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Buy life insurance - There are various reasons why you should plan your future finances from now on. The higher the need for life, such as the cost of children's education, the need for old age, to leave a legacy of property when you die someday. All the financial needs in the future can be overcome if you have been able to manage finances well from now on.
Confused to Manage Finance Buy Only Life Insurance

In managing family finances, you can use the financial planning formula. ÊAccording to Prita H. Ghozie, family finance planner of Zap Finance, you should set up expenditure items from the monthly salary as follows:

- Zakat, infak, alms = 5%
- Emergency fund and insurance premium = 10%
- Monthly routine fee = 50%
- Savings for needs within a year = 10%
- Investment for medium and long term needs = 15%
- Cost of entertainment and lifestyle = 10%

According to Prita, if you intend to take mortgage or vehicle installments, the budget should be used no more than 30% of your salary. For this, you are forced to reduce the budget for entertainment, lifestyle, or short-term savings.

1. Manage with Life Insurance
Allocating around 10% of the monthly salary to pay insurance premiums is a very appropriate step. Purchasing health insurance means you've shifted healthcare costs that could have suddenly swelled. If you have insurance, payment of healthcare costs can be lighter.

While life insurance can be used as a financial budget allocation in the future. Maybe not you who enjoy but your children and grandchild who will get many benefits.

Therefore there are various reasons why by buying life insurance you can manage the finances in the future.

2. Discipline Manage Money
When purchasing life insurance, you have an obligation to provide funds in accordance with the agreed premium agreement. Premiums must be paid monthly or annually. With this obligation, you inevitably have to set aside a part of the monthly income to pay the premium.Ê

This condition should make you more disciplined. Because if the premium is not paid, you may not be able to receive maximum benefits from life insurance.

3. Plan for the Future
Children and families are the ones who will most benefit from the life insurance you have. Because in principle, life insurance is a financial protection from the insured (the policyholder) for the recipient or the family left behind when the insured dies or a total disability that can no longer make a living for his family.

The regular premium you pay every month or every year, will eventually be used to continue your child's education or to meet the family's needs when you leave.

With these various reasons, managing the finances will be easier especially if you are not the type of person who likes to save or invest.
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Elderly life insurance - Life insurance for parents, need not ya? This question came up and asked me several times. Need not life insurance for parents? The answer is simple, depending on the purpose for what it used to be. If you look at the concept of insurance then it may not be necessary because anyway our parents are no longer dependent economically if died.

But if you see the other side of the perspective is still needed. What for ? For inheritance to abandoned children, so life insurance for parents is still considered necessary if aims for inheritance.

What if other insurance such as health insurance and critical illness insurance? Need for parents? If for health insurance the answer is easy that is necessary! point !!! Try which logic is more vulnerable to sick people in the productive age or parents who are aged 60s and older? Parents khan then for health insurance is still needed until someone dies. Then what about critical illness insurance? If this is optional if you have more funds please buy for the parents but if there is no then there is minimal health insurance that can cover for medical expenses caused by cancer such as for chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

Well if you have to buy health insurance especially plus critical illness insurance then the premium would be expensive is not it? Lah is his age is already senior khan. Hehehe. Even the average lot of health insurance that only cover up to the age of 70 years after that then it is finished and can not be extended lagi.asuransi jiwa untuk ibu

Pay Insurance Premium For Parents
Currently I will only discuss life insurance that aims for inheritance from a simple point of view is to replace the cost of health insurance premiums or critical illness insurance paid or for the cost of treatment if our parents are sick. What does that mean? ...

To simplify the calculation I assume your parents bought health insurance that stick in unitlink yes. Suppose your parent is now 60 years old and you buy health insurance plus life insurance of 180 million with premium about 1 million per month or 12 million per year. If we assume life expectancy up to 75 years then you will need funds to pay health insurance premium plus life insurance for your parents of 12 million x 15 years = 180 million.

By purchasing this health insurance you have transferred some of the financial risk to the insurance company if at any time your parents are sick and need a big cost.

We assume a life expectancy of 75 years then let's say your parents died just at the age of 75 years and for 15 years you have paid health insurance premiums to him some 180 million then when your parents died at the age of 75 years all the premiums paid will be replaced by the legacy of life insurance earned. So the health insurance you pay for your parents for 15 years is actually free because all the premiums back to you can form your parents' inheritance. Come nice do not buy free insurance? Hehehe

What if your parents died at the age of 65? Yes you can say you profit because you get a legacy of 180 million while the premium you pay only 12 million x 5 years = 60 million. Continue to die at the age of more than 75 years? Yes you will lose a bit in terms of money but as a child you have given the best for your parents by giving him adequate health insurance so that if he is sick the cost of treatment can be replaced by the insurance company and not to reduce your property significantly. - Elderly life insurance

Age Is Old, Should Life Insurance?
If the question in the above title is submitted to a person who is currently in his 30s, and he understands financial planning, he may say "no need". Why? Because he will plan finances well and invest as optimally as possible so that in old age (above 50 years), his wealth is quite a lot and he no longer need money from insurance.

But if the above question is submitted to a person who is now over the age of 50, what is the answer? I estimate at least five possible answers, depending on the condition:

1. No Need
If the parent has invested well in his youth, and now his assets are full, all his children are independent, and no longer have debt, then he does not need life insurance. All he needs is health insurance, or enough money to pay for his medical expenses.

2. Need
If the parents did not invest since young, or now still have children to be endowed, or the debt is not paid off, then he still needs life insurance.

3. Should
Maybe the children are independent, but their life is still barely. The residence still leased or even still ride. Want a home loan, DP is overpriced. And looking at their current career development, it seems like it took them a long time to collect tens of millions of cash to pay for home DP, or maybe it will not happen.

The old man is eager to help his children, but his property is not too much. So one way he can take is to take life insurance. Precisely life insurance that can last a lifetime. I think UP 100 million or 200 million will be very valuable for his children. And for parents in the 50's, the premium is even cheaper in unit link than in term life. In addition, unit link can be valid for life, term life is not.

In this way, although when his parents see his children still contracting, he can make sure his children have a home when he dies.

4. Want
If the parent has enough assets, no longer have dependents and debts, his children are also self-reliant and well established, then he could take life insurance or maintain life insurance that he has.

Then for what the sum insured?

For charity.

I want to emphasize this fourth point. Let us think more long term, more visionary vision. Life insurance money, maybe 1 billion, 500 million, or just 100 million, will be big enough if donated. Have you ever donated that much money to build a mosque? Or for an orphanage? Or for an educational institution? Or for cancer research institute? Or to capitalize a man who was pioneering the business out of poverty?

By having life insurance, we can contribute as much money as wealthy and generous people can do. The origin of the place of distribution is right, our alms will be worthy of the false, whose reward flows continually until the day of resurrection. Hopefully.

5. Can not
There are parents who actually still need life insurance; he still has a small child, mortgage has not been paid off, and the oldest child is not yet well-established economy.

But life insurance is not something anyone can buy easily. Only certain people can have life insurance, ie they are healthy. - Elderly life insurance

If the elderly person is not physically healthy anymore, despite having money he will not be able to buy life insurance.
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Pure life insurance policy - The higher the level of public understanding about insurance and its types, the more public interest to choose pure life insurance as the main reward. Pure insurance is usually chosen by the community because the price is much cheaper. The tendency of people to choose affordable insurance products is a major factor for insurance companies to create pure insurance.
3 Best Pure Life Insurance Policy Recommendation

On some, every insurance company wants all. However, not all societies are ready to be. Therefore, the settlement of pure life insurance becomes a more enduring solsi for the Indonesian family.

Example of Best Pure Insurance Product
Here are some examples of good life insurance from a reputable insurance company:
1. Proactive Plus
Proactive Plus is a pure insurance product owned by Manulife that is designed specifically to protect the insured without. Many benefits are generated by customers who choose Proactive Plus such as Healthsafe which is integrated into personal and family health that includes accidents, hospitalizations and roads.

There is also the benefit of Manulife Medicare Plus that is integrated into the health of a person or family who is hospitalized in the hospital. Jam it, try also can release Premium or premium exemption on the inability to be reserved cleaner family members died or disabled.

2. Al Khairat
Of the types of Takaful insurance products. Al Khairat owned by Takaful Insurance Indonesia. Al Khairat itself is a good pure life insurance that many trusted by the people of Indonesia. Many benefits generated by Al Khairat customers for example:

After the user dies, then the heirs will get a guarantee of the quality of compensation according to the amount planned by the customer.

If the customer is alive until the end of the insurance agreement, then the customer will get a profit on or Tabarru which will be determined by the insurer. "Pure life insurance policy"

3. Mitra Prima
Mitra Prima is one of the pure life insurance products owned by Bumiputera. From Mitra Prima is to contribute during the life of the insurance to you and your family and to give the family inheritance. Compensation given against 100% mortality risk. In addition, Mitra Prima already has the ability as you do not need to do a medical examination for the age of 20-50 years.

What about Pure Life Insurance Premium?
As you already know, life insurance premiums are cheaper because customers are not burdened with other costs. In addition to cheap premiums, there are several other advantages of pure life insurance, among others:

A huge sum insured
Payment of insurance premiums can be made within a certain time in accordance with the agreement made by the insurer and the insured.

The sum insured is usually. Not in accordance with the amount you want according to your needs.

However, keep in mind also the possibility of scorching the healthy cover until the end of the employment contract because you have not gotten anything yet. There are also some insurance companies that provide terms or answers. Some companies also have the right to refuse and accept contract renewals tailored to the health conditions of the policyholder. "Pure life insurance policy"

Hopefully information about pure life insurance including the advantages and disadvantages can help you to determine what kind of product that suits your needs and family. This insurance can be an option if your main consideration is a mild premium, but there are some risks that consumers need to have before making a decision.
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Look Before Buying Insurance

Imagine if a hard-earned home in installments over the years should be sold for medical expenses due to illness or accident.

Many insurance products are offered in the market. Protection is also diverse, from simple to comprehensive protection.

Careful in buying insurance products will provide many benefits!
Before deciding to insure and determine the insurance products that we will buy, understand and understand correctly about the terms, terms and obligations that are in the insurance clause. Rights and obligations of policyholders are the main ones and become the guidance for policyholders.

Finding information about the product to be purchased is a very important requirement related to the selection of insurance products to be purchased. The information can be viewed from the website of the insurance company or through the brochures available. Can also information we get from the Insurance Agent.

In general, there are two life insurance products:
1. Traditional Life Insurance. Traditional insurance provides benefits with a definite amount as it is in the policy and does not depend on investment performance.
2. Unit Link. Unit link insurance is associated with investment, providing investment benefits that depend on the performance of the type of investment fund chosen by the customer since the beginning of the insurance application.
Both can be added with other benefits, such as health protection, accidents and critical illness.

Some Tips on Reading Insurance Policy:
1. On the front page or policy summary:
- Insurance products purchased
- The amount of Sum Insured
- Insurance start date
- Duration of insurance period
- The amount of premium payments
- Name of the Insured
- Name of Policyholder

2. General policy terms:
- Rights and obligations as policyholder. Such as the obligation to pay premiums, sanctions due to late or unpaid premiums, as well as the right to obtain insurance benefits when the occurrence of insured risks.
- Rights and obligations of insurance companies as insurers. Such as the obligation of insurance companies to pay claims filed by policyholders or heirs.
- Grace period facility. Freedom is given to anticipate late payment of premiums. Policy whose premium has not been paid after the due date of payment until the limit of freedom will still be borne if there is a risk in that period. Duration of this free period 30 s / d 60 days.
- Chapter exceptions on general policy terms.

- Special provisions for products purchased. Some insurance products have special specifications that need to be poured in a special provision.
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Insurance For Beginners Workers

"Welcome to the real world." These comments are often asked to welcome the presence of new colleagues who are fresh graduates or beginners.

The world of work is challenging. Having succeeded in "outsmarting" other job seekers, it does not mean that a novice worker can enjoy his success. He still has to strategize and adapt to his new job, and equally important is to set up a strategy for investing (making good financial planning for the future).

Planning the future for someone is certainly not separated from financial planning, where the need for a good planning system for the needs of life in the future can be passed well.

"Hence, financial planning should be from young like a young fund, and the most ideal is to plan pension funds," said Financial Planner, Aidil Akbar, as reported by

According to Aidil, it took at least 10 to 15 years, as an ideal timeframe for preparing the pension fund. "The cost of living is increasingly expensive, what more young people want whatever the salary would run out, so if we have a good plan it will be systematic with investment," he explained.

Meanwhile, Aidil recommends that after receiving a salary, a person should at least set aside 30 percent for productive debt.

Aidil's productive debt is like House Ownership Loan (KPR) or property business, where the value of its assets is always increasing so it is expected to increase business capital in the future.

"Well, for the rest of 70 percent can be used by 50 percent for living expenses and 20 percent for insurance, because do not let us work too tired, it does not have protection," he concluded.

Indonesia is included in the ranks of countries with the largest population in the world. No wonder if the number of labor force was fairly large.

Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) notes that there is improvement in terms of employment in the country. BPS data said the number of labor force in February 2013 has reached 121.2 million people or increased 780 thousand people compared with February last year. In contrast, the unemployment rate has decreased by as many as 440 thousand people.

The above data shows the positive thing that large workforce signifies the more productive age involved in advancing the country. However, on the other hand, this good news has not been matched by the awareness of novice workers to have an investment for a better future. Many are put off by reason of not finding effective ways of investing.

Insurance can be one wise, appropriate and attractive choice to start investing a novice worker in Indonesia. Because insurance can replace one's economic value while having protection plus investment. Moreover, according to data from the Association of Indonesian Life Insurance (AAJI) , the total number of national life insured in the second quarter of 2013 experienced a significant growth of 54.55%. So, arguably, this year is the ideal momentum to take insurance.

Especially if the insurance is purchased when a young worker beginner young. This is because in addition to the premium is still relatively cheap, insurance will provide maximum benefits not only for policyholders, but also to their loved ones.

However, as a novice worker, it is only natural that you encounter barriers to starting insurance, because of a lack of understanding of insurance benefits.

Related to that, Vice President Actuarial Department PT. Sequis Life Life Insurance - Wong Chung Chiat shares practical tips on choosing the right insurance, as follows:
Look at your needs and know the amount of funds you can invest in insurance.
Knowing the background of the desired insurance company, whether the financial strength of the insurance company and of course insurance companies must be reliable. Good insurance also if the advisors are reliable, trustworthy and have an official license from AAJI.

Inevitably, insurance becomes a very important thing in the planning of one's life. Having insurance as early as possible, when someone starts up the work world, it is highly recommended because the premium is lower. Choose an insurance program based on life stages and financial capabilities that certainly evolves with career development and finance.

Greetings & Success Always!
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Insurance Is Family Protection!

If your lifestyle thinking is limited to following the latest trends, you're wrong! Because you also have to think about the future, which is certainly unpredictable. Have you ever imagined that insurance can be an asset to maintain a lifestyle in the long term?

Insurance, heard the term alone some people may immediately shut down and think the person who was talked to is an insurance agent. Some people do seem "allergic" to talking about insurance. Let alone have the need for insurance, the definition of insurance is not fully understood.

Insurance awareness in Indonesian society is still relatively low. According to data from AAJI (Association of Indonesian Life Insurance) , the penetration of the insurance market in Indonesia in 2010 is about 4%.

Among ASEAN countries, insurance penetration in Indonesia is very low. Compare for example with Singapore has reached about 6%.

The question is, why the awareness of insured Indonesian people is very low, but there are many benefits that can be obtained from insurance?

Perception is the root of every thought process. Concerning the insurance problem, the perception that develops in the community is generally related to the hard-to-understand product, complicated claims process or negative experience with an insurance agent because it is too aggressive.

It makes people more afraid of insurance. Moreover, the benefits can not be immediately felt by the policyholder, but by the heirs. Yet if glimpsed further, today the term insurance is no longer a foreign thing. Ironically, the policyholders often do not understand in detail the products that have been purchased.

Based on experience, often policyholders still do not know the detail coverage they have, sum insured, even some also do not know how big the premium and do not tell the heirs.

In essence, many have already purchased an insurance policy, but do not know what is actually bought. If you have this, the loss is the holder of the polo itself. Have paid regular premiums every month, but due to ignorance and carelessness, can not take advantage of insurance with the maximum. Even if something happens to yourself, because of not informing the heirs about the policy, the heirs do not get the money (death benefit) a penny because the claim management was never done.

It's not a question of whether the person is educated or not. The problem is whether the purchase of the policy occurs because of the need or feel compelled, uncomfortable by the agent who offered it, or already tired of being chased by the insurance agent?

With still low penetration, the insurance market in Indonesia is huge. In the last 5 years, the public has shown tedensi to have insurance. Slowly but surely, having an insurance policy has become a part of the lifestyle and the more confident to design the future.

This may be driven by changes in phenomena that have occurred in recent years. Now we know the term "sandwich generation" , to describe the condition of the generation that is squeezed in the middle. Nurturing children and families themselves and still have to finance the lives of parents.

Automatically, the pinched generation must be more creative in managing finances so that every need remains fulfilled, without having to make lifestyles decline from the ordinary enjoyed.

The next question, if something happens to the breadwinner then what will happen to the family left behind?

We never know what will happen in the future. The short length of age is unpredictable. All that can be done is to prepare everything if the plan does not go as expected. Especially for the survival of the people who will be left behind.

Anticipation, not pessimistic. Anyway, there's something more widespread about the insurance that's involved in it, namely "the asurasnsi is about keeping your lifestyle and enjoying your life."

A mother of two who has recently lost her husband to cancer, is faced with the fact that the cost of treatment for months has to be paid off immediately. Given his enormous cost, he was forced to sell the house, drain the savings, and the debt remained unpaid. He kept trying to find a loan to and fro in order to pay the full cost of her husband's care. Not only lose the person he loves, he must also lose all material. If you have this, do not think to enjoy life, maintaining the standard of living as usual difficult.

Similarly the matter of children's education. It is common knowledge that the cost of education continues to increase every year, even beyond the rate of inflation. Although it has made predictions, if not precisely prepared with a detailed calculation, when needed when the child enters the lecture level, for example, it could be insufficient cost. As a result, in addition to having to find additional work, life must also be more efficient in order to enter children into quality schools.

Life does not always go according to expectations, desires and plans. The question is, when it happens, are you ready ???
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Tips To Be a Professional Insurance Agent

"When you do good, others may suspect that there are bad intentions behind your good deeds, but keep doing good!" (Mother Theresa)

For so long, for years, the author has a negative impression on the Profession of Insurance Agents. That, because the author often feel annoyed, annoyed, even angry to the Insurance Agent!

So what???
As the author recalls, the Insurance Agent who once called, tried to meet or directly meet, the way they sell their insurance products or their recruiting model, invites to join the insurance company where they take shelter, done less or not good. They use a little force and force. Some others do it by "asking for pity" ...
Insurance Agent who like the picture above it is, the person!

After entering into the insurance business, understand and understand and explore the insurance, which the author got is the opposite. Insurance Agent is actually a noble profession that puts humanity forward. The main functions, duties and responsibilities and obligations are to provide customers with complete information, description and explanation of the need and amount of insurance benefits ...

If the profession is done in a good and right way, it certainly will not make potential customers become annoyed, angry or pity, just the opposite, not the prospective customers and customers have gained knowledge about insurance and understanding of the amount of insurance benefits. That's why the Professional Insurance Agent will get the phrase: "THANKS STILL."

Here, TIPS to become a Professional Insurance Agent:
- Land with love.
- Have a mental and a positive attitude.
- Master well insurance products.
- Honest and open with advantages and disadvantages of its insurance products.
- Understand properly the functions, duties and responsibilities and obligations.
- The main purpose and objective of meeting prospective customers is for their sake and for their needs.
- Present the benefits of the insurance completely.
- Be diligent in prayer.

As a noble profession and prioritizing humanity, should the potential customers and customers "love" Insurance Agent. Making prospective customers understand, understand and realize the importance and benefits of insurance, means to take the prospective customer to "the gateway of success" , will not have financial difficulties in the future ...

Improving the negative understanding of Insurance Professional Profession that already exist in our society and also give awareness to prospective customers about their needs and   the magnitude of the benefits of insurance, is not easy, that's the constraints as well as challenges that writers face in the field. Very interesting...

As a businessman, some important points that underlie the author finally plunge into the insurance industry are, as follows:
- It can actually be useful and help people who need it.
- It almost does not require capital.
- Will not lose.
- Flexible working time.
- Support system already exists.
- The management is professional.
- Be more self-actualizing.
- The opportunities are great and the business prospects are good.
- Had a chance to meet more people.
- Can be run in conjunction with other businesses that have previously been run.

The points above that is the reason the author entered into the insurance business. One more thing that according to the author is very important to run this business that is, success can only be achieved by forming and building a solid team.

Become successful by making others successful ...

For a better tomorrow!
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Guidelines For Helping You Choose A Car Insurance Company

First:  Know what car you are going to be driving!  You will get a different price depending on the car!

Second:  Go to the car insurance websites and try to get a free quote.  Compare the quotes that you get to see what is the best deal.  Use the minimum “limits” that they provide.  DO NOT GIVE THEM CORRECT PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Third:  Look at their commercials.  What are the companies offering you?  What companies have offers that will actually save you money and give you better “coverage”?
(Coverage means how well they will protect you).

Fourth:  Read the costumer reviews.  If they are getting a lot of negative feedback, then that should influence your decision as to whether or not to use them.

Fifth:  Read the news articles and make sure that the company is doing what you believe is right.  If the news article says that the CEO of the company kills kittens for sport, then you might not want to give him your money.

Keep track of your information on a word document so you can use it when you are writing your essay.  Be smart about your choices … this is a useful tool and it won’t be too long before you are driving and will need this!

Getting Car Insurance with Convictions: Do I need to worry about other types of convictions?
While a DUI is very serious, it isn’t the worst conviction that you could get while driving, such as causing an accident that kills someone. If you are convicted of negligence, it could lead to a manslaughter conviction and actual jail time.

However, there are many different types of convictions that are very minor. Any type of conviction will affect your insurance premiums, but minor offenses, especially ones that don’t lead to an insurance claim, will not lead to extreme insurance price hikes. However you should still expect to pay rates that are higher than monthly car insurance average premiums.

The exception to this is if you have a long history of convictions on your driving record. Basically, if you have a lot of spending tickets, then the insurance company is going to increase your risk value. In other words, insuring you is riskier because you are a careless driver and as such you rates will increase.

While there are classes that you can take to reduce the amount of points you accrue on your license, every state has their limit of how many classes you can take. In addition, these classes cost money, sometimes as much as $100.
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Can I Get Car Insurance With Convictions On My Driving Record

As you already know, in order to drive you are required to carry auto insurance on your vehicle; but you may be asking if you can get car insurance with convictions on your record. The answer to that is based on many factors, including what type of convictions and how many you have.

Enter your zip code to compare car insurance rates now!

When you cause an accident, you are under a great deal of stress. What’s worse, you will also face getting a ticket and eventually a conviction on your driving record.

There are all sorts of convictions that range from being less serious, such as running a stop sign, to very serious, such as driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). If you have numerous convictions, then you could face losing your insurance, which in turn means that you would be unable to drive your vehicle.

Getting Car Insurance with Convictions: What happens if I have a DUI?

Driving while under the influence of alcohol not only puts you at risk, but it puts every other person on the road with you at risk as well. That is why DUI offences carry such heavy fines, suspended licenses and even loss of auto insurance.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, every 45 minutes there is death in the US caused by a drunk driver. This kind of accident costs insurance companies plenty, which is why some insurance companies will see you as a high risk driver and may not insure you at all if you have a DUI conviction.

If your insurance company does choose to keep you after a DUI accident, you can expect your insurance rates to nearly triple. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 years for an insurance company to lower your rates after a DUI conviction.

Car Insurance with Convictions and the SR-22

Interestingly, if you live in Delaware, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Pennsylvania it could take years for your insurance company to learn about your DUI. That is because these states don’t require you to provide proof of insurance via an SR-22.

A SR-22 is a from that you have to provide to your insurance company not only informing them of your DUI, but also informing them that they are now required by law to immediately inform the state if your insurance lapses for any reason.

Even though the states specified above don’t require you to fill out an SR-22, eventually they will discover your DUI conviction. When they do, they are legally able to raise your rates at the time of discovery or even cancel your insurance because you did not inform them of your conviction.

The states that do require you to file an SR-22 usually charge fees for the form. In addition, you will be required to file an SR-22 for at least three years, regardless of how clean you keep your record after the fact.

In many cases you can have a DUI conviction removed from your driving record if you take specific classes assigned by the state. In this case you may not be required to file an SR-22 and, because the conviction doesn’t actually exist any longer, your insurance rates won’t increase.

If you have more than one DUI, however, don’t expect to have the option of taking a class to forgive your conviction. In addition, you could face a suspended license, something your insurance company will receive notice of.

Some insurance companies will still allow you to have liability insurance through their company if you have multiple DUIs but not comprehensive coverage. Your costs will still be very high, but not as high as having every type of coverage on your vehicle.

This could pose a problem if your vehicle is leased or financed as your lender will require you to maintain a certain level of insurance that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. If you can’t purchase insurance due to your DUIs your bank will purchase insurance naming themselves the beneficiary of the policy.
You will still be billed the premiums for this policy; however, the bank receives any payments for your vehicle if you cause an accident. They want to ensure that they receive payment for your vehicle if you become uninsurable.

Incidentally, when the bank purchases a car insurance policy for your vehicle, the premiums are typically at least 2 times more expensive than if you were to buy it on your own.

Getting Car Insurance with Convictions: Do I need to worry about other types of convictions?

While a DUI is very serious, it isn’t the worst conviction that you could get while driving, such as causing an accident that kills someone. If you are convicted of negligence, it could lead to a manslaughter conviction and actual jail time.

However, there are many different types of convictions that are very minor. Any type of conviction will affect your insurance premiums, but minor offenses, especially ones that don’t lead to an insurance claim, will not lead to extreme insurance price hikes. However you should still expect to pay rates that are higher than monthly car insurance average premiums.
The exception to this is if you have a long history of convictions on your driving record. Basically, if you have a lot of spending tickets, then the insurance company is going to increase your risk value. In other words, insuring you is riskier because you are a careless driver and as such you rates will increase.

While there are classes that you can take to reduce the amount of points you accrue on your license, every state has their limit of how many classes you can take. In addition, these classes cost money, sometimes as much as $100.

Getting Car Insurance with Conventions: What do I do if my insurer drops me?

It isn’t the end of the world if your current insurer drops you as a client, there are other options. First you need to visit your states Department of Insurance website and see if there is a state sponsored program you can join. Again, this will be more expensive, but at least you will be able to drive your vehicle.

You will have to face the fact that if your convictions were serious enough for your insurance company to drop you, then you are going to have fewer options than someone with a clean driving record. In addition, you will pay much higher premiums.

You should take the time to get car insurance quotes from several companies as well. During the questioning process, you will be asked how many driving convictions you have, how many accidents, how long ago the accidents occurred and so on. If the insurance company can’t insure you, you will receive a message that you aren’t eligible for their auto insurance.

If you don’t want to face that kind of rejection and you want to save time, then you should use a quote tool that allows you to compare the rates between several companies at once. You won’t be shown companies that won’t provide you with insurance, only those that you qualify for.

When using a quote tool, it is important to be honest about your convictions as this is the only way to get an accurate quote. A quote isn’t a guarantee of services and if you exclude anything, then you will be rejected on the back end of the quote, which is when you contact the insurance company.

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Prudential education insurance . Education has become a necessity of life in the present time. The increasing demands for quality human resources make us careful in designing adequate education for our sons and daughters.

The increase in tuition fees in USA from year to year is not balanced with the increase in income for families so that the cost of education is increasingly unaffordable. With these conditions, the amount of education funds at the time our children are going to higher education would not be overtaken by the size of the savings we plan today. Need insurance education insurance as a financial planning solution so that in time it will be able to cover the entire cost of education.

Prudential Education Insurance Funds Savings Plan

Prudential education insurance is one alternative solution to plan the cost of education of children. Prudential USA as the pioneer of unit link insurance, with its comprehensive product benefit feature offers investment program that can be designed to form education fund, this is called prudential education insurance which becomes one unit in Prulink Assurance Account policy.

Prudential education insurance does not stand alone, as a Prudential insurance product , the benefits of education insurance into a package with basic insurance is life insurance. With a profitable cash value investment management system, we can form educational fund, pension fund or old age guarantee. This is a form of prulink investment benefits .

Prudential education insurance is a solution of how to plan for the cost of education of children, formed based on the accumulated value of investment cash from year to year, so with the right planning, in time can be used to cover the cost of education of children without having to drain your savings.

Likewise with pension or old-age savings programs, return investments in cash value can be used to design pension funds or old-age benefits. Read also: Prudential education insurance calculations

INFO: There are many things you must learn before taking the decision to buy unit link insurance, learn SECRETS BUYING UNIT LINK INSURANCE .
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Tips To Sell Life Insurance Products Easily

Every life insurance agent would expect to bid in its products always run smoothly without experiencing rejection or objections from prospective customers. In other words sell the product with ease.Namun in reality ... we must admit that selling life insurance is not as easy selling real products, looks shape and form.

Selling life insurance products is selling the promise ... that will be realized in the long term can be 10 years ahead.20 years or even a lifetime.Therefore in need of sufficient ability in selling life insurance. So as a life insurance agent we must continue to learn to improve our ability to sell.

Here I will share some tips on selling life insurance products easily and minimize rejection . Not to patronize a friend, but just to share,
1. Select your prospective customers well, keep your prospects prospective references from relatives, close friends or relatives of potential customers who will be your prospects. It is important to reduce your rejection.

2. Call the prospective customer you will meet, to make an appointment, determine the time and place, so that prospective customers will take the time to your arrival.

3. Avoid telling a product when you make an appointment on the phone, remember ... your calling destination is to get an appointment not to sell.

4. Prepare carefully when going to your prospective customers, including knowledge of insurance products that you will offer, prepare a good mental, appearance is also of course, because you are a mirror of the company.

5. Optimistic, and positive thinking, come to prospective customers with confidence, remember ... when you are sure / optimistic then you have succeeded 50%. Positive thinking is that what you bring is good for them.Calon customers will be happy with your product, it's just they do not know, well this is your job, to explain well so that prospective customers can understand the whole.

6. Do a good and sincere approach , per kenal kan yourself, give your business card, your license, introduce that you represent your company. Key of success you sell is on how you approach. Because the product that you sell is promise, then make it for you to be trustworthy. Life insurance business is a business of trust, your prospective customers will never buy when they have not trusted you. Show your concern to potential customers so they feel you are a good friend, who is worthy of trust.
Get as much data as possible about potential customers, including, age, employment, family members, etc.This can be done by asking / and telling potential customers, do this casually and do not impress like interrogation. tell about him when he was comfortable with you. Do not forget to give praise to prospective customers if there is something that is worth to appreciate.

8. Explore the needs of your prospective customers well, what are their current needs, short term, medium term and long term, it is important that you are not wrong in presenting the product when it will start the sale .

9. After proximity to the prospective customer well established, then you are ready to start selling your product. Usually if the prospective customer has been comfortable, then the selling step will be smooth. Do the sales process well, clearly, not in a hurry, so prospective customers can clearly understand your intentions, and the benefits they will get if they buy from you.

10. In terms of explaining the product, do not seem very selling, but position yourself as a good partner, that is on the part of your prospective customer. So they will be comfortable asking more about your product.

11. After you explain the product completely, give the prospective customer time to understand and ask about your product. Then try to close the sale ..

12. Usually the prospective customer will express his objections , my friend do not worry, keep calm listening to the objection of the prospective customer, because with the emergence of objections from the prospective customer, it means that they are interested in buying, and your steps sell live a step away.

13. Avoid to argue directly about the objections of the prospective customer, but stay calm and listen well to all objections from your prospective customer. Remember one thing ... the prospective customer expressed his objection, is because they are interested to buy it.

14. After listening to all the objections of the prospective customer then it is time for you to handle the objection. Usually the objections that arise are, less sure , do not have u ang, think think first / not hurry, not need.

If the objections arise are no money , or think first / do not hurry , then you have successfully sold, managed to make your product in need by prospective customers, just a matter of time, and a little approach then prospective customers will decide to buy from you. Keep a good relationship, maybe tomorrow or the day after, you will be contacted by the prospective customer.

But if the objections that arise are not necessary or do not believe , then you should need to reset your sales process again there are things that are less clear so that prospective customers feel no need, and worthy of yourself to believe. they really believe in you.

if all sales steps have my friend do well, maximal, and sincerely then pray and believe the results are submitted to God, because in fact we as human beings are just trying their best, the affairs of the results is his affairs.Every serious business and really really Surely the result will be good and fun.

While some of my friends ... a little tip in doing the sale of life insurance, for the more senior please to share his knowledge, for the same we complement each other .... good luck .. hopefully useful.
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Nowadays, human needs for health insurance increasingly need to be met. It relates to guarantees that protect your financial sector, in the event of undesirable things, such as accidents, chronic diseases, and natural disasters. Today, the cost of medicine, doctors, and hospitalization are rising. Plus if the disease is classified as serious disease. You can say that you are a healthy person right now. However, you will not know how your health will be in the future. For that, you need to take preventive measures by protecting yourself and your family with health insurance.

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks - In addition, by using insurance, you can protect your finances as well. Because if you do not have insurance and then there is an accident or disease, it will often make a person's finances become unfamiliar. When it has reached the limit of financial ability, and when it is also you have to make up for medical expenses, often will be a lot of things at stake, for example to mortgage jewelry, vehicles, even homes. Owe can be done if the situation is very urgent.

It would be very lucky if you work in a company that has covered health insurance. What if not? So try to have your own insurance. Choose health insurance from insurance companies. You can also apply for insurance organized by the government, such as BPJS Health . The problem is, there are still many people who do not understand about the important things before buying a health insurance policy. In addition to the things that need to be met, the rights to be earned, it also concerns the choice of health insurance that is eligible to be elected. For that, you need to pay attention to the following important things before you buy health insurance.

1. Insurance Product Name
Every insurance product has a very diverse name. Because when you are looking for health insurance , the provider must have more than one product name. For that, you must be careful and know carefully the name of an insurance product that will you choose.

2. Choosing a Health Insurance Provider
Choose an insurance company with a good track record of excellent products and services. One of the characteristics of a good insurance company is to have many branches. To find out, you can search for information via internet or newspaper media. To be more confident, look for your colleagues or relatives who ever tried insurance on a company. Try searching and compare companies that provide many benefits.

Pay close attention and compare the benefits of the premiums to be paid. Choose products that fit your financial needs and capabilities. Do not force yourself to take out expensive insurance. You can trim your budget by choosing an ordinary room when you have to undergo hospitalization, no need to fancy.

3. Terms of Health Insurance
Learn first what services are offered by the company, and what are the benefits to be gained. Read through chapter by chapter in detail, as they usually often include terms that are poorly understood or biased in meaning. If you still do not understand, you can ask to get a clear answer. Make sure that the insurance policy covers the health costs you want, such as hospital fees, doctors, medications, and operating costs.

4. Guarantee or Coverage it
It is imperative that you as a prospective customer understand exactly this. Because it can affect your decision to buy insurance or not. Every customer has the same thoughts for insurance that bought can meet the needs to the fullest. That is, protect from various disease risks as well as various health problems in the future.

You need to know what risks will be guaranteed insurance. Also note also whether there is a maximum age limit that can be guaranteed insurance products that you will choose. No less important, you also need to know how many other family members can be covered by the insurance.

5. Annual Claim Value
Generally, the insurance agent will provide a table of claim values ​​that will be accepted by you as a potential customer when ill every year. For example, the rates of general practitioners, physicians, prescription drugs, types of diseases, and others. When the maximum claims have been exceeded, the rest of the treatment will be your responsibility.

6. Hospital Network and Reimbursement System
The more hospital choices that work with insurance companies, the better the product. Moreover if the insurance product was accepted in all hospitals. Therefore, you can calmly rely on the insurance product. You as a prospective customer will feel comfortable when treatment. Just by showing insurance card, your problem can be solved. This method is referred to as cashless which means you do not have to pay at the hospital because it is borne by the insurance.

In addition, note whether also apply system reimbursements. This system means you have to pay first and then can claim to the insurance company. For reimbursement, customers are usually required to attach prescriptions and diagnostic forms that have been signed by the doctor.

7. Inpatient and Road Procedures
In health insurance, there are two types of treatment that is borne, namely in-patient (in-patient treatment) and out-patient (out-patient treatment). You need to check whether your insurance agent provides inpatient or outpatient dependents. For Outpatient, you also need to ask how the insurance company will provide reimbursement of medical expenses or laboratory tests as promised in the policy. Of course, if the participant is hospitalized or outpatient in a clinic or hospital.

Good insurance products will make customers comfortable because it does not need to bother taking care of hospital administration. You just simply show the insurance card and no longer need to pay cash to get the desired service because it is borne by the insurance company. Meanwhile, for inpatient, the procedure beratung on premiums paid. The hospital will check the benefits of insurance tailored to the health care class. For example, the nominal given by the insurance company for the cost of the room is as much as Rp250.000, -. The price is equivalent to the class III. Therefore, the hospital will encourage patients to be treated in class III.

However, what if the class III is full? Usually, the insurer will raise the facility to be higher. But this is only temporary until there is a class III inpatient room and the patient will be moved. If you want to go to class because you feel less satisfied with the facilities you get, you can raise the class independently. How, by requesting "Letter of Declaration of Availability of Payment of Difference of Cost" to be filled and signed by patient or patient's family.

8. Risk of Accidents, Permanent Disability, and Death
In health insurance products, there are two types of products, namely pure and additional (riders). Pure health insurance covers only reimbursement of medical expenses or laboratory tests when ill. Insurance coverage can be extended if the prospective customer wants this riders facility as an additional insurance. Riders are reimbursement of all hospital costs due to accidents, critical illness treatments, to the provision of compensation for death.

Additional insurance or riders is to optimize the main insurance program. Nevertheless, you must be wondering to get an extension of that benefit. Do you have to add premiums or are included in the benefits of the product? If you do not really understand the benefits, you should ask for illustrations of any event that insurance is guaranteed. Illustrations such as accidental incidents on the highway due to being hit by a vehicle. Whether the insurance will cover all the treatment or whether there are other requirements that need to be prepared.

9. Premium
These points are related to your financial capacity. How much will be spent on insurance payments. Payments are made monthly, per semester, or per year? However, what matters most is how long does it cost? It is rare for an agent to inform such things. There are enough to pay for 10 years only, but the benefits until the customer dies. There is also a fixed pay until the customer is 80 years old, some even have a lifetime to pay. Make sure this is clear because it involves the amount of money you invest.

10. Medical Check Up
There are insurance that provides medical check up and some are not. If there is a medical check-up, usually the insurer wants to measure the health risks of prospective customers. If a customer is diagnosed with a particular disease, the insurance policy may be rejected. Or if you can, customers get the consequence of paying more premium. Most insurance products do not include the burden of medical check-up fees as covered, or in other words the cost is borne by the customer. This policy is intended not to be misused for those who just want to do a free checkup. So, you need to make sure from the beginning whether there is a medical check-up or not.

11. Knowing How to Cancel an Insurance Policy
Believe it or not, insurance agents usually deliberately hide this subject. In fact, you as a customer have the right to know as well. Please read carefully the insurance policy contained provisions that read, "If you do not agree with the contents of the policy, then within two weeks of the policy rises, the policy can be returned and the money can be returned to the customer."

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing

That is, prospective customers have two week to cancel the policy it approves. Or in other words, prospective customers are given two weeks to learn the policy. If you do not agree, you can cancel at once your money back. If it has passed from the time set, you agree with the contents of the policy.

12. If the Premium Payment is Loss
This point is more in terms of anticipation only if in the future you fail to pay a premium. The problem is, this concerns the interests of customers who are worried if the default so that by default not get health insurance from insurance. Notice what policy the insurance agent offers. Usually given is the waiting period. That is, if at maturity pay your premiums can not pay off, the policy is not automatically closed or canceled unilaterally from the insurance company.

Thanks read Health Insurance Tips and Tricks: Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing.
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Health insurance tips and tricks  - Many things we do not know, but actually are very important, when choosing the best health insurance for our family. These seven tips on how to choose the right health insurance.

Since articles on choosing health insurance appear, many questions come to my email every day. Ask for advice, exchange opinions, vent and not uncommon criticism. Comment columns also contain fewer expressions of readers - readers who ask and comment.

7 Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a Health Insurance

This is certainly a remarkable thing. Because initially, the writing was made as a sharing of my experience (how easy it is) to find a company with the best health insurance in USA that matches the needs of the family. The response was amazing.

From here, I came to realize that many problems people face when choosing health insurance. This is not a user-friendly product like gadgets, without the need to read the book manual , overnight live can. This is an insurance product that features and provisions are complex.

I want everybody in USA can choose insurance products that benefit according to their needs. Not because of the choice of the agent or the persuasion of a friend, but because it was his choice on the basis of understanding what his needs.

But, for that, they must know how to choose good.

The findings in the field I summarize, reflect back, and discuss with friends in insurance, then the point I pour in the seven tips how to choose the health insurance below.

1. Ask When Healthy
Once I received an email from someone who wanted to insure his mother who was being treated in ICU a hospital on the outskirts of Jakarta. He confessed, "I just realized how important the insurance after my mother was hospitalized".

I replied, "thank you for your awareness. But, my guess is, it's unlikely that insurance companies will accept your mother's health insurance plan. My advice, you better take immediate health insurance ". My email was not answered. Do not know he was disappointed or shocked at the answer.

In the health insurance known as the provision of ' pre-exisiting condition '. Disease conditions that already exist before you become a health insurance customer. These existing illnesses are generally not covered by insurance. Although, under certain circumstances could be insurance companies would bear it.

The point is simple, ask yourself to insurance, when healthy. When it hurt, it is very likely that the insurance refused your application.

Working law in insurance is a law of possibilities. From every policy issued there is the possibility of a healthy customer, there is the possibility of sick customers. Where will the customer, sick or not, nobody knows. Hence, insurance companies can operate and profit.

If the customer received is sick, insurance would be a loss because the cost of the hospital is greater than the policy premium. So insurance companies do not want to accept customers who have suffered illness. They are profit institutions, not social institutions.

So, if you feel the need for health insurance , submit it now. Do not delay. The sooner, the better because the less likely it is to have a disease, the more likely it is approved.

2. Ask Young Ages
Growing age, is the risk of illness or death getting higher? Of course , yes. It's a law of nature.

Insurance companies calculate health insurance premiums based on the law. Despite the healthy conditions, older people pay more expensive premiums than younger ones. Age determines the premium rate.

Therefore, submit insurance as early as possible. First, you save on paying health insurance premiums are cheaper. Second, the risk has been exposed to smaller diseases when young, so the possibility of acceptable insurance is greater.

Unfortunately, I see many friends who are young and have enough income (to pay premiums) are reluctant to take out insurance. The reason, feel healthy and see insurance as a cost. Do not consider the benefits of insurance something tangible , which can be seen and enjoyed ( gadget is tangible ). This is certainly wrong thinking.

3. Do not Cash Plan
A mother once emailed me a health insurance premium offer. At that time, the premium was half of what I had with the provisions of the room 1 million per day, while my insurance room rations 800 rb per day. So the insurance I choose, looks unattractive, the premium is more expensive and the room rate is lower.

Inquired had a search. I know the reason, the 1 million per day room mentioned by the mother was a type of insurance called cash plan . Cash-plan is a type of insurance with benefits based on how long hospitalized. For example treated 10 days, the insurance replace 1 million times 10 days, ie 10 million. Without seeing how much the actual bill is.

Whereas, a good health insurance is a reimbursement based on the bill - the cost of care in the hospital. There are room charges, doctor fees, drug fees, lab fees, operating costs, specialist fees and so on - each of which has its own ceiling. So with this scheme, it is less likely to have overplafond that requires us to spend their own pocket to pay additional costs that are not covered by insurance.

This illustrates how different health insurance benefits are compared to cash plans.

The cash plan looks cheap with lower premiums. But if we count well, comparing the premium versus the benefits, the cash plan becomes expensive.

So cash plan should not be taken? May be taken. But, you must have a health insurance first to replace based on the details of the hospital's cost of care. Cash plan should be an additional protection, for example to replace the lost income (eg entrepreneurs) because they can not work during hospitalization at the hospital.

4. Terms of Hospitalization
Initially, I think that anytime hospitalized I can file a claim to the insurance. In fact not.

There are conditions. The insurer sets out the rules regarding hospitalization, as follows:

 Hospitalization should be done at the hospital. This means that if the hospitalization in the clinic, the insurance will not replace it. Make sure with the insurer, what is a hospital.
 How long hospitalization becomes a requirement. There is a set of 1 day hospitalization can be claimed, but there is a requirement that at least 2 days of hospitalization. There are only in the ER (no need to enter the room first) for a minimum of several hours, it can be claimed for admission into the category of hospitalization. These requirements should be considered when evaluating insurance quotes. Ask the agent about the provision of this hospitalization.

5. Family Insurance
For those who are married, health insurance must be for more than one person. For example, I proposed three family members - parents and children.

The question is, is it necessary to buy some policies for each member, or simply buy one policy for all family members? What is the difference?

Buy one policy is cheaper than buying several policies for one family. I've checked into some insurance and compare the premiums to be paid.

This is because health insurance, especially in unit-linked , is a rider (additional insurance) from the main insurance is life insurance. By purchasing a separate policy, that means all family members have to buy life insurance. While it is possible, not all family members need life insurance (eg only the main breadwinner who needs, child or wife / husband does not need).

Therefore, you are better looking for health insurance that can bear one policy for one family . There is? There is. I have taken it.

6. Double - Claim
With the government's initiative to launch a national health insurance program, almost everyone now has health insurance. Even so, many are not satisfied with the health facility and want to buy additional health insurance.

On the other hand, the hospital only issued one original receipt. If so, threatened claims can not be made against additional insurance. How can I take another insurance if so?

It should not happen if the insurer receives a double-claim. That means one of the health insurance party is willing to accept the legalized receipt (not necessarily the original receipt) to pay the claim. This makes the double-claim process workable.

Although currently only have one insurance, you should anticipate that there is always the possibility of having another health insurance. Therefore, select an insurance that can accept double - claim.

7. Pure Insurance
I once read an observer Mutual Fund wrote in his column that he was 'forced' to choose unit-link health insurance because there was no pure health insurance. In fact, he already has an investment in Mutual Funds.

In unit link there is a portion of investment, so this observer who bought unit link health insurance is actually doing waste because he already has an investment in Mutual Fund . Better money is used to increase his investment in Mutual Funds.

I'm not saying do not buy unit link. Not at all. Buy a product that suits your needs, that's my message.

7 Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a Health Insurance

Health insurance tips and tricks - That is, if you already have an investment, for example in Mutual funds , gold , property, why need to buy insurance products that have elements of investment. Better to buy pure health insurance products that have no investment element.

Pure health insurance premiums are cheaper than unit link health insurance. Or if the premium is the same, the benefits are greater in pure health insurance.

The message is clear. Buy products to suit your needs. If it does not have an investment, buying unit link health insurance is one thing that can be done.