3 Best Health Insurance Products Recommendations for Children

The best health insurance products for children - Health is important and should receive special attention. Because if health has been taken away, then we can no longer do anything meaningful. As parents, of course we feel worried about the health of our children. Because most children can not maintain their own health optimally. Therefore, consideration to use child health insurance should begin to be considered by us as parents who love to our children. Because by insuring their health, at least our anxiety about the cost of expensive treatment will be muffled.
3 Best Health Insurance Products Recommendations for Children

Best Child Health Insurance Version of Customer Review

When we are about to start to insure the health of our children, then we will be faced with a dilemma in choosing the best company or insurance product to ensure the health of our child. Usually, to find out a product is good or not, we will read reviews or reviews about the product from people who already use it. Here are the best child health insurance recommendations that most customers review.

1. AXA Smart Care Executive
One of the best health insurance recommendations for children from customers is AXA Smart Care Executive. A number of advantages make AXA Smart Care Executive deemed worthy of recommendation as child health insurance product, that is:

- Full 24-hour customer service. This facility is very helpful for us to ask questions or complaints whenever needed.
- Using cashless system. We can make a payment at the hospital by simply showing the cards we get from the insurance company.
- Offers health insurance products ranging from children aged 15 days to 17 years.
- And other advantages that make this product somewhat superior.

2. Allianz Smart Health Maxi Violet
In addition to AXA Smart Care Executive, the best health insurance product for other children that is reliable in protecting child health according to insurance user reviews on the internet is Smart Health Maxi Violet from Allianz. Smart Health Maxi Violet provides various benefits such as care for children if our baby is sick, whether it is inpatient, outpatient, or dental care.

In addition, this insurance offers a cashless system or no money. You only need to bring the card given the insurance if you want to deal with the hospital. If the child is hospitalized, this insurance product also provides additional daily compensation.

Because we include other family members in insurance, that is our child, then automatically we will get a discount of 5% premium. The advantages that make Allianz Smart Health Maxi Violet become health insurance for children who are quite popular in the community.

3. Sinarmas Simas Sehat Executive
This Sinarmas health insurance product guarantees the entire cost of the hospital where the child is treated, including emergency outpatient insurance coverage, accidental plastic surgery cost insurance, legal medical organ transplantation fee, and other benefits. In addition, the premium to be paid to ensure the health of our children is quite affordable and the process is easy. Premiums can be paid either in cash or credit.

After knowing 3 health insurance products that can guarantee the health of children well, are you still hesitant to start using child health insurance? Think carefully about your decision. You know best for you, your child, and your other family members

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