4 Best Outpatient Health Insurance Products

The best outpatient health insurance product - Health insurance divides itself into two namely inpatient and also outpatient health insurance. Most of the insurers focus on hospitalization only because it is considered more serious and serious than outpatient while outpatients also need the same treatment and care.
4 Best Outpatient Health Insurance Products

Almost all companies offer outpatient health insurance and stay in accordance with the necessary requirements. But you also need to know some companies that also have a focus on the health of their customers through outpatient care.

4 Type of Outpatient Health Insurance
Here are the outpatient health insurance products offered by two insurance companies:

# 1. Bringin Life Health Care Insurance
Bringin Life offers individual outpatient healthcare. This type of insurance also focuses on outpatient care for customers who work as employees. Many benefits can be obtained by becoming a customer Bringin Life especially for outpatient such as:

- Obtain medical examination benefits
- Getting compensation for consultation with a specialist
- Replacement of medicines cost per year
- Guarantee fee for laboratory tests if the customer has serious symptoms of the disease, and
- Additional benefits of dental care and also the cost of glasses replacement when the customer is using glasses.
- The claim submission process was fairly easy by using the reimburse system.

# 2. Smartcare Executive Group from AXA
Smartcare is a health insurance product issued by AXA. Here, Smartcare provides protection for you as well as families with excellent outpatient and outpatient benefits. The payment system used is cashless and applies to all partner hospitals from AXA with the 24 hour service provided to you. If you do not want to be admitted to the hospital, you can take outpatient care and medication will be covered by AXA.

In addition to other diseases suffered, the benefits of outpatient can be obtained is the cost of regular dental care and optical lens replacement coverage fee if you use glasses. Grace age membership that you can register is a member aged 15 to 60 years. Some health insurance for outpatient does provide important benefits for your health as well as families with premiums that are tailored to the needs and policies.

# 3. Maxi Violet from Allianz
Maxi Violet is an outpatient health insurance that is run by Allianz. The company also works with many partner hospitals so that the whole community can get health services that are already adjusted to the standards of IDI or doctor bonds. Many benefits, especially outpatient that customers can get such as:

- Guarantee fee charge for consultation either general practitioner or specialist doctor,
- Outpatient guarantees due to accident
- The cost of medicines
- Dental care, as well as
- Optical replacement.
- The payment system used is cashless in Allianz's partner hospital.

# 4. Simas Sehat Corporate from Sinarmas
Simas Sehat This is an insurance product issued by PT. Sinar Mas. This insurance product guarantees outpatient healthcare costs to customers as well as families that dicovernya. Some of the benefits include delivery and postpartum care if there are family members who are pregnant, doctors consultation fees as well as medicines, regular dental care guarantees and replacement of eyeglass lenses.

Basically, all health care is important both inpatient and outpatient health insurance that you do so this information can be a reference for you find the right choice for family health.

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