military aircraft, private aircraft).

The use of illegal drugs or alcohol
Participants who died due to the use of illegal drugs (Narcotics) or due to consume alcohol.

Natural disasters or the reactions of atomic nuclei
Participants who died from natural disasters in any form and includes if exposed to the reaction of atomic nuclei.

Participating in sport
If the participant died while participating in extreme sports (parachuting, rock-climbing) or other sports (diving), either in the form of a match or not.

Accident before the expiration policy
Participants died of any cause and occurs before the policy took effect.

Mental disorders
Participants experience a mental disorder and finally suffered disaster to death or total permanent disability.
Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
1. Insurable Interest (Interest for Insured)
That is, an insured person must have an interest (interest) on the property (object) that can be insured (insurable). Objects that are insured must also be legal and do not violate the law and fall into the appropriate category.

6 Insurance Principles Which We Need To Know
In case of any occurrence of a disaster or a problem that resulted in the object concerned being damaged then the insurer will get financial compensation

• Family relationships, such as husband, wife, child, father or mother.
• Business relationships, such as creditors with debtors, firms with key people in the company.

2. Utmost Good Faith (Good Faith)
An action to express accurately and completely, all material facts about something to be insured whether requested or not. That is, an insurer must be honest and openly explain clearly and correctly on everything about the object insured.

This insurance principle also explains the risks that are guaranteed or excluded including all terms and conditions of coverage clearly and thoroughly.

3. Proximate caus (Proximal Kausa)
A major active and efficient cause that causes a loss in a sequence of events. the claim stipulation in this insurance principle is that if the insured object is unfortunate or accident, then the first time must and will be done by the insurance company is looking for the main active and efficient cause that can move a series of uninterrupted perustiwa which eventually led to the accident. From these considerations can only be determined the number of claims received by the policyholder.

4. Indemnity (Indemnity)
A mechanism requiring the insurer to provide financial compensation (compensation) in order to place the insured in his financial position immediately before the occurrence of losses (KUHD article 252, 253 and affirmed in article 278).

However, this idemnity insurance principle also has a provision stating that the insurer is not entitled to provide compensation greater or greater than the client's financial condition for the losses suffered. For example, in case of illness, the insurance company will pay or reimburse the cost of the hospital something with the bills that have been paid previously.

5. Subrogation (Transfer of Rights or Guardianship)
That is the transfer of rights from the insured to the insurer if the insurer has paid compensation against the insured.

6. Contribution (Contribution)
That is, if the insured insured an object to several insurance companies, then there will be what is called the contribution in the provision of protection from each company.
Information, Tips, Tricks About Insurance
An important factor to compare Insurance - Nowadays a growing number of insurance companies that offer the best insurance product. Each product has the advantages of each of these can make you might be confused to choose.
4 Important Factors to Compare Insurance

One of the many products offered is life insurance. Various bids come in and sometimes look very seductive and make communities easy dropping option without first doing the comparison. Finally, there was little that felt had been wrong to vote because not owned life insurance benefit according to your needs.

You can observe the following 4 things to do product comparisons before life insurance choice.

Do These 4 things In life insurance Comparison

1. Find out the company's Reputation
Sometimes great products on offer did not come from a company with a good reputation. Even though you're tempted to buy these products, knowing the reputation of the insurance company product owner should still be a priority before dropping a selection on a single insurance products.

To know the reputation of this can be seen from the track record of the company as well as its performance during the last few years. You can also find out how they provide services to its customers.

By knowing the reputation of the insurance company, you could understand how secure the funds you invest to the company. So you will always feel safe and comfortable while paying a premium.

2. Payment of premium
Premium means the burden of costs that you must pay. Some insurance products usually offer premium cheap and affordable but with low benefits, of course. However, it does not mean the high premiums can also provide great benefits.

We recommend that you calculate with your financial ability to mature in determining the magnitude of the amount of premium that you want to pay. Don't get because of having to pay large premiums, your financial condition even messy.

3. Ease of Administration Process
Take care of the administrative process is the most crucial in life insurance. Nothing, many heirs often dikesalkan with the convoluted administrative process when filing a claim. Moreover, in conditions of still grieving due to loss of the insured. This could be your consideration before you drop the selection on a single insurance products.

4. Make sure the type of life insurance you choose
In doing a comparison of life insurance, should you check first its kind. Life insurance as well as insurance is generally combined with investment instruments or purely as a traditional insurance. Customize to your needs.

You have to know in detail how easy or complicated administrative process that must be undertaken for the submission of claims and other processes.
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Advantages of cashless health insurance - Choosing insurance should not be arbitrary. Especially if you want to use is health insurance. You certainly need to be more selective again in choosing it. Because health is one of the main things that should be a priority for a guarantee. For the sake of your health is more secure later, it is advisable for you to choose cashless health insurance. By applying this system, an insurance company can be spelled out superior to an insurance company that does not use the same system.
This is the Advantage of Cashless Health Insurance

Excess Cashless Health Insurance
The cashless system is a system where an insurance company that allows its customers to not pay hospital fees with personal funds first. That means, if insurance customers are sick and taken to the hospital, funding has been financed by the insurer or insurance company. Actually what are the benefits of the cashless system so that health insurance that has this system is considered a good health insurance?

- Using the card
"Cashless" literally means without cash. It is true, cashless in insurance means you do not need to use personal money for hospital financing. Instead you only need to show the cashless card from your insurance along with the required identity card. Hospital financing will be covered by pure cashless insurance.

- Medical costs in accordance with the bill
The cashless system implements fairly fair financing for you. Your healthcare costs will be adjusted for the premium you pay per month. So you do not have to hesitate to meddle your medical expenses or care at the hospital. Everything has been customized by your insurance company.

- Guarantee age 6 months to 75 years
The cashless family health insurance is also recommended in terms of health care of all types of age. How come? Since your child is 6 months old until your elderly parents, everything can be guaranteed health by a health insurance company that has a cashless system.

- There are several optional packages
The cashless system has several package options that can be tailored to the needs and capabilities of its customers. The cashless system does not complicate its customers with unexpected costs and services. Everything can be customized in this system.

- Inpatient claims online
Usually the process for insurance claims is very convoluted. But insurance companies that have a cashless system will understand that there is no time to let sick people stay sick. Therefore, the cashless system allows its customers to make claims online. Easy, is not it?

Best Cashless Health Insurance Example
With the various cashless advantages above, of course you no longer have to doubt to choose a health insurance company that has a cashless system. The next question is, which health insurance companies have a good cashless system? The following are some of the names of family health insurance companies and cashless health insurance for the best individuals in Indonesia:

- Allianz Allisya Care
- AXA Smart Care Executive
- AXA Mandiri Kesehatan Prima
- Lippo Health +
- Manulife ProHealth

Another thing to consider in choosing a health insurance with cashless facility is partner hospitals and diseases that are on-cover. Choose a cashless health insurance that has worked with many reputable hospitals and hospitals in your city. Try also choose an insurance company that can cover all kinds of diseases and various treatments either general or special.
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The best outpatient and inpatient health insurance - In health insurance products is usually divided into two, namely for outpatient and inpatient. But consumers or insurance participants also need health insurance outpatient and inpatient. Although some leading insurance companies have expanded their wings to provide outpatient and inpatient health insurance, most people remain focused on inpatient services alone, as it is considered more serious and more serious than outpatients. In fact, outpatients also need the same treatment and care.
List of The Best Outpatient and Inpatient Health Insurance

Apparently, there are some insurance companies that are focused to serve their insurance participants for outpatient. What are the companies? Let's look at the following list;

Simas Sehat Coorporate (Sinarmas Insurance)
This healthy simas is an insurance product issued by PT Sinar Mas. In this insurance product has guaranteed outpatient healthcare costs for customers and also families that have been dicovernya. There are also benefits obtained from this insurance user is the guarantee of childbirth and postpartum if there are family members who are pregnant, medical consultation fees and also medicines, regular dental care, and also the cost of replacement glasses lens.

Health Care Insurance (Bringin Life)
Bringin Life insurance company offers individual or individual outpatient health insurance. This type of insurance also focuses on outpatient care for customers who work as employees. There are so many benefits that can be obtained if a customer from health insurance Bringin Life especially for outpatient, such as; receive general medical check ups, receive compensation for a specialist consultation, substitute for the cost of medicines per year, laboratory test guarantees fees if the customer experiences serious disease symptoms, dental care costs, and also the replacement cost of eyeglass lenses. Claim submission process in this company fairly easy because it uses reimburse system.

Smarcare Executive Group (AXA)
In this insurance product, Smarcare provides protection for you and your family with the benefits of outpatient health insurance and highly profitable. This insurance product payment system is cashless and is valid throughout the hospital which is a partner of AXA with 24 hours service. If you do not want to be admitted to the hospital, you can do an outpatient treatment with care as well as medicines covered by AXA.

In addition to other diseases, the benefits of outpatient that can be obtained is the cost of regular dental care and optical lens replacement guarantees if you use glasses. For the insurance age age of this membership is 15 years to 60 years. Usually the premium given has been adjusted to the needs and insurance policies.

Maxi Violet (Allianz)
This health insurance covers the outpatient issued by Allianz. The company has cooperated with many existing hospitals, so that all people can get health services that have been adapted to the standards of IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association). The benefits of Maxi Violet insurance participants, especially for outpatient care are the cost of a guarantee for a consultation with a general practitioner or a specialist, accidental outpatient care, medical expenses, dental care costs and optical lens replacement. The system used by Allianz company is cashless that can be used in all hospitals.
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The best outpatient health insurance product - Health insurance divides itself into two namely inpatient and also outpatient health insurance. Most of the insurers focus on hospitalization only because it is considered more serious and serious than outpatient while outpatients also need the same treatment and care.
4 Best Outpatient Health Insurance Products

Almost all companies offer outpatient health insurance and stay in accordance with the necessary requirements. But you also need to know some companies that also have a focus on the health of their customers through outpatient care.

4 Type of Outpatient Health Insurance
Here are the outpatient health insurance products offered by two insurance companies:

# 1. Bringin Life Health Care Insurance
Bringin Life offers individual outpatient healthcare. This type of insurance also focuses on outpatient care for customers who work as employees. Many benefits can be obtained by becoming a customer Bringin Life especially for outpatient such as:

- Obtain medical examination benefits
- Getting compensation for consultation with a specialist
- Replacement of medicines cost per year
- Guarantee fee for laboratory tests if the customer has serious symptoms of the disease, and
- Additional benefits of dental care and also the cost of glasses replacement when the customer is using glasses.
- The claim submission process was fairly easy by using the reimburse system.

# 2. Smartcare Executive Group from AXA
Smartcare is a health insurance product issued by AXA. Here, Smartcare provides protection for you as well as families with excellent outpatient and outpatient benefits. The payment system used is cashless and applies to all partner hospitals from AXA with the 24 hour service provided to you. If you do not want to be admitted to the hospital, you can take outpatient care and medication will be covered by AXA.

In addition to other diseases suffered, the benefits of outpatient can be obtained is the cost of regular dental care and optical lens replacement coverage fee if you use glasses. Grace age membership that you can register is a member aged 15 to 60 years. Some health insurance for outpatient does provide important benefits for your health as well as families with premiums that are tailored to the needs and policies.

# 3. Maxi Violet from Allianz
Maxi Violet is an outpatient health insurance that is run by Allianz. The company also works with many partner hospitals so that the whole community can get health services that are already adjusted to the standards of IDI or doctor bonds. Many benefits, especially outpatient that customers can get such as:

- Guarantee fee charge for consultation either general practitioner or specialist doctor,
- Outpatient guarantees due to accident
- The cost of medicines
- Dental care, as well as
- Optical replacement.
- The payment system used is cashless in Allianz's partner hospital.

# 4. Simas Sehat Corporate from Sinarmas
Simas Sehat This is an insurance product issued by PT. Sinar Mas. This insurance product guarantees outpatient healthcare costs to customers as well as families that dicovernya. Some of the benefits include delivery and postpartum care if there are family members who are pregnant, doctors consultation fees as well as medicines, regular dental care guarantees and replacement of eyeglass lenses.

Basically, all health care is important both inpatient and outpatient health insurance that you do so this information can be a reference for you find the right choice for family health.
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Cheap family insurance products - In terms of type, there are two kinds of insurance that is individual health insurance and also family insurance. For individual insurance, the company will guarantee personal healthcare costs only for policyholders without additional family. But for someone who has more than one family member, it would be better to protect all family members so that they can live safely and quietly.
Cheap family insurance products

In fact, family health insurance does have a premium that is more expensive than the individual type because of the large number of people borne, but it is the right way to choose so you can stay together with family comfortably and do activities together.

Best Family Insurance Options
Here are some of the best family health insurance products you can consider to provide insurance coverage for your loved ones:

# 1. Family Eazicare
Family Eazicare is one of the family health insurance products offered by Cigna Indonesia. This product is an insurance that can protect 5 family members with one premium. Insurance like this is considered more efficient because each family member does not need to buy the policy separately. Parties covered are husband, wife, and also 3 children.

Many benefits can be obtained by becoming a Cigna customer, among others:

Benefits of inpatient costs in the form of daily allowance, surgery, daily allowance for intensive space or ICU
Accidental death benefit due to accident, dental care benefit
Benefits of an ambulance fee
There is also the cost of compensation for outpatient and also the cost of companion when in hospital or on the way.
The payment system can be cashless so that you and your family only need to show Cigna card to the administration officer.

# 2. Insurance Mandiri Health Insurance
This insurance is a family health insurance product offered by AXA Mandiri. Here, you and your family as customers will get comprehensive protection especially if family members are hospitalized. Given a discount on you who enroll the family as a member of this customer.

Many of the benefits that you get from AXA are given daily benefits for hospitalization, ICU care, surgical costs, and also get transportation costs to the hospital. The customer will also get a 100% premium refund if there are no claims within 5 years. In addition, customers also only pay a premium of 10 months for premium manifold annual.

# 3. Smarthealth Maxi Violet from Allianz
In addition to the types of insurance for families mentioned, there are still many types of health insurance that is for your family as a whole like Smarthealth Maxi Violet from Allianz. Smarthealth is an insurance that can be used for individuals and also for families. This insurance offers a number of benefits to its customers, including:

- Reimbursement of care costs if you or any of the families suffer from an illness or accident requiring hospitalization
- In addition to basic benefits such as inpatient fees, customers will receive a variety of rider or other additional benefits such as outpatient, dental care, labor costs and also no waiting period for certain diseases.
- The payment facility is cashless so you do not have to pay for service at the partner hospital of Allianz
- Have a reimburse claim system so that the insurer will pay in full reimbursement of the cost of care and treatment, and
- Getting a discount in the extension of a sentence if within a year there is no submission of any claim.

By choosing the best cheap insurance for your family, you can indirectly provide protection to your family's health from the risk of illness or accident so you can stay alive with your family safely and peacefully.
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Good health insurance and cheap - Health insurance in its definition is a type of insurance that protects against the risk of medical costs incurred by an individual. By estimating the overall risk of health care and health system spending in a particular group, an insurance company may develop a product that routinely and structurally provides protection to its participants. Routinely for example is the premium payment on a monthly basis either individually or through a system of monthly payroll of the company.
15 Good and Cheap Health Insurance

By doing this, the insurer provides certainty through the insurance agreement to the insurance participants the availability of funds available to make payments when hospital care is required. The health insurance itself provides payments on health care costs to the illness or injury suffered by the participants. This includes injuries sustained as a result of accidents, paralysis, permanent disability or sudden death.

With the above explanation, it is clear that health insurance is an insurance product that specifically provides a guarantee of health care costs for participants when they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking there are two kinds of treatments offered by various insurance companies that include inpatient or in-patient treatment and outpatient or out patient treatment.

Personal health insurance products are offered by social insurance companies, life insurance companies and also general insurance companies. In general there are many health insurance. Which is the best insurance product? Let's look at some good health insurance products as below.

1. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance
This Health Insurance is the result of cooperation between AXA and Bank Mandiri. The advantages of this insurance is because by paying the premium for 4 years only but will get the coverage of the company concerned for 12 years. In addition, the premium money you pay will be refunded 100% at the end of the coverage period. This insurance has 953 hospital partners throughout Indonesia and a waiting period of 14 days.

2. Allianz SmartHealth Light Titanium
SmartHealth Light Titanium is a health insurance designed to assist companies in providing health care for their employees. This insurance provides payments in US dollars. The number of hospitals owned is fairly large, about 1000 hospitals throughout Indonesia with a waiting period of 14 days.

3. Simas Sehat Executive
Health insurance from Sinar Mas provides comprehensive protection. If health insurance is generally intended for inpatient protection, the Simas Sehat Executive provides protection against both inpatient and outpatient care. However, the number of insurance partner hospitals is only 791 hospitals. Waiting time was arguably the same as other insurance that is for 14 days.

4. Chubb Health Insurance
This insurance product was created by one of the leading insurance companies, Chubb. This insurance provides protection against health care as a result of illness or accident. This insurance program provides full protection to the insured from the financial side they will face when they are hit by a disaster such as when exposed to accident or serious illness. The number of partners is 689 hospitals with elay waiting period of 14 days.

5. Pan Pacific Healthcare Insurance
This insurance provides protection and convenience for the participants. By using the show card and swipe card system, the sick or accident participants can quickly get handled. Benefits offered by this insurance include hospitalization costs such as room charges, death benefits and the cost of cancer treatment benefits. In addition, additional benefits provided are outpatient expenses, hospitalization costs and cost of glasses. The waiting period for this insurance is considered the best when compared with other insurance, because there is no waiting period or 0 days.

6. Cigna Health Protection
Cigna Health Protection also known as Cigna Pro Health offers a 25% premium refund if there is no claim during 2 years membership. The premium offered by this insurance is also arguably very light. With costs starting dair Rp. 300 per day or Rp. 36,000 per month only. Another plus is the benefits can be directly claimed within 15 days after becoming a member. In addition, participants also do not need to conduct medical examination at the time of registration. The number of hospitals owned partners is as many as 653 hospitals and this insurance has a waiting period of 14 days.

7. Central Asia Medi + Insurance
Central Asia Insurance or ACA provides a treatment guarantee with flexibility and freedom for each participant to choose a hospital, doctor, pharmacy and laboratory. This service is provided to all oesertanya in various corners of the world and applies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This insurance itself has a partnership of 680 hospitals and has a waiting period of 5 days.

This insurance from BRI offers a very light premium. This health insurance premium starts from Rp. 36,000 per month only and you will get Rp 1,000,000 for protection for 60 days. In addition, you will also get a 200% money coverage if you suffer death accident during the insurance period. In addition, if the participant is disabled due to accidents experienced during the period pertnaggungan, then participants will receive compensation of 100% of the sum insured. With the number of partners as many as 650 hospitals in Indonesia this insurance is arguably quite reliable. The waiting period is 14 days.

9. AXA International Executive (Dollar)
This insurance program provides maximum protection by providing access to various network of partner hospitals located in Indonesia and around the world. In addition, the insurance program also provides the freedom to choose a flexible and appropriate health protection plan. This insurance program uses US dollars in premium payments. In addition, the advantages of this insurance are printed on the protection provided also includes consultation of psychology in the healing period. Then, International Exclusive also provides guarantees against diseases that have been suffered before or pre existing condition. As many as 627 hospitals are located throughout Indonesia. However, the waiting period of this insurance is quite long, ie for 40 days.

10. Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire
Allianz's insurance product is a protection product intended for company employees and members of their family. The advantages offered are free death benefits. In addition, this insurance also offers the convenience of a cashless claim process. Registration in the insurance program is also fairly easy because without going through a medical test. The protection provided by this insurance is also complete because it covers protection for dental care, maternity care and eye care. The number of partner hospitals owned is 538 hospitals spread all over Indonesia. Then, this insurance has a waiting period of 14 days.

11. Avrist Medi Guard
Avrist insurance products provide protection 24 hours a day and 365 days a year throughout the world. The benefits of this insurance include hospitalization costs of 1 million rupiah or US $ 100 per day in ICU such as outpatient dialysis, organ transplants, outpatient chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Selin Avrist Medi Guard also provides protection benefits against accidents worth 200 million dollars or up to US $ 20,000. The number of partners owned by this insurance is 500 hospitals. Meanwhile, the waiting period is 14 days.

12. AIG Hospital Care Plus
AIG Hospital Care Plus provides complete protection by providing expert consultation facilities both before and after hospitalization. In addition AIG Hospital Plus also provides additional evaluation benefits in the form of emergency medical evaluation. With complete protection and affordable fees for hospital financing, AIG's insurance is one of the best products. With this insurance product you will be able to get hospital treatment both in Indonesia and abroad. The number of hospitals that have become the partners of this insurance is as many as 500 hospitals throughout Indonesia. One of the drawbacks is because the waiting period is long enough, ie for 30 days.

13. CIMB Sun Life X-Tra Medika
CIMB Sun Life is an insurance product designed specifically to alleviate hospital and medical expenses. You and your family will get protection through daily assistance for hospitalization due to illness and accident.

Benefits offered by this health insurance in the form of daily hospitalization benefits due to illness or accident up to 100 days per year per disease or per accident with a maximum value of 800 thousand ruoiah per day. For emergency room or emergency room care, hospitalization will be paid twice daily from 10 days to 15 days per year or 1.6 million rupiah per day. Meanwhile, this insurance also provides death benefit from illness or accident amounting to 10 times daily hospitalization benefits.

14. Sun Medicash Platinum
This health insurance product is a product of Sun Life Financial that offers the replacement of some funds in cash. These funds will be provided when you have to undergo hospitalization at the hospital both at home and abroad. The cause of hospitalization can be a disease or an accident. Various benefits of this insurance include daily payments that will be paid if you undergo inpatient treatment at hospitals in the country or abroad and care in intensive care unit or ICU, death benefit and the return of the premium of 50% at the end of the period insurance. Especially for a 50% premium refund, this is true even if you've made a claim. The hospital of this insurance product partners amounts to 500 hospitals scattered throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, the waiting period for this insurance is 30 days.

15. Alliaz AlliSya Care
Allianz AlliSya Care provides convenience for its participants with cashless facility which means you do not need to pay first payment. Just by showing the participant card, you can already get treatment from the hospital. In addition, you as a participant are given the freedom to decide the hospitals and clinics to get health care. If the selected hospital or clinic does not work together, the participant can claim to get reimbursement.

That's 15 health insurance in Indonesia. Which of these insurance is overkill? You should read and study carefully to determine which health insurance is most appropriate for you and your family. May be useful.
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Elderly health insurance - The high cost of treatment at this time to make us ketar - ketir. Not only worry about how to prepare health funds when retired, but also when to help parents against the cost of health. You can take advantage of old age health insurance that protects until age 79 years.
Elderly Health Insurance Up to 79 Years Old

Some time ago, after a health insurance article appeared, I received many questions from blog visitors. One of them is about health insurance for old age. Interestingly, this question is raised not by parents, who should need this type of insurance, but by their children.

From the conversation, I learned that many parents do not have adequate healthcare funds while retiring, while health facilities from workplaces, which have always been a mainstay, have stopped. In fact, the need for health costs in old age is the greatest. Children should intervene to help.

This is a classic problem that we are all likely to face. If not managed properly, the high cost of these healthcare costs, not only deplete the pensions of parents, but also can disrupt children's finances. Hence, the solution needs to be well thought out.

In my opinion, the most efficient way to overcome is to buy insurance. Great health costs are shared through insurance mechanisms. As a result, the cost becomes more affordable. But, is there, health insurance for that old age?

To answer that, I surveyed several health insurance companies in Indonesia, figuring out how old they were, the benefits they were provided and how much the premium was.

Age Terms
From the survey, I found two types of health insurance in Indonesia. Both have different age and variety requirements.

First, stand-alone health insurance, which is not part of unit-linked life insurance. Often called pure health insurance. In this type, you can immediately buy health insurance, without the need to have unit-link life insurance first.

Second, hospital inpatient facilities that are part of unit-linked life insurance. Called rider, or additional insurance. You must purchase unit-link insurance first, then take this additional health protection.

I compare pure health insurance Allianz, AXA Insurance (general), Cigna and Sinar Mas, while unit-link health facilities from Manulife (MVP - Manulife Value Protector).

In my conclusion, hospital-based unit-link health protection has a longer age requirement than pure health insurance. Comparison in the table below:

Comparison of Age of Health Insurance
Entry age is the age at which the insured can first be accepted by the insurer. In pure health insurance, the oldest entry age is 65 years. In Manulife Value Protector (MVP) unit link, entry age is received up to 70 years.
After becoming a customer, insurance coverage can be extended to certain age limits. The limit is called the age of repetition. Age of repetition in pure health insurance up to 70 years, while unit - link MVP to 79 years.

Manulife Health Insurance
Based on the results of this comparison, I further examine the matter of health protection from Manulife Value Protector insurance. How it works, benefits, premiums and other terms.

This insurance has a rider called Advanced Hospital Benefit Plus, which provides health protection in the form of reimbursement for hospitalization due to illness or accident. Outpatient is not covered by this insurance.

Some important things to understand about health insurance is as follows:

1. Additional Insurance or Rider
The definition of this health insurance is additional insurance, rider, so the protection can only be obtained if the main product purchase, ie life insurance unit - link Manulife Value Protector. Without buying unit - links, this health protection program can not be obtained.

Protection programs are provided for individuals and families (husbands, wives and children). For family health insurance, premium calculations are limited to 4 members, ie husband, wife and 2 children. Although there are more than 4 family members, such as 3 children, the premium to be paid is only for 4 family members.

2. Benefits of Coverage
What are the benefits of health insurance? In summary in the table below (more benefits click here):

Health Benefits of Manulife Value Protector

The important thing is the benefit of health insurance is given per per-person disability. That means coverage is given per disease. Limit set per disease.

If for example suffering from 3 different diseases within a year, which need to be hospitalized, then each of these diseases will be replaced according to benefit table. Replacement of these three diseases does not reduce each other. Each disease received full replacement.

There is no limit to the time span of claims filed between different diseases. If this week you are hospitalized for dengue fever, then 2 weeks later go back again due to stomach acid, then the hospital's cost of both diseases is replaced by insurance.

How is the replacement for the same recurrent disease in 1 year? For example, you have dengue fever several times a year. There is a so-called profit recovery period. What is that? If the same disease occurs less than 90 days (calculated from the outset of the hospital), the insurance does not reimburse. After 90 days, the same disease will be replaced. Here's the illustration.

Same Replacement Procedures for Disease

3. Cashless and Double - Claim
This insurance has two facilities, which I think, good for customers, namely cashless and double-claim.

Cashless. Another benefit is the cashless facility, which does not need to be paid in cash while doing inpatient care at a partner hospital, simply shows cashless cards and identity cards. Cashless this makes the hospital administration process becomes more comfortable. Only, it is necessary to ensure that hospitalization is done in the hospital of an insurance partner.
Double - claim. Does this insurance allow double - claim? That is, if you have two health insurance, whether both can be claimed simultaneously, considering the original receipt is issued only once by the hospital. Manulife Insurance allows the filing of claims with legalized receipts. Double - claim becomes workable.

4. Pre Existing Condition and Elimination Period
In this Manulife health insurance, as well as health insurance from other companies, there are two important provisions, which customers need to know and understand the implications.

First, the provision of pre-existing condition for 24 months. That is, any type of disease that already existed will not be covered, unless the coverage has lasted more than 24 months from the date of issue of the policy. How does that mean?

For example, a policy is issued in January 2014. According to this provision, if the claim of the disease is made within a period of 24 months from the date of the policy, Jan 2014 - Dec 2015, then the insurance will prove or investigate that the claimed disease has not been suffered before the policy is issued. If proven, the disease has been suffered before, no replacement is given.

However, for disease claims after 24 months after the policy is issued, for example in the example in March 2016, the insurer will not investigate claims. This is beyond the pre-existing period. Claims can be paid. The illustrations are explained below graphically below.

Pre-Exisiting Condition
Whether this condition does not make you think, "why complicated". That's a reasonable thought. I initially had the same thoughts. But then I realized that this is a condition that is required in all insurance. The conditions we should all know, ideally before taking health insurance.

Related to this provision, the most important thing is to be honest about the health condition to the insurer. As long as it is honest and open, everything will be fine.

However, if you are not honest, you have a risk that the claim is not paid because the insurance is given enough room to catch the dishonesty. This provision basically gives the insurance time to prove that you are not hiding your health information, which you already knew before, to the insurance.

For example, I've heard insurance refuse claims of someone who died (less than 24 months since the policy was issued) because the insurer found that the person actually already knew that he was suffering from a certain stage of cancer, while proposing life insurance, but not telling the insurance company.

I once asked the insurance how if when applying for insurance, we do not know that a disease has actually entered our bodies. Common conditions encountered. Usually because there has been no complaints or routine medical check-ups, so the disease has not been detected.

In this condition, as long as it is proven we do not know, for example there is no evidence of ever having a medical examination of the disease, the insurance can accept its claim. It's a condition that the way each insurance company handles can vary - and the situation of prospective customers are different from each other. Therefore, if you have a concern about this, you should immediately discuss with the insurance.

Second, the elimination period is 60 days. This stipulation stipulates that the claim will not be paid within 60 days of the date the policy was issued except due to an accident.

For example, you just bought a health insurance, after which a few days later hospitalized in the hospital, not because of an accident, then the insurance will not replace medical expenses. You are still within a 60 day elimination period. So, if you want to get sick, wait two months after the policy is issued, so you can claim the benefits.

5. Warranty 'No Lapse Guarantee'
In this Manulife Value Protector type-linked insurance unit, you do not make additional premium payments for health facilities. In a unit - link, there is a policy called Value, which is the result of investing in the financial instrument you choose. The payment of the cost of rider is deducted monthly from the value of this policy.

The cut value, or cost of the health rider varies, depending on the type of coverage chosen. For example, the room per day Rp 500 thousand different cost ridernya with room per day Rp 1 million. In the illustration provided by the agent, or in the policy, the monthly cost of riders who will deduct the value of the policy, shall be listed in a transparent manner.

With such a process, there can be concerns about how the value of the policy slumps, for example due to deteriorating stock and financial market conditions, so that the amount is not sufficient to pay the rider fees. There is a risk of the policy being lapse or inactive due to underpayment so that health protection can not be used.

These concerns are commonplace and often raised. A common solution is that customers add funds, top-ups, to boost the value of the policy to keep the policy active. However, Manulife proved to have additional provisions that seek to protect customers, namely the provision of 'No Lapse Guarantee'.

'No Lapse Guarantee' is that during the first five years of the policy, as long as the customer pays the premium according to the terms and does not withdraw the funds, Manulife guarantees that the policy remains active (not lapse), even though the value of the policy slumps is not enough to pay the rider premium.

With the provision of 'No Lapse Guarantee' is, the risk of inactive policy can be soaked. Customers can be quieter, at least in the early years when the value of the policy is still small.

6. What is the Health Insurance Premium?
I do not have a premium calculation example for ages over 60 years. The following is a 30-year and 40-year age benefit forecasts for premium payments of Rp 12 million per year on the assumption of an investment return of 14% a year. Here are the results:

Comparison of Premiums and Benefits Age 30 years and 40 years

Manulife Insurance Premium
For the age of 30 years, the health facility is the daily room cost of Rp 500 thousand (details of benefits see here). Death of Rp 520 million. At the age of 55 years, the investment value reached Rp 952 million.
For the age of 40 years, the health facility is the daily room cost of Rp 500 thousand (benefit details see here). Dies Rp 130 million. At the age of 55 years, the investment value reached Rp 190 million.

Is this premium expensive or cheap?

This is a frequently asked question when discussing insurance. Everything is relative because premiums can not be separated with benefits. You should see in terms of benefits can only be an expensive or cheap premium. Not from the absolute value of the premium.

In the case of this elderly health insurance, you should consider cheaper where it costs, between:

- let our parents without insurance so that the threat of high healthcare bill can come at any time, OR
- paying insurance premiums so that parents' health care needs are guaranteed.

It's a decision you have to reflect well.
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You should take health insurance when you are healthy. Why ? even when registering healthy, including passing medical checks, but because you already have a disease before, most likely the insurance company will refuse your health insurance application.
Take Health Insurance When Healthy, If Not Claim Easily Rejected

We once received a reader's vent telling us that the health insurance company rejected her ill claims despite her paying the premium on time and being a member long enough.

Inquired had a search, the insurance company refused because the disease claimed to have suffered participants before becoming an insurance policyholder.

"Why, is not I already pass the medical check-up when filing?" Asked this reader further. He seemed to not believe the explanation and felt lied to.

We need to understand the provisions in health insurance. This provision will determine whether or not a claim submission is accepted.

# 1 Pre-Existing Condition
This provision briefly stipulates that claims for pre-existing illness prior to becoming an insurance policy holder will not be replaced or covered.

For example, before becoming a policyholder, you already have high blood disease. Thus, the claim of high blood treatment will not be replaced and so on.

In one health insurance policy, we find this provision as follows:

Pre-Existing Condition
Any type of Illness, Conditions, Injury, or Inability:
existing or existing; or
where the cause exists or has existed; or
where the Insured and / or Dependent has known, there have been signs or symptoms or illness; or
as indicated by the results of laboratory tests or other investigations indicating the possibility of certain conditions or illnesses; before the Policy Issuance Date or the date of change (Addendum), whichever is most recent.
We can see that the scope is wide enough. In essence, the insurer will not reimburse the cost of the disease claim that has been suffered by the previous policyholder.

# 2 Waiting Period 30 Days All Diseases
When you become a health insurance participant, you can not necessarily make a claim. There is a 30 day waiting period.

During the waiting period, participants are not allowed to make a claim. After 30 days from the issuance of the health insurance policy, new participants may file a health claim.

# 3 Waiting Period 12 Months Special Illness
Not all diseases can claim participants after 30 days of health insurance membership. Because insurance companies set a number of diseases that the waiting period reaches 1 year.

Here are 17 special diseases that have a 12 month waiting period, namely: (1) All types of Hernia; (2) All types of tumors / lumps / cysts / Cancer; (3) Tuberculosis; (4) Endometriosis; (5) Hemorrhoids; (6) Diseases of the tonsils or adenoids; (7) Abnormal conditions of the nasal cavity, nasal septum or nasal shell (konka), including sinuses; (8) Thyroid gland disease; (9) Hysterectomy (with or without salpingo - oophorectomy); (10) Heart and vascular (cardiovascular) disease including all strokes; (11) Hemorrhoids and fistulas in the anus; (12) The stones in the bile duct system; (13) Kidney stones, urinary tract or bladder; (14) Cataracts; (15) Gastric or duodenal ulcers; (16) All types of reproductive system disorders, including fibroids / myomas in the womb; (17) Intervertebral disc prolapse;

# 4 Important Convey Honest Information
In the policy, the insurance company stipulates that:

"In the case of giving a statement, statement or explanation in the Letter of Life Insurance / Health Request and / or Insurance Request Form for Data of the Insured Candidate and / or its change submitted by the Policyholder, there is an element of fraud and / or forgery then the Insurer has the right to disprove the truth Policy at any time so as to be entitled to cancel the Insured. "

This provision essentially states that false statements will cause the claim reimbursement not to be made. So if ever or feel the disease should reveal with honest and sejurjurnya.

Because if not honest, the consequences will be incriminating the participants. For example, it has been paying premiums on time, but when the participant filed a claim was rejected because the insurer found dishonest information during the disease investigation.

You can see that if a health insurance filing is made after suffering illness, then the claim is likely to be rejected. This is primarily for illnesses that have already suffered before becoming a health insurance participant.

Pre-existing conditions are the standard in the insurance world because insurance companies do not want to bear the participants who clearly already have the disease.

Insurance companies want to receive healthy participants. If later sick (after becoming a participant), it is a risk received by the insurance company.

So, you strongly suggested to volunteer and family to be a participant of health insurance as early as possible when the health condition is all still excellent.
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How to claim Health Insurance not being denied? There are 4 things that you as an insurance participant need to take note of.
4 Ways Health Insurance Claims Not Rejected

Who is not furious when health insurance claims are denied.

I've been there. "The pain is here".

"Already pay premiums - expensive, eh when I want to claim the insurance can not replace for various reasons", so the complaints of policyholders who claim failed.

That's a reasonable complaint. Because when taking insurance, no one who wants to claim rejected.

How to prevent your claim from being denied?

I am evaluating claims of friends and blog readers who have been rejected.

I find that many claims are rejected because the submissions and documents do not comply with the requirements set forth in the policy.

Terms in the Policy is the legal basis that must be met by policyholders and insurance companies.

The problem is, many insurance participants do not read the policy well.

Here are the key points that you need to look into in the policy so that health insurance claims are accepted.

# 1 Waiting period for Health Insurance Claims

Health insurance requires a grace period.

During the waiting period, the insured is not allowed to make a claim. Usually the waiting period is 30 days or 60 days after the policy is approved.

For example, the policy is approved May 1, 2015. With a 30-day waiting period, your claim can only be accepted after 30 days from May 1, starting on May 31, 2015.

So if you or a family member is hospitalized in the grace period, for example May 10, 2015 (using the example above), the claim will not be accepted by the insurance.

Make sure you understand how long the health insurance waiting period.

Therefore, the sooner you apply for better health insurance. Because when the policy is approved, you can not immediately claim before the waiting period is passed.

# 2 Not Diseases That Are Not Replaced in Year One

Not all diseases have a 30 day or 60 day waiting period. There are diseases with a longer waiting period of 12 months.

I took the example of a Prudential health insurance that lists 19 specific diseases that the insured person can claim after 12 months after the policy is approved.

If claims for these diseases before 1 year after the policy is approved, your claim will be rejected.

# 3 Not Pre - Existing Condition

Pre-existing condition is a health insurance provision that mentions participants suffering from a disease or a pre-existing condition.

Can be seen in the picture above about the condition of Pre-Existing Condition that I take from Prudential Health Insurance brochure.

The insurer will not pay anything in case the insured has pre-existing condition.

Thus, all illnesses that the insured suffered before the approved health insurance policy will not be covered by the insurance.

# 4 Fulfilling Inpatient Requirements

Submissions must be eligible for hospitalization. Condition at least meet the requirements:

First, the definition of hospitals and clinics according to the established insurance.

Make sure you read and fill it up when hospitalized. Because if the hospital or clinic where you stay is not in compliance, the claim will be rejected.

Second, what is meant by hospitalization.

In each insurance is different - different about how many days the insured must go inpatient who can be filed claims.

There is an insurance that requires a minimum of 2 days of new hospitalization can be claimed. However, there are other insurance that requires 1 day hospitalization can already claim.

This provision should be ensured in the policy.


The rejected claim was painful. I have experienced it myself.

How to claim not to be rejected? You must understand the terms of the insurance policy because that is the basis for the payment of claims.

There are 4 things you should make sure that the insured's health insurance claim costs are paid by the insurer. I hope this helps !
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The best health insurance products for children - Health is important and should receive special attention. Because if health has been taken away, then we can no longer do anything meaningful. As parents, of course we feel worried about the health of our children. Because most children can not maintain their own health optimally. Therefore, consideration to use child health insurance should begin to be considered by us as parents who love to our children. Because by insuring their health, at least our anxiety about the cost of expensive treatment will be muffled.
3 Best Health Insurance Products Recommendations for Children

Best Child Health Insurance Version of Customer Review

When we are about to start to insure the health of our children, then we will be faced with a dilemma in choosing the best company or insurance product to ensure the health of our child. Usually, to find out a product is good or not, we will read reviews or reviews about the product from people who already use it. Here are the best child health insurance recommendations that most customers review.

1. AXA Smart Care Executive
One of the best health insurance recommendations for children from customers is AXA Smart Care Executive. A number of advantages make AXA Smart Care Executive deemed worthy of recommendation as child health insurance product, that is:

- Full 24-hour customer service. This facility is very helpful for us to ask questions or complaints whenever needed.
- Using cashless system. We can make a payment at the hospital by simply showing the cards we get from the insurance company.
- Offers health insurance products ranging from children aged 15 days to 17 years.
- And other advantages that make this product somewhat superior.

2. Allianz Smart Health Maxi Violet
In addition to AXA Smart Care Executive, the best health insurance product for other children that is reliable in protecting child health according to insurance user reviews on the internet is Smart Health Maxi Violet from Allianz. Smart Health Maxi Violet provides various benefits such as care for children if our baby is sick, whether it is inpatient, outpatient, or dental care.

In addition, this insurance offers a cashless system or no money. You only need to bring the card given the insurance if you want to deal with the hospital. If the child is hospitalized, this insurance product also provides additional daily compensation.

Because we include other family members in insurance, that is our child, then automatically we will get a discount of 5% premium. The advantages that make Allianz Smart Health Maxi Violet become health insurance for children who are quite popular in the community.

3. Sinarmas Simas Sehat Executive
This Sinarmas health insurance product guarantees the entire cost of the hospital where the child is treated, including emergency outpatient insurance coverage, accidental plastic surgery cost insurance, legal medical organ transplantation fee, and other benefits. In addition, the premium to be paid to ensure the health of our children is quite affordable and the process is easy. Premiums can be paid either in cash or credit.

After knowing 3 health insurance products that can guarantee the health of children well, are you still hesitant to start using child health insurance? Think carefully about your decision. You know best for you, your child, and your other family members
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Buy life insurance - There are various reasons why you should plan your future finances from now on. The higher the need for life, such as the cost of children's education, the need for old age, to leave a legacy of property when you die someday. All the financial needs in the future can be overcome if you have been able to manage finances well from now on.
Confused to Manage Finance Buy Only Life Insurance

In managing family finances, you can use the financial planning formula. ÊAccording to Prita H. Ghozie, family finance planner of Zap Finance, you should set up expenditure items from the monthly salary as follows:

- Zakat, infak, alms = 5%
- Emergency fund and insurance premium = 10%
- Monthly routine fee = 50%
- Savings for needs within a year = 10%
- Investment for medium and long term needs = 15%
- Cost of entertainment and lifestyle = 10%

According to Prita, if you intend to take mortgage or vehicle installments, the budget should be used no more than 30% of your salary. For this, you are forced to reduce the budget for entertainment, lifestyle, or short-term savings.

1. Manage with Life Insurance
Allocating around 10% of the monthly salary to pay insurance premiums is a very appropriate step. Purchasing health insurance means you've shifted healthcare costs that could have suddenly swelled. If you have insurance, payment of healthcare costs can be lighter.

While life insurance can be used as a financial budget allocation in the future. Maybe not you who enjoy but your children and grandchild who will get many benefits.

Therefore there are various reasons why by buying life insurance you can manage the finances in the future.

2. Discipline Manage Money
When purchasing life insurance, you have an obligation to provide funds in accordance with the agreed premium agreement. Premiums must be paid monthly or annually. With this obligation, you inevitably have to set aside a part of the monthly income to pay the premium.Ê

This condition should make you more disciplined. Because if the premium is not paid, you may not be able to receive maximum benefits from life insurance.

3. Plan for the Future
Children and families are the ones who will most benefit from the life insurance you have. Because in principle, life insurance is a financial protection from the insured (the policyholder) for the recipient or the family left behind when the insured dies or a total disability that can no longer make a living for his family.

The regular premium you pay every month or every year, will eventually be used to continue your child's education or to meet the family's needs when you leave.

With these various reasons, managing the finances will be easier especially if you are not the type of person who likes to save or invest.
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Everyone who uses insurance must know the term premium. Premium is the amount of money paid each month or every year that is used as security deposit. Life insurance premiums paid by the insured to the insurer amount varies depending on many factors. In life insurance, premium prices are influenced by internal and external factors.
Factors Affecting the Magnitude of Life Insurance Premiums

Factors Affecting Life Insurance Premium: Internal
Factors affecting the large-small amount of the first premium is the internal factors or factors that come from the insurer (life insurance companies) not from the insured (life insurance customers). This is what determines the calculation of life insurance premiums that must be paid by the customer later. These factors are:

- Investment Result of the Company; If a life insurance company gets a high investment return on the funds it has managed, then the cost of premium payments to be paid by customers will be cheaper, and vice versa. No wonder most cheap premiums come from big insurance companies and have good management

- Calculated Expenses on Expenses, Taxes, Income, and Other: The cost of insurance premiums is determined by taking into account the expenses incurred by the insurer. If the possibility of spending a lot, then the premium will also be raised the price. Vice versa.

- Benefits of Protection: The insurance premium is of course determined by the product you choose. Different products definitely different benefits and guarantees offered. Because different benefits that, then the price of the premium was different. The wider the coverage you want, the greater the premium you have to pay.

Factors Affecting Life Insurance Premium: External
In addition to internal factors of the company, the price of a pure life insurance premium is also determined by factors sourced from the insured. The higher the risk of a prospective customer, the premiums charged will be greater. Several factors that affect the premium price that comes from the insurance customers are:

- Age: The younger the life of the insured, the easier it will be accepted by a life insurance company and the premium is cheaper. Because the risk of death and the disease is smaller than the elderly. The cheapest life insurance premium is usually reserved for people who are likely to die a little.

- Gender: Usually the client of the female sex will be charged a premium that is more expensive than male customers. That's because women are more susceptible to disease both physically and psychologically.

- Height and Weight: The higher and the weight of a person, the risk of death will be higher, because someone with weight above the average will be more susceptible to illness. Therefore, usually bigger customers will be charged a higher premium cost than those who are small.

- Occupation: Job type factor of course affects the determination of premium price. Insured who work outdoors the risk of death is higher than the customers who work indoors.

- Lifestyle and Hobbies: Lifestyle like smoking can certainly make the premium price becomes more expensive, or even not accepted by the insurer. In addition, having a dangerous hobby will also make the risk of death increases which is accompanied by an increase in premium prices as well.

- Health: Customers who have diseased offspring or have experience of disease, then the cost of premium will be more expensive.

After knowing several factors that affect the size of the premium above, then you can assess the price of life insurance premiums charged to you have been worth your risk. Insurance companies certainly consider many things before deciding the premium you have to pay.