15 Good and Cheap Health Insurance

Good health insurance and cheap - Health insurance in its definition is a type of insurance that protects against the risk of medical costs incurred by an individual. By estimating the overall risk of health care and health system spending in a particular group, an insurance company may develop a product that routinely and structurally provides protection to its participants. Routinely for example is the premium payment on a monthly basis either individually or through a system of monthly payroll of the company.
15 Good and Cheap Health Insurance

By doing this, the insurer provides certainty through the insurance agreement to the insurance participants the availability of funds available to make payments when hospital care is required. The health insurance itself provides payments on health care costs to the illness or injury suffered by the participants. This includes injuries sustained as a result of accidents, paralysis, permanent disability or sudden death.

With the above explanation, it is clear that health insurance is an insurance product that specifically provides a guarantee of health care costs for participants when they fall ill or have an accident. Broadly speaking there are two kinds of treatments offered by various insurance companies that include inpatient or in-patient treatment and outpatient or out patient treatment.

Personal health insurance products are offered by social insurance companies, life insurance companies and also general insurance companies. In general there are many health insurance. Which is the best insurance product? Let's look at some good health insurance products as below.

1. Mandiri Hospitalife Insurance
This Health Insurance is the result of cooperation between AXA and Bank Mandiri. The advantages of this insurance is because by paying the premium for 4 years only but will get the coverage of the company concerned for 12 years. In addition, the premium money you pay will be refunded 100% at the end of the coverage period. This insurance has 953 hospital partners throughout Indonesia and a waiting period of 14 days.

2. Allianz SmartHealth Light Titanium
SmartHealth Light Titanium is a health insurance designed to assist companies in providing health care for their employees. This insurance provides payments in US dollars. The number of hospitals owned is fairly large, about 1000 hospitals throughout Indonesia with a waiting period of 14 days.

3. Simas Sehat Executive
Health insurance from Sinar Mas provides comprehensive protection. If health insurance is generally intended for inpatient protection, the Simas Sehat Executive provides protection against both inpatient and outpatient care. However, the number of insurance partner hospitals is only 791 hospitals. Waiting time was arguably the same as other insurance that is for 14 days.

4. Chubb Health Insurance
This insurance product was created by one of the leading insurance companies, Chubb. This insurance provides protection against health care as a result of illness or accident. This insurance program provides full protection to the insured from the financial side they will face when they are hit by a disaster such as when exposed to accident or serious illness. The number of partners is 689 hospitals with elay waiting period of 14 days.

5. Pan Pacific Healthcare Insurance
This insurance provides protection and convenience for the participants. By using the show card and swipe card system, the sick or accident participants can quickly get handled. Benefits offered by this insurance include hospitalization costs such as room charges, death benefits and the cost of cancer treatment benefits. In addition, additional benefits provided are outpatient expenses, hospitalization costs and cost of glasses. The waiting period for this insurance is considered the best when compared with other insurance, because there is no waiting period or 0 days.

6. Cigna Health Protection
Cigna Health Protection also known as Cigna Pro Health offers a 25% premium refund if there is no claim during 2 years membership. The premium offered by this insurance is also arguably very light. With costs starting dair Rp. 300 per day or Rp. 36,000 per month only. Another plus is the benefits can be directly claimed within 15 days after becoming a member. In addition, participants also do not need to conduct medical examination at the time of registration. The number of hospitals owned partners is as many as 653 hospitals and this insurance has a waiting period of 14 days.

7. Central Asia Medi + Insurance
Central Asia Insurance or ACA provides a treatment guarantee with flexibility and freedom for each participant to choose a hospital, doctor, pharmacy and laboratory. This service is provided to all oesertanya in various corners of the world and applies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This insurance itself has a partnership of 680 hospitals and has a waiting period of 5 days.

This insurance from BRI offers a very light premium. This health insurance premium starts from Rp. 36,000 per month only and you will get Rp 1,000,000 for protection for 60 days. In addition, you will also get a 200% money coverage if you suffer death accident during the insurance period. In addition, if the participant is disabled due to accidents experienced during the period pertnaggungan, then participants will receive compensation of 100% of the sum insured. With the number of partners as many as 650 hospitals in Indonesia this insurance is arguably quite reliable. The waiting period is 14 days.

9. AXA International Executive (Dollar)
This insurance program provides maximum protection by providing access to various network of partner hospitals located in Indonesia and around the world. In addition, the insurance program also provides the freedom to choose a flexible and appropriate health protection plan. This insurance program uses US dollars in premium payments. In addition, the advantages of this insurance are printed on the protection provided also includes consultation of psychology in the healing period. Then, International Exclusive also provides guarantees against diseases that have been suffered before or pre existing condition. As many as 627 hospitals are located throughout Indonesia. However, the waiting period of this insurance is quite long, ie for 40 days.

10. Allianz SmartHealth Blue Sapphire
Allianz's insurance product is a protection product intended for company employees and members of their family. The advantages offered are free death benefits. In addition, this insurance also offers the convenience of a cashless claim process. Registration in the insurance program is also fairly easy because without going through a medical test. The protection provided by this insurance is also complete because it covers protection for dental care, maternity care and eye care. The number of partner hospitals owned is 538 hospitals spread all over Indonesia. Then, this insurance has a waiting period of 14 days.

11. Avrist Medi Guard
Avrist insurance products provide protection 24 hours a day and 365 days a year throughout the world. The benefits of this insurance include hospitalization costs of 1 million rupiah or US $ 100 per day in ICU such as outpatient dialysis, organ transplants, outpatient chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Selin Avrist Medi Guard also provides protection benefits against accidents worth 200 million dollars or up to US $ 20,000. The number of partners owned by this insurance is 500 hospitals. Meanwhile, the waiting period is 14 days.

12. AIG Hospital Care Plus
AIG Hospital Care Plus provides complete protection by providing expert consultation facilities both before and after hospitalization. In addition AIG Hospital Plus also provides additional evaluation benefits in the form of emergency medical evaluation. With complete protection and affordable fees for hospital financing, AIG's insurance is one of the best products. With this insurance product you will be able to get hospital treatment both in Indonesia and abroad. The number of hospitals that have become the partners of this insurance is as many as 500 hospitals throughout Indonesia. One of the drawbacks is because the waiting period is long enough, ie for 30 days.

13. CIMB Sun Life X-Tra Medika
CIMB Sun Life is an insurance product designed specifically to alleviate hospital and medical expenses. You and your family will get protection through daily assistance for hospitalization due to illness and accident.

Benefits offered by this health insurance in the form of daily hospitalization benefits due to illness or accident up to 100 days per year per disease or per accident with a maximum value of 800 thousand ruoiah per day. For emergency room or emergency room care, hospitalization will be paid twice daily from 10 days to 15 days per year or 1.6 million rupiah per day. Meanwhile, this insurance also provides death benefit from illness or accident amounting to 10 times daily hospitalization benefits.

14. Sun Medicash Platinum
This health insurance product is a product of Sun Life Financial that offers the replacement of some funds in cash. These funds will be provided when you have to undergo hospitalization at the hospital both at home and abroad. The cause of hospitalization can be a disease or an accident. Various benefits of this insurance include daily payments that will be paid if you undergo inpatient treatment at hospitals in the country or abroad and care in intensive care unit or ICU, death benefit and the return of the premium of 50% at the end of the period insurance. Especially for a 50% premium refund, this is true even if you've made a claim. The hospital of this insurance product partners amounts to 500 hospitals scattered throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, the waiting period for this insurance is 30 days.

15. Alliaz AlliSya Care
Allianz AlliSya Care provides convenience for its participants with cashless facility which means you do not need to pay first payment. Just by showing the participant card, you can already get treatment from the hospital. In addition, you as a participant are given the freedom to decide the hospitals and clinics to get health care. If the selected hospital or clinic does not work together, the participant can claim to get reimbursement.

That's 15 health insurance in Indonesia. Which of these insurance is overkill? You should read and study carefully to determine which health insurance is most appropriate for you and your family. May be useful.

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