Comprehensive Insurance and Total Loss, Which is More Suitable

Comprehensive Insurance And Total Loss, Which Is More Suitable?.

Motor vehicle insurance is insurance that provides coverage of his vehicle damaged by accidents or natural disasters. There are two types of motor vehicle insurance coverage, i.e. comprehensive and Total losses (TLO/Total Loss Only). Surely the two types of guarantees it has some differences.

Comprehensive Insurance and Total Loss, Which is More Suitable

What are the differences?

This type of guarantee providing coverage over a damaged vehicle either partly or total damaged caused by: fire, collision or collisions with other cars, including slip, upside down, and it crashed, and deeds evil people are irresponsible.

In addition to this comprehensive assurance also provides reimbursement for loss of vehicles.

Total Loss (TLO/Total Loss Only)
The type of this guarantee give account of his vehicle is missing and does not return within a time period of approximately 60 days. In addition, this type of assurance also provides coverage for damage to the vehicle that exceeds 75% of the purchase price of the vehicle in market share, due to accidents or fires. The types of collateral it will give coverage to the amount of costs in accordance with the original cost of the vehicle or the overall damage.

If you want a more complete protection you can extend the warranty of your choosing with a guarantee against the risk of:

Riots and uprisings
Natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, storms, floods, hurricanes, hail, landslide) Terrorism and sabotage If see the benefits you might think that a comprehensive car insurance provide more benefits, particularly for those who have a car or a four-wheeled vehicles.

Car body often experience a beret, and with comprehensive car insurance then repair against a beret in the body of your car do not become a financial burden for you. However, to get all the benefits of protection is certainly a price premium that needs to be paid is generally higher than the TLO Insurance premiums.

By knowing the difference that informed above, where this type of motor vehicle insurance coverage from the most general insurance right for you?

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